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Finally finished up the Disney and Despicable me PSH sets! Thanks to @mikeyc22_mysteryminis for the last moana's I needed and to @chuytoyz for the Walmart Desp me's! My second PSH display is now full!

Here's a look at the Galactic Toys: 6" Shenron Pop! out of box. Swipe ➡️ for close ups. Pic cred @lockdude. #dragonballz #shenron #funko #pop #funkopop #funkopops #originalfunko #funkofunatic #funkomania #collectibles #toys #funkofamily #funkofinderz

Here’s a closer look at the Thor Ragnarok pops! Releases in November.

Grail! Can't believe I found a Grail in the wild. PPG is insane on this one. (Joking of course) LOL 😂😂 2 pack of Vacation minions starting to hit FYEs! Who is getting this? I kind of like them #minions #fyeexclusive #DespicableMe #Gru Tag me if you find these in store

Some Retired Disney! An Example of what we possibly have in Our Newest @jmdtoystore Mystery Box! They can Contain Rare, Uncommon, Vaulted, Chases, or even GRAILS! Some being this Clubber Lang, Indiana Jones, and Stormtrooper Conan! Go Check Out our Site and get yours today! These will Go Fast🔥LINK IN BIO🚨

🇩🇪Hallo ihr Lieben 💕💚
Seit fast einem Jahr bin ich ausnahmslos jeden Tag auf Bookstagram aktiv gewesen und habe jetzt gemerkt, ich brauche einfach ein paar Tage Pause. 🙈🐢📚 Deshalb verabschiede ich mich bis Ende der Woche und wünsche euch bis dahin schöne Tage 💖🌸😘
🇬🇧🇺🇸Hello my dears 🌸
For almost a year I have been active every day on bookstagram, without exception. 🙈🐢📚 Now I've noticed I need a break. So I say goodbye until the end of the week and wish you nice days 😘💚💞

Custom Pop: Darna

favourite harry potter book? ⚡️

happy birthday to harry potter and the philosopher's stone! #harrypotter20 thank you, jk rowling for creating such a beautiful world and by extension, crafting the foundation of my formative years❤️

alright. i don't know if anyone will read this because only about 10% of my followers even see my posts anymore and barely 5% actually interact by commenting and liking. it's extremely discouraging because some days i don't even feel like taking new photos anymore. it's beginning to feel like a chore as opposed to a hobby. sometimes i wonder if @instagram is doing this on purpose, withholding the number of people your post reaches out to, in order to entice you to PAY to promote it to a wider audience. what kind of bullshit is that? i should not, and NO ONE should have to pay to reach 4500-5000 people when you have twice that follower amount or more. it's ridiculous. with that being said, i hope i'm not doing anything wrong because i havent gained new followers and my interaction has gone waaaay down. if there is something important that i'm doing wrong, or if you have any suggestions as to fix this problem, OR if you could just give me ideas on the type of photos you'd like to see more often/less often, that would be great, and i promise i will take all of your opinions to heart. thank you.


My broski @funkosandfitness and his princess sharing their love for Funko! I spy some sweet protos!! Thanks for sharing! #funkoprotoposse #proto #originalfunko #funkofamily #funkofunatics #funkoproto #funkoprotos #funko #anime #funkopops #marvel #pops

Pennywise In Stock Now. Use FUNKO10 at checkout for the lowest price online. Zero Shelf wear. #pennywise #it #horror #horrormovies

Happy Robin and Tokidoki mail from the wonderful @pets.and.pops 💖 Thank you so much Cheryl for helping me complete my Classic Batman set. Also, Sooo sweet of you to include the two tokidoki figures as well. 💕🍩💕 #funkopopvinyl #funkopopwishlist #funkopop #funkofamily #funkocommunity #funkocollector #tokidoki #classicbatman #batman66 #popheroes

Get em while they're hot! 🔥🔥🔥 Flash sale going on. Check out @skiggity.skiggity if you want one of these dope #bluntbart pins!

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