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FULLYRAW BEAUTY. 🌹✨ I threw away all my masks, and I put on my soul. From deep soil are wounds with seeds waiting to grow beautiful flowers. I opened my heart today, and it felt like discovering a secret garden. At first the sight scared me...and then I fell in love with all its beauty. There were weeds, and thorns, and dead branches everywhere, but there were also fields of flowers, with sunbeams, rainbows, hummingbirds, and even roses. It stormed and shined, and ironically, everything worked in perfect harmony. The landscape was beautiful and ugly at the same time. It was a dichotomy of love and pain, joy and disappointment, strength and weakness. The harder it rained, the brighter it shined afterwards. This garden lives inside of me, and it shapes me daily. After taking a walk in this mystical place, my fear of the unknown turned into absolute passion, bewilderment, and understanding for each component. I realized this very important truth: there can be no light without darkness. We need challenging growth opportunities as well as uplifting rays of hope to keep us balanced. How can we appreciate a true elation without having experienced a shattering hopelessness? Thing is...there is beauty in both. Pay attention to your heart—that beautiful secret garden within you—and water it daily with positive thoughts, feed it FullyRaw 'garden of Eden' fruits and veggies, gentleness, forgiveness, and compassion. Dig deep, discover your emotions, plant the seeds of healing, and watch yourself blossom. Nurture your soul. Whether you believe it or not, your secret garden is there to shape you into the best version of yourself possible. Love all the parts of yourself, even the thorns and the weeds... They have made you into the incredible person you are now! From pain, love is born. 🌹🌺🌸🌹🙏🏽💖✨ #FullyRaw #FullyReal #vulnerability #beautiful

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Stunning photo by the incredible @bellakotak with help of the amazing @sofiavanderdys for my 30th birthday. Love you both so much. 🌹🌺🌸✨

#organic #Houston #texas #inspiration #rawvegan #magical #powerful #roses #diet #youtube #birthday #plantbased #beautiful

MY Beautiful Life ❤️#beautifullife
IM A #beautywithbrains & A #badassbitch
I Learn To Live #fullyreal & #liveforme

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Dear woman,
You'll just be too much woman.
Too smart,
Too beautiful,
Too strong.
Too much of something
That makes a man feel like less of a man,
Which will start making you feel like you have to be less of a woman.
The biggest mistake you can make,
Is removing Jewels from your crown
To make it easier for a man to carry.
When this happens,
I need you to understand...
You DO NOT need a smaller crown—
You need a man with bigger hands.
~Unknown ✨💓 #FullyRaw #FullyReal

Awesome feature in the September issue of Wellness magazine! #raisingthebar
Enjoy all the fuel you need for your workout in one convenient bar. Rush natural, raw training bars are a great source of protein, energy and fiber and are free from preservatives, gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar. They are also low GI and will keep you going throughout your training! #fullyraw #fullyvegan #fullyreal

Lately there have been comments on my videos complaining that I'm no longer sharing my personal information or stories, that I've become cold or impersonal.

So here's the truth.

I've spent the past week or so in Holland working, enjoying the gorgeous countryside and doing things I love like boating through the canals in Giethoorn.

And yes, I have been spending all of this time with another person.

See, the thing is, I have a right to my private life just like anyone else. Just because I choose to share parts of my life online does not mean that I have an obligation to share everything.

And for the moment I'm keeping my relationship private.

Right now, for me it feels good to explore a new relationship in a space where there are no expectations from others. It gives me the freedom to be myself, away from the online world.

