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Flora co-founders, @torivanbusk and @ashvanbuskirk are in Kosovo this week meeting with scholarship recipients and the women from #DevelopHerKosova - a joint initiative coding academy for young women in the Balkans. We are so excited about this project and the opportunity to work with so many inspiring young women! #fundingfutures #girlswhocode #girlsintech

The Florida Lottery has been a sponsor of the Tallahassee Tennis Challenger for 17 years! This year, we recognized local Bright Futures students! #FundingFutures

Stephanie, Bob, Alex , Lauren and Darlyn - thank you for coming to the boathouse in the rain to support the hardest working students in NYC. Bob and Stephanie- you are the heroes!
#cristoreybrooklyn #fundingfutures #changinglives

Without numerical fluency...you are like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.." Discussing funding terminology on "SME Funding" today at 14:30, BDTV, DSTV 412. #SMEFunding #Entrepreneurship #FundingFutures

It's always a good day when you get to wear your @florastationery, @keds. 😍 #FundingFutures @ashvanbuskirk is my favorite #GirlBoss

Cabinets ARE pretty sweet tho.
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Starting and runnnjng @florastationery has always been a learning process. Visiting Kosovo last week brought a new lesson on trusting and seeing the goodness of the Lord. From cold e-mails that have created immeasurable impact to the innumerable stories of women who are killing the game when it comes to passionately pursuing their dreams, I am constantly challenged to see life and business in a new perspective. I am so thankful for this journey.
ps. Sometimes the Lord puts a wrench in your plans and forces you to slow down, thanks to everyone who prayed for us while we were stranded in airports around the Balkans for three days. God is good - all the time. #fundingfutures

In honor of The U Schools amazing Dream Director @keemhasthedream 's grandmother. We started a scholarship fund!! Help us fund futures!!! Link in our bio!! #dreamdirectors

Today, UCT Student Bontle Moonya, popped into the SRC offices to donate towards the #FundingFutures campaign. Siyabulela. If you are interested to donate, contribute suggestions or be a part of the campaign do visit us on level 7. Any form of help is welcomed and appreciated. - Collectively we manifest change.


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Kosovo has the highest unemployment rate in all of Europe and holds a female unemployment rate of over 56%. Yet, women with a university degree are over 28 times more likely to be employed than those with a basic education. Kosovo is also the poorest country in the region, with approximately 30% of the population living in poverty and another 10% who live in extreme poverty, living off less than one dollar per day. Will you help support university scholarships for these women? #fundingfutures #shopwithpurpose

@aengelhart25 filled another one of her notebooks! Thanks for sharing and for helping #fundfutures!

It is truly incredible that the @FloridaLottery has donated over $31 Billion to Florida education! #FundingFutures #FLedu #FL73STRONG

‪Awesome to see so many amazing FL Bright Futures Scholars become educators! Thank you @floridalottery for #FundingFutures #FL73STRONG #FLedu

‪Thank you @floridalottery for your long-standing support of FL education! #FundingFutures #FLedu #FL73STRONG

Wednesdays call for a whole lot of coffee and a little bit of coloring 👩‍🎨

Thank you for always supporting education in Florida! @floridalottery #FL73Strong #FundingFutures

‪Thank you @floridalottery for the awesome selfie sticks! #FLedu #fundingfutures

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It's time to wake up after a long holiday weekend! Bring on all the coffee! ☕️

Happy 4th of July, everyone! 💥

The Violet is one of our favorite Flora notebook covers in the summer! We 💟 purple!

Classic lined notebooks are a must for everyone! Shop ours through the link in our bio to help support college scholarships for young women in Kosovo. 100% of proceeds help #fundfutures!

We are very excited to announce we will be delivering the Sticking Together pilot program in Queensland after funding was confirmed by Queensland Treasurer, Hon Curtis Pit and Minister for Employment, Hon Grace Grace. The program will commence in early November and will see 90 jobseekers receive 1:1 mentoring and support for their initial 60 weeks of employment across 3 Queensland locations – Logan, Townsville and Cairns. The aim of the program is to work with long-term unemployed young people to build their skills, confidence and resilience to help them manage work-place situations and retain long-term employment. The pilot is currently running in South Australia and Victoria and great outcomes are being achieved for these young participants.

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Good morning and happy weekend!!

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It's always a good day when you get to wear your @florastationery, @keds. 😍 #FundingFutures @ashvanbuskirk is my favorite #GirlBoss

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