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All. The. Sass. <3

Have I told you before that family sessions are my number one favorite? <3

We "sneaked" into a vineyard. It was the middle of the day, so lighting conditions were less than ideal.

Photography tip: when shooting in full sun, put the sun behind your subject or put them in the shade. Make sure to shoot in RAW so you can boost the shadows. Or have a helper use a bounce board.

Sony a6300 with various prime lenses. I think mainly the Helios 58mm

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"Yes Jack, as long as your mom says it's okay." 💙

We love outdoor weddings!! Melissa + Ben's big day is on the blog so head over to our website to check it out 💐☀️💕

Love this couple!! Love this day!! Some photographers cringe when the wedding day schedule says portraits from 1-3pm (aka full sun and maybe not a lot of shade). I'm over here like 👋🏻🙌🏻 let's do this!! (Also know that I always sneak in sunset photos too - it's a must 😍)

My kid, pulling model duty.

C is involved in several different athletic activities; dance, gymnastics and swimming. But I can't explain the difference I see in her on the soccer field. We have our fair share of skipping around and forgetting to watch the ball occasionally, then she gets super focused and makes a run like this. It's not a side that I see of her often, but it is thrilling. And I hope soccer always brings her this much joy! #joycekiddos #mom_hub1006 #mom_hub #fullsunphotography #soccerchicks #jerchiltonymca #ymcarockwall

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