I want to encourage you today to commit God to His word for your healing.

Exodus 15:26, I am the Lord who heals you.
Exodus 23:25, I will take sickness away from the midst of you.
Joel 3:21, For I cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed.
Jeremiah 17:14, For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal
1Peter2:24, By His wounds you have been healed
Isaiah 53(Message), It was our pains he carried, our disfigurement, all the things wrong with us.
There's a lot of scriptures and even stories of people being healed by God in the Bible. Pick up your Bible and start reading, so you may say to God, "IF you did it for them, surely you will do it for me!" #fuelyourhealth #fuelyourhealing #healingthursday #healththursday #healthiswealth #fuelyourfaith #fuelyourspirit #fuelyourspirituallife #fuelyourhope #fuelyourtrustingod #fuelhislove #fuelyourjoy #christjesus #jesuschrist #lordjesus #christblogger #tomakehimknown #nosiphokala #southafrica #za

Happy feet ☀️🌊.
📍Mallorca, Spain.
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TEN DAYS! Today is day TEN of being completely dairy & gluten free (and day six of whole30), and it feels so damn GOOD to know I am doing what is best for my body!
If you have been following my journey for awhile now, you know that going completely DF/GF has been my biggest struggle. I don’t always have the immediate stomachache and it doesn’t make me severely sick, so it was always easy to justify eating it when I wanted to. But ultimately, neither process well in my body.
This is my longest streak going DF/GF in a long time and it feels so good! I have turned down things left and right since day one, and the fact I can say “no” without any hesitation is so empowering!
I cannot wait to see continued progress and see how I feel over the next few weeks and months as I continue to live this lifestyle!

I took this photo because my house is pretty clean despite me doing nothing....because one of my friends came over and vacuumed, cleaned all my bathrooms, cleaned my kitchen, and gave my youngest a bath. I’ve been overwhelmed with all the love my family has received. From meals, to friends going out of their way to make my kids feel loved, and telling me “You are loved Katrina!” and reminding me of the sweet little baby that we will hold in February. So thankful for the Body of Christ, and sweet community...friends who take care of each other without asking anything in return ❤️. #preciousfriends

Welp, we survived our first backpacking trip. It was only one night. And we were only a four mile hike from our car. But we felt pretty accomplished. Especially since we had no reliable water source and weren't allowed to build a fire. Thanks, dry winter! Oh and I got no less than 30 mosquito bites on my legs. That's not an exaggeration. But it was all worth it! I'd say it was an anniversary well spent! #MyMarriageEndures #MaugerisPNWAdventures #teamPCMaugeri

Smiling in spite of having climbed 1,000ft/mile (4,000ft to peak) on this strenuous, soaking-wet, bone-chilling, and slippery adventurous trail. The first picture was around halfway point, where the breathtaking and surreal blue glaciers could be seen below us and right after one of my closest friend, @dbillz had just proposed to his longtime gf!) I’ll admit half of the trip I felt miserable because my fingers were red and completely numb and the feeling of being soaked head to toe with the constant arctic wind in my face felt pretty shitty. The grueling 6.5 hours were finally over when we all descended and crawled into our giant pick up, clustered, hands to heater and knowing we were going to shower and have soft beds to sleep in after a long week on the dirt trails. These are some of the greatest adventures in my last two years of exploring the outdoors and I will cherish and remember them for always. Cheers to a lifetime of saying yes to more of these crazy adventures! @ericstubbsy @bingchiiling (Portrait shots by @kevin.liantono.photography) #alaskanwilderness #mountaineering #optoutside #findyourpark #nationalparkservice (July 9 2018)

The fact this was almost exactly three years ago is absolutely mind boggling to me right now. I wish the “mind blown” emoji did what I am feeling justice, but it does not.
We spent ten days in the middle of Georgia (in July) drenched in sweat and covered in red dirt, eating weeeird food, learning different cultures, sleeping in weeeird places, worshipping together, and doing hilarious team/squad bonding activities. We walked into camp having only interacted via social media & when we left camp we were family. Family that was about to spend eleven months traveling the world together in 24/7 community.
What blows my mind even more is that in exactly SIX MONTHS, down to the day, I will be back in Georgia at Adventures in Missions to start the next chapter of my life. I never planned or wanted the mission field to be how I spent my life. But God always knew I would end up back at the same place that began to turn my world upside down.

Are you sick of these bump selfies yet?! 🙈
I wake up everyday and can’t believe how much bigger I look and feel but I’m gonna rock it while I’ve got it. Reminding myself that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. This whole journey has felt like one giant gift after another and I just can’t wait for the next chapter with her to start.
So, come on out girlfriend...we’re ready for you! 💗
#growingbabymills #cjlagirls

The #view from my bedroom window is usually pretty cool but yesterday after a rainy afternoon it got whole a lot crazier when a #rainbow showed up

Trader Joe’s started carrying a new CHOMPS flavor and my taste buds are all 😍😍😍😍 over every bit of it!

If you need some solid kick-ass healthy protein in your life, go to Trader Joe’s and get you some! I’m all about it!

It was a balmy 79 degrees early this evening, and they thought it was hot. How quickly they forget their summer days in Arizona 🌵☀️

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