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Just realized this will be the last #FULLTIMEpgh meeting in this warehouse. Onward. Upward.

Pro tip: the honey rosemary iced latte from @blackforgepgh is pretty much the most delicious thing ever. Get one Friday morning when you join @strawberryluna and I for our @fulltimepgh event. For more info click the link in bio. #fulltimepgh

#PGHTEE is wednesday. If you like art and shirts and fun - you should tune in. #FULLTIMEpgh a @fulltimepgh kickoff event

We're hanging with the cool kids at the @fulltimepgh happy hour at @eastendbrewing #taproom.

The party's in full swing on our patio with more artists and vintage sellers inside! Pair it with a Witte Belgian beer for this perfect day #pcbw #pcbw2017 #designerdiscard #fulltimepgh

RT from the @fulltimepgh Event that @secondblock & co-hosted: #creativemakerhustle up & running. Phew!! We did OK for first timers I think. Looking forward to hanging out at about 7 more fun #FULLTIMEPGH events for the rest of the Festival ❤️ Massive thank you to everyone who came out this afternoon, you rocked our worlds!


Photo Repost from @cwpress - I just got goosebumps. The Harris Theater is set up for tonight's discussion with legendary punk/skate/culture photographer @glenefriedman in downtown #Pittsburgh - there are still just a few tickets but please don't wait. Snag them now at compressmerch.com - pick them up at Will Call from @workerbird & I (@strawberryluna)! Part of the @fulltimepgh Lecture Series. Bring YOUR questions because Glen wants to hear from YOU! #fulltimepgh #glenfriedman #lectureseries

Sometimes we forget how cool shit gets made and disseminated. Here's an opportunity to connect the dots of culture, live, real, and in person. Join a bunch of other folks on Friday 8/4 as we (@cwpress @saplingpress @strawberryluna) are proud to bring legendary photographer Glen E Friedman glenefriedman to Downtown Pittsburgh at the Harris Theater on Friday August 4th as part of our @FULLTIME Lecture Series. Friedman's work literally MADE the culture that we live in and love to this day. No foolin'. His work covers a history of photography starting with the origins of skateboarding, punk rock, and hip hop. From Fugazi to Ice Cube to The Beastie Boys to Stacy Peralta. We don't know a one of you out there that haven't been a part of and had your life changed by at least one, if not all of those scenes. The evening with Friedman is going to be an open panel discussion so come with questions... TICKETS ARE ALMOST GONE. Tickets are available at www.compressmerch.com - $20 (+2 for processing) - all tickets are WILL CALL.
#fulltimepgh #lectureseries #glenefriedman #icecube #culturemaker #photography #musicphotography

If you aren't planning to come see this you should change your plan. Tickets through @cwpress #fulltimepgh #pittsburgh #skateboarding #punkrock #photography #streetphotography #supportlocalartists #supportsmallbusiness #diy

BIG NEWS PGH! We are ultra stoked to be bringing legendary photographer @glenefriedman Glen E. Friedman to Downtown Pittsburgh at the Harris Theater on Friday August 4th as part of the ongoing @FULLTIME Lecture Series. His work is synonymous with the history the origins of skateboarding, punk rock, and hip hop. Yep. ALL 3 culture shifts. (As in this iconic photograph of #MinorThreat (1981) ❤️) We = @cwpress + @saplingpress + myself + @fulltimepgh are hosting this once-in-a-lifetime open panel discussion with Glen, so come with questions (or post some here) so we can get all of the stories. Glen LOVES the hell out of Pittsburgh (like, super for reals) so let's show him the love right back yinz! Seats are limited, as the Harris is small - so please don't wait and miss out.
Tickets are available at https://compressmerch.com/products/glen-e-friedman - $20 (+2 for processing) - all tickets are WILL CALL only.
#glenefriedman #photographer #fulltimepgh #lectureseries #pittsburgh #punkrock #skatepunk #oldskool

Couldn't get the thought of a MCM pattern of a coffee plant out of my noodle. One free trial of Adobe, a smart designer of a sister, and a lot of frustration later I was able to get this far. Adobe is hard. Real hard. Feels good to create a design though. Definitely appreciate designers/makers even more after this process. Can someone help with this? #midcenturymodern #pittsburghcoffee #pittsburghdesigner #fulltimepgh #coffeeplant #floralpattern #graphicdesign #coffeedesign

Tune in tomorrow. #fulltimepgh

Just added a few #originalart pieces to my #etsyshop. Go check it; I'll mail 'em to you #noworries www.etsy.com/shop/angelojross #penandink #watercolor #supportlocalartists #supportsmallbusiness #pghart #fulltimepgh #space #spaceage #outerspace #art #2017

You would think this is a dormouse security meeting but NO! It ol @billkrow giving me life advice. Thanks Dude! And also thanks @412matt for capturing the moment. #fulltimepgh

Thanks to those that placed their pre orders for (PGH Believe in the 412) T-Shirts. They're at @cwpress and when they are hot off the press, you'll hear from me!!
#cwpress #fulltimepgh #graphictees #graphicdesign #tshirts #tshirtdesign

I took a little extra time with my coffee this morning after 5 days of fun @fulltimepgh events. Thanks to everyone that organized events and to all of you who came out to the events! Pittsburgh has such a cool community of amazing people doing their own thing FULLTIME and I hope to see even more people participate next year. #fulltimepgh

@the_meanderthall killed the #wallie feature during #besttrick at the @troikaskate contest, wallie-to-50/50 on the @flatbarskateshop #flatbar #fulltimepgh #skateboarding #pittsburgh

@the_meanderthall killed the #wallie feature during #besttrick at the @troikaskate contest, wallie-to-50/50 on the @flatbarskateshop #flatbar #fulltimepgh #skateboarding #pittsburgh

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