We got UP CLOSE & PERSONAL with some ๐ŸŒnature๐Ÿ•ท today! #snail #spider #nature #bugs #arachnid #whateverasnailis P.S. don't judge me for my nails! They're still messed up from getting the dip nails and then I painted them green and then I took it off so I look like a nasty fungus witch in this video lol #funguswitch #bustednails #dontjudgeme

Inktober Day 1 - A fungus witch
Made a big list of random things to draw and threw it all out yesterday when I decided to draw a mix of magic users =D stay tuned for colour! I intend to use my Copics as much as possible this month! This piece was done with a col-erase pencil and Copic Multiliners on Lux Card.

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