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it was uploaded on youtube🎈i had fun dancing with these fav 2 👭✌🏽️ @haa7aa & @kotonyc !! 福岡が生んだ世界のロックダンサー はな & NY時代の戦友スムース女子コトネがこないだクラス受けに来てくれました!

circle of inspiring🙌🏽 @partynextdoor

Happy Birthday Annette!!!! #fukuokatotokyo #hawaiianfood #drinks

lost my voice coz of PM...😫 all packed up and heading to Tokyo! my girls are with me always now! thanks girls xx #flight #FukuokatoTokyo #mygirls

See you again Fukuoka!!
Looking at the sunset from plane with a little tears...
I'll come back having growth a lot!! #skymark #sunset #fukuokatotokyo

#福岡県人会 #東京難民 #fukuokatotokyo

Approaching the top of Japan's highest road on Mt. Norikura, days after the road was opened - what a breathtaking ride!


A cardboard box is versatile. For me, this single cardboard box helped me cross Japan from Fukuoka to Tokyo, over 1000 kilometers. While hitchhiking I gained an immense appreciation for strangers generosity and also a unique view into the lives of my Japanese hosts. I looked forward to every day of hitchhiking. It brought new challenges and was never a dull moment. The key to a successful trip is ironic. You should create a strategy, but at the same time you need to be flexible enough to allow your plans to be completely destroyed and reshaped. It's a practice in immense patience and openness. Next time you see a thumb up on the road consider picking them up. Who knows what you'll learn in the process.
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See that hammock up there in the bamboo trees? That was the sleeping plan... but it rained so I slept in someone's abandoned shed (bottom right). Shed, you da real MVP #vagabond #hitchhiking #camping #glamping #japan #travel #shizuoko #FukuokaToTokyo #backpacking

Wandering the streets of Gion looking for a tea house. Just kidding, looking for matcha soft serve.
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#memoirsofageisha #memoirsofgapyah #FukuokaToTokyo #kyoto
#travel #travelbook #japan #backpacking

I've been to a lot of Lonely Planet covers on this trip #fushimi #torii #purpleshorts #tenugi #k2 #kyoto #japan #travel #FukuokaToTokyo

A steep forested mountainside appears for a moment as the mornings rain stops and clouds form. The Japanese Alps are not only spectacular but they also have a magical quality which was very special to experience.

This would only happen when you're cycle touring, ice cold sports drinks delivered by a friendly motorcyclist! This is a good example of how generous the Japanese people are, arigato!

We've been treating ourselves to a proper rest since our ride across Japan but now I'm missing the ride/eat/sleep way of life. Just looking over some stats and we pedalled 25,000 metres in elevation which is nearly 3 times the height of Mt. Everest! @paigeosullivan10 here climbing one of the toughest but most rewarding climbs up the Etchu-Nishi Highway from the famous world heritage Shirakawa-go village, oh yes sir.

I feel happy when I'm with my loved one.
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What a last ride @paigeosullivan10 and I had on our cycle across Japan! Blazing sunshine, strong tailwinds and 100km of bike paths we managed to find our way into almost impenetrable Tokyo. The sun set over the high rise buildings and after a few km's of tired, slightly anxious navigation we finally made it to the centre and more importantly our beds.

At the airport once again! Ready for the next stage in our adventure. Thanks again Specialized Tokyo for giving us these bike boxes! 🗾🛫🚲🛄🛬🇦🇺

Found the last yellow animal sign of our trip. Warning monkies! 🗾🏞️🐒

Early morning light on our last campsite of our first cycle tour. With any luck next stop will be Tokyo!

Beautiful Sake place in Nagano. There isn't even a door to get in. You just walk up to one of the panels in the wall and it slides away!

We have made it to Nagano. It would be so easy to spend a week here with all there is to do, but sadly we only have the one day. So we chose to spend it with the Japanese macaques! They are the only monkeys in the world to live this far north. They love the onsens just as much as me! 🐒♨️🏞️🗾

Happy Birthday Annette!!!! #fukuokatotokyo #hawaiianfood #drinks

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