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Хорошо в деревне летом! #fujifilm #fujifilmru #x100t #fujifilmx100t

Photo by @metaphores


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Monochrome ⚪️⚫️ #SpeedyTuesday 🚀 #fujifilmx100t

River District. 💜

I'm not an easy crier and I've cried every day for at least 2 weeks thinking about leaving. I didn't know I could feel so at home in a culture other than the one I was raised in. A large part of me feels more at home in Portugal than America, but I feel very called to return to the US for now.
When I was talking to the Lord the other day and crying because I was thinking about leaving, I got this picture of the dove that Noah sent out from the ark to find land after the flood. The dove returned with an olive branch that essentially meant that there was life growing somewhere...there was hope and redemption somewhere past the waters. Well, one reason I am excited to return is to bring back not only an olive branch but a whole olive tree of stories and testimonies of the new life that is being birthed in the body of Christ in Portugal. So while it's unbelievably difficult to return, I know I must, and it's an honor to carry the stories of all those I met with me.

Eu vou ter muitos saudades de todos vocês. Até próxima 💕🇵🇹

Colorado Rides // #x100t

Picture-taking was going well until I got a little too interested in the camera 📷🐾 #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #puppylove #puppypics #fujifilmx100t


Suga' Lips.

Ползунки словно бритва 🔥
#shanghai #fujifilm #fujifilmx100t

В этом районе Шанхая было так безлюдно и тихо, так почему бы не поставить стол на проезжую стол и не лепить пельмени. А что в этом такого? 🤓 #shanghai #China #fujifilm #fujifilmx100t

Обычно я очень стесняюсь фотографировать людей. Мне сложно относиться к ним отстранённо, я сразу думаю, а что бы я сказала, если бы меня вот так вот стали фоткать. Наверное, не сказала бы ничего плохого, но и ничего хорошего тоже не подумала бы 🤓 Поэтому я нашла прекрасный способ фоткать «с пуза», незаметно (хочется в это верить) нажимать на кнопку, а потом получать такие вот перекошенные кадры 🙈 Зато жизненно 😬 #shanghai #China #fujifilm #fujifilmx100t

*SWIPE ➡️* Open roads in our trusty Polaris

@thisfeelinghq #AliveUKTour warm up tonight!

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