So my message to you is this: please respect the privacy of creators. We're not spectacles here for your entertainment. We're normal people living our lives and doing the best we can.
#rawfood #truth #fullyreal #holland #giethoorn

Family dinner ✨ So grateful for every minute I get to spend with these lovely humans. My brother is leaving tmrw so it was a little goodbye dinner actually. We were at mom's favorite restaurant and I just told the waiter that I'm vegan and they prepared a first and a main course for me. I have no clue what these savoy cabbage wraps were filled with but it was bloody delicious 👌🏽 After not sleeping till 6 am last night I really hope I can get some sleep now. Oh btw guys: I started cleaning and reorganizing my apartment today (and got rid of so many boxes and waste paper) and daaaamn it feels so good!! Rest is for tomorrow... Can I get you motivated to clean up your space before starting into 2017?? It's so damn worth it! Anyways.. love you loads! Thanks for all the lovely feedback to the music video! I really appreciate it so much ❤ Good night! 💫

Vegan options everywhere! ❤


Awesome feature in the September issue of Wellness magazine! #raisingthebar
Enjoy all the fuel you need for your workout in one convenient bar. Rush natural, raw training bars are a great source of protein, energy and fiber and are free from preservatives, gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugar. They are also low GI and will keep you going throughout your training! #fullyraw #fullyvegan #fullyreal

Our range is now available at Pick n Pay Bay West for those of you in PE who have supported us long and hard under online order only conditions! Just in time for Spring- which we look forward to sharing with you...#proudlySA #springintogear #fuellingadventure #fullyraw #fullyreal #fullyvegan

Post gym feast! 3 egg scramble on rye sourdough, smoked salmon and roasted tomatoes

New boots Ace #loveem #addidas # Ace #Fullyreal

Whatever is good for your soul. Do that. #soulfood #fuellingadventure #fuellinggood #raisingthebar #fullyraw #fullyreal #explore #dream #discover
📸: Meghan Magnussen

What 31g of protein looks like 💪🏻

(Ezek ehető virágok 😉)

Egyenesen Párizsból 🌱🌍
"Az állatok a barátaim és én nem eszem meg a barátaimat."
📷 by: @dorka_toro ❤️


Weekend brunch 🌿🌾 The sausage made of soy protein and glass noodles. Well, it doesn't taste as good as its look though.😂 The tofu tastes much better.
#veganday #realfood #foodie #healthy #plantbasedqueenthailand #bangkok #healthybreakfast #cleanfood #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #fullyreal #BangkokBaby #lowfatdiet #foodart #organic #donteatless #eatbetter

Hello everyone:) yesterday someone who is a chef asked me if vegans would eat yeast.. because a customer asked him, if his pizza dough is vegan and he said he didn't know because years are bacterium and they are alive... I honestly would never ever thought about that , and I think it is totally okay to eat yeast as a vegan but I think it is so nice that he thinks about it... most people don't care and even in restraints they sometimes say something is vegan and the you get cheese on your meal... so yeah, it's not important but I think it is nice that some chefs are so thoughtful... it just shows that he is accepting what his customers want and need :)
In the picture you can see a tropical oatmeal bowl.. and that's not an egg of course but coconutyoghurt with passion fruit :) #porridge#oats#vegan#veganbreakfast#breakfast#plantbased#vegangirl#animalrights#traindirty#fullyreal#organic#carbthefuckup#girlswithmuscles#veganfoodporn#fitfam#vegansofig#veganlifestyle#creativity#mango#coconut#vanilla#lime#oatmeal##almonds#upperbodyday

When in Kuala Lumpur eat juicy dragonfruits, hydrate with lots of coconut water, walk around all day in the heat and cool off in the mall (because air con💁) and finish off your day with a durian buffet 👌super unproductive lately, don't feel like picking up my camera for some reason but I hopefully will be back on track with a new video soon😯. We all have these days where we just don't feel like doing our normal routine right? Take a few days off, do the things you wanna do, chill out and don't be harsh on yourself! That's at least what I'm doing while we're here and than off to a different place which I'm so so excited about you don't even know🌴 See you again soon, much love to y'all 🙏💓 #traveler #fruitlover

Good morning people 🙋🏼 who else thinks chocolate 🍫 cherry 🍒 porridge with white almonds and white almondbutter is the perfect start to this cloudy ⛅️ Tuesday? ;) #porridge#oats#vegan#veganbreakfast#breakfast#plantbased#vegangirl#animalrights#traindirty#fullyreal#organic#carbthefuckup#girlswithmuscles#veganfoodporn#fitfam#vegansofig#veganlifestyle#creativity#choclate#cherries#cacaonibs#almonds#whitealmond#restday

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