The road that leads wherever you want. As long as you believe in yourself and the journey, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals, unless you press the break pedal 🚗
so get out there and do it, it's only Wednesday 😎
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We’ve camped in rainforests, boreal forests, snow covered meadows, beautiful beaches, desolate deserts, truck stops, and even the parking lots of big box stores.
Sometimes the settings are idyllic and sometimes we curl up in our tiny home reading and watching movies with the curtains closed. But no matter the setting, having a partner that you love being with is what can make or break your road trip experience. Tag a person you’d road trip with to the end of the world.

Vous shotgunez quoi, le lit du haut ou celui du bas? 🙋‍♀️ Our vans have ‘naps’ stamped all over them!

Big rock walls are humbling to a minivan.

It’s another day at River Dogs H.Q! Don’t forget, if you want your furry friend to join in the action you can head over to the River Dogs website and book in online! For Doggy Day Care in Tadcaster visit the website or message us today!

The man with the plan... Aaron Haack (@ronald.mcdonaldstein) is our master van builder and a master mechanic who lives in a tiny home. After leaving the military and quitting his job in a coal mine, Aaron decided it was time to make a change and build his very own tiny home. With 10+ years experience as a mechanic and a fleet of vans under his belt, Aaron is building some of the most beautiful and unique vans on the market. ⚙️🚐🛠
Follow along with our posts and stories this week to learn more about and get the “inside scoop” on the ever-so-talented @ronald.mcdonaldstein!
📷: @tinyhousetinyfootprint

Took #siriusblack out for a little canyon fun 🌲 🍁 #jeeplife #jeeppeople #jeepsofinstagram

Hints of autumn 🍂 were slowly emerging in the canyon and it made my heart so happy 🧡 #ilovefall #changingcolors #crispair

“yho” camera flashed... blame it on the song...#roadtrip #funontheroad #singalong @vusinova1 @047_za

24 hours to get home, 3 different planes🛫🛩✈, missed connection flight, tears how much they miss daddy - BUT they had to wear their tiaras 👑👑 the airport security were very cool about it though and offered a separate tray for their crowns 😂
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It’s Monday!!!! I pray for you reading this that you have a blessed week. ♥️

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Meet Tamy, our new ambassador. 🐶
Voici Tamy, notre nouvelle ambassadrice.

WEEK 6 / It’s Christmas Eve, we have a bed (sort of) in the van. Freaking out right here.
SEMAINE 06 / C’est comme la veille de Noël, on a un genre de lit dans notre van. On capote tout plein.

This is how I love to be woken up in the mornings lol. #prairiecreekredwoodsstatepark

A night owl in the harvest moon
was awake till the crack of the dawn
but wasn’t surfing online, wasn’t rowing the boat in the digital river.
Was Diluted in the mist air of peace instead!
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