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Excited to spend the weekend with my man 🤗😍

Happy national puppy day to my baby!! ❤️❤️

Happy Friday y’all!! Keep your head high and your dreams higher!! ❤️ T.G.I.F. {The Grind Includes Friday} ✌🏽

I’m about to get REAL with y’all.
For those of you who say “I can’t do what you do” “I don’t have time” what you CAN’T do is afford to not try. And what else are you using your time on that you could probably cut out (cough cough scrolling on IG) to make extra money for your family!

This month ALONE I have made 💸💸 in wrap cash! That is cash in my hand!
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This is NOT including my commissions.
So again why “can’t” you??? If I can. I KNOW you can! You just have to WANT to!

Since when did my baby get so freaking big?! 😭

Change may not always be beautiful.
Change may not always be easy.
Change may not always be what you wanted.


It’s what you need.
Even in the hardest stages of change, it will be exactly what you need.

My life changed in literally seconds and all of my dreams were taken away from me.
Dreams from my childhood.
Dreams I had for my students.
Dreams I had for my future.
Literally gone because of selfishness.

When the realization hit me, so did depression, anxiety and PTSD.

I felt like I had failed.
I felt worthless.

Fast forward 5 and a half months...
Looking back on all the pain, heartache and change I endured, I realized it was what was needed for me in my life, at that time.

For me to grow, something tragic had to happen.
Was it awful? Yes.
Will I be a better person after it all? Absolutely.

I can’t let my circumstances define who I am and what I have done.
I know I can’t change everyone’s life, but I KNOW I can change parts of their lives and I already have.

My dreams aren’t over.
My dreams from when I was 16 are coming more and more realistic.
When I’m able to share them, you better believe I will.
It hasn’t been easy, actually it’s been very difficult.
But, I will come out of this victorious!! Don’t give up on your dreams because someone might say they’re too big
(In my case, too dangerous)
If it’s placed on your heart, don’t stop until you reach it. ❤️ God is good and always provides. 🙌🏽

Striving to be the light in such a dark place ❤️

The Easter Bunny came early 😂😍 He already knows the way to my heart ❤️ @colebaldwin21

The fact that one human being can make you go from an extreme low to an extreme high is a pretty incredible thing ❤️

What another amazing night! 😍 I’ve now met 2 of 3 of my dream bands!! ADTR you’re next!

Loveeee me some @wearepalisades 😍😍

Just trying to be a woman who knows and trusts God has a plan, even when I don’t understand it. ❤️

What pretty babies I have 😍😍

“And I’ve been known,
To give my all,
And lie awake,
Don’t know how much I can take.

So don’t call me baby,
Unless you mean it.
And don’t tell me you need me,
If you don’t believe it.” ❤️

Some days, everything goes wrong.
You feel like you can’t win at anything;
You feel like you’re drowning. ➿➿ Other days, you feel victorious;
On top of the world;
Invincible. ➿➿ On both these types of days,
And every day in between,
Do not stray from prayer.
The devil is trying to tempt you and trying to make you fall, the way he fell.
But, Jesus knows your strength. ➿➿ Listen for the quiet whisper,
Sit alone in complete silence for hours,
Pray and pray often.
Don’t know how to pray?
That’s okay!
God knows tears. Tears are some of the most powerful prayers!!
Open your hearts, open your hands, and open your mind and just say “Jesus.” ➿➿ When something is placed in and on your heart and mind, it’s not for nothing.
No matter how crazy it is,
There is a purpose for it. ➿➿ Life is anything but easy.
You can’t do this alone.
Love, listen, be still and have patience.
Everything that is supposed to happen, will. ❤️

For being a mix of 2 extremely high energy breeds, I have the laziest 5 month old baby and I couldn’t be happier about it 😅

Happy Sunday y’all 🙌🏽❤️

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Momma! Thank you for being so kind, patient and caring 🤗 love you! ❤️

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In all your ways, submit to Him and He will make your paths straight. ❤️🙌🏽 Happy Saturday friends ☺️

Especially after these last 5 months.

The devil is trying to get to me. Not today satan. Not ever.

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