Item: Top Hat Bubble Cap
Artist: @slugworthglass420
Bad Photo:
Giveaway Rules:
✴Make sure you're following @TheGlassWaffleWarehouse
✴Mail me 15 random artist/industry stickers before 7/7. 1 entry per 15 stickers sent to me. I will post all entries to my story. Just slide into my DMs for mailing details.
✴Drawing will be held on Live on 7/10.

Thanks for supporting my little corner of the #Universe. #AmericanGlass #FunctionalGlassArt #Freeshit #StonerStatusSymbol #ThousandDollarSmoke #420 #710Society #TheBakeryFGA #IGWafflier #GamblingMeetsGlass #NoMugshot #JustTheHandsThatGive #BuyGlassToWinGlass #LVNV #WeShouldSmoke #WFAYO

10mm "Piramide de Sol" tube made up of Yellow & Orange Crayons & Lemon Drop. 🔅🔶🗿🔶🔅Sold. Many thanks! 🙏🙌🌈 #BrewtzGlass #Aztech #Pattern #PyramidOfTheSun #Teotihuacan #GloryDays

🚨ONLY SELLING 2🚨Had to snap a quick photo of the @barry.glass caps 💎🤘. ❇️Thomas Transparent Green w/ 10mm AAA White Coin Opal 🔶Terps and Moonstone ⬜️Grey Shades Aaannnnd Serum with a sick fade under uv. What’s your fav?

2018 8 inch Refined Klein 💎made by @tonyhernandez_glass🔥 This piece functions crazy. I’ve gotten a bit of people asking what I want for it so I figured I’d post it up and hear offers on it. I’m also trying to buy this car so the funds could help definitely. DM me if you have any questions, thanks!

Went in way too hot on the @jonflipsglass 😤 didn’t completely scorch the terps and still super tasty

Meltshot of the @kindselections2 medi lights 💡in the @quaveclubbangers 🤤🤤🤤 this dab dummied me 😂 carb cap fumble 🤪

RIG 🌀@dawnkglass 🌀 #NFS
SCOOP 🎨@czar_glass 🎨
SWING 🚀@mothership_glass 🚀
OFZ 🧢@dawnkglass 🧢

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