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I'm having a love affair with the air conditioner this summer. ❤

😂😂😂 | @thebantologist

Halfway through the week already!!

This pretty much sums up Bacalao's relationship with water. She really prefers not to get her paws wet...or so we thought! In our park we have some really stinky canals with filthy, thick water. Even our waterdog, Tati, never goes in, but yesterday she decided that they were finally smelly enough to give it a go 🙈In she went, dipping her entre face in the green water, and then out to run like crazy with Bacalao. After doing that ten times (completely ignoring us humans) Baca joined her! She jumped in and even decided to lay down in the water! 10 minutes after jumping in and out and then zooming around, they were finally so exhausted that we could catch them😅 Dogs are not allowed in the canals (the fine is 750 euros), and they did smell like rotten eggs afterwards....buuut it was pretty funny! However, waterdogs or not, they did not enjoy the following bath!😬

Esto resume bastante bien la relación que tiene Bacalao con el agua. No le gusta nada mojarse las patas, o eso creíamos. En nuestro parque tenemos unos canales con agua densa y putrefacta. Ni siquiera Tati, nuestra galga de aguas, se atreve a entrar. Pero ayer decidió que ya estaba lo suficientemente apestosa como para meterse. Hasta las cejas salió de putrefacción verde para ponerse a correr como una loca después. Tanto corrió, que inspiró a Bacalao a hacer lo mismo y repitieron la hazaña de meterse en la repugnante agua hasta diez veces, ignorando a sus humanos por completo. Solamente su agotamiento nos permitió cogerlas. Por cierto, los perros no están permitidos en las fuentes o canales del parque y los dueños pueden ser multados con las nuevas ordenanzas de la Comunidad de Madrid con hasta 750 euros. Así que imagínate nuestra cara tratando de coger a estas apestosas.😬

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奈奈......Where're your eyes?.? ⚫️😗 #blackpoodle #funnydog #poodle #dog #bebe #bae #hk #dailydog

Just finished a lovely walk on mitcham common, now it's time to relax. 😃

My sweet little Rosie, I guess I gave here the wrong name. #flatcoatedretriever #dog #funnydog #retrieversgram

Picking raspberries 😋

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