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One of these little men cried so hard when I brought him inside. 😂😍

1 going on 17 #somuchattitude

These days I want to be everything. I want to be an amazing wife, a loving and patient mom, a watercolor artist who can whip out a custom piece at a moments notice, and deliver 1,000 orders successfully from my little shop. It’s always easy to want more, to “try harder,” and to be discontent with where you are. I wish I was one of those cool people who could do it all 🙈....is that even possible? Just kidding, it’s not possible. So thankful for this season of slowing down...especially as the Lord teaches me to be patient, and to wait for His timing. (P.S. I’m obsessed with colorful walls, so of course we had to snap photo....also in one of my favorite places to eat ✌🏼)

Two bites in and they turned more into deconstructed tacos & they were messy, but I will 1000% make these again.

The other night I left the Hen House with a whole roll of venison summer sausage & venison breakfast sausage! I immediately put it in the fridge to de-thaw because venison is easily becoming one of my very favorite foods and I was dying to dig into it!

When I looked at my meal plan for the week to see where I could fit it in with my timed nutrition, I realized I could sub it in for the ground turkey I had made for tacos! These are easily one of my very favorite things I have made lately!

Venison tacos with spinach, avocado, and salsa on corn tortillas! 😍😍

If you watched my stories a couple of days ago then this scene will be familiar. We played with shaving cream and even I joined in and it was really fun. I played with shaving cream when I was in kindergarten and still 24 years later it’s so enjoyable. Not to mention the kids LOVE seeing us do things like this with them. The other day my oldest said “I don’t want to be an adult” when I asked him why he said “Because kids have more fun.” I mean he’s right 😂. What was I thinking wanting to grow up? Even so I’m determined to show him even adults have fun I’m not too old and it’s never too late. .
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Thinking about warmer weather. This shot is from 2 years ago. Me doing a backdive and celebrating my 50th. One of my friends is in Aruba and it’s making me jealous. 😂 #tbt #aruba #sunset #dive #fuelyourjoy #ig_sunsetshots #ocean #carribean #travel #travelyourworld #ntglobe #bestworldplaces

This morning the sunrise was attacked by some big bad clouds! First photo is looking towards Brae, second is looking back at Rona’s Hill, both from the highest point in Sullom and both untouched. Make the most of what you have, when you get it🙌🏻 @gsduffin76

When it snows here in the South our cities shut down. I kind of love it. I’m all about an excuse to stay home! Today I attempted to leave though and spent 30 minutes trying to keep my car from sliding into my neighbors house at the top of our street, totally stuck on a big solid sheet of ice. I finally left it there and walked home where I was able to get my brother to come rescue my car. Here’s to another snowday. I’m not going anywhere! ❄️

The BEST part about getting up stupid early is the ability to workout with my pal @megan_baumzzz! We hopped on a virtual FaceTime call, pressed play at the same time on the same workout, and crushed the whole thing together!

Coolest part? She lives on the east coast & I live on the west coast! These are the moments I am just so dang grateful for this community and the incredible friendships it has brought into my life!

Workout crushed with the best accountability! That post-workout high has settled in & I’m ready to tackle the day ahead!

Looking through windows of the past. The energy at the Inca ruins in Pisac was beyond words. It was powerful being surrounded by these incredible structures, built with such precision, years before the technology existed. Pure magic.

The ocean represents something different to each of us...❤️🌊☀️ We stepped from a small boat into the warm waters of the sea of Cortez where a 5m, dark shadow loomed.
There's really nothing more extraordinary than swimming with these gentle giants... The slow-moving filter-feeding whale shark. Experience the joy of living on this beautiful planet ✨🌈☀️#sobering #whaleshark.
📍La Paz, Mexico.

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That photo on the left popped up on TimeHop this morning and as I scrolled through, I did a double take and went back and looked at that photo. It was taken six years ago. That smile says it all. I was unhappy, insecure, not confident, uncomfortable in my own skin, and my mental health was down the drain.

But that photo on the right is the woman I know now. The photo was taken a few weeks ago. That smile is the one I see 99% of the time. It is not fake or forced, but genuine. Six years later, things are not perfect.

But I can tell you that I am happy more often than unhappy, a lot less insecure, a lot more confident, in a constant state of growth with being comfortable in my own skin, and so much more aware of where my mental health is (and how to catch it & fix it when it starts dropping).

You want to know what has changed?

🌲 I started investing in my self and my health.
🌻 I changed what I put in my body and started learning more about quality of food.
🌲 I started moving my body on a daily basis.
🌻 I found a community of women to keep myself accountable.
🌲 I started practicing self-care & making “me time” an important rhythm in my week, along with routines that keep me in check.
🌻 I began reading personal development books and drastically changed my mindset, perspective, and outlook on a number of topics.

If I can make a change, so can YOU! And I want to be here to help you, encourage you, support you, and cheer you on! Click that link in my bio for the application for my challenge group, and let’s chat!

Press Pause | This morning I shared my dream... tonight I share my truth: I have value without reaching my goals. So do you. Do you believe it??
Tonight I want to ask you just ONE thing. Does doing all the things make you more valuable, or is being of value your BIRTHRIGHT?? ✨ You doing all the things and drinking all the coffee and green drinks might be necessary at times. But #PressPause for a moment. God created you, specifically you, for an adventure unlike any that anyone else is on. He designed you with PURPOSE and INTENT. He wired you exactly the way He needed to to get His work done here on earth. You can absolutely add value to the world! But you are of VALUE just as much when you do nothing at all 💓 Are you hearing me?? 👇 Say you do. I need some responses here, y'all. Lets sing out our value!! You are WORTHY of everything, just because you exist.
{Grab a spot in my free forum for more chats like these. We must LIFT one another up, ALWAYS, my tribe. DM or comment below. xox} #BestLifeProject

We started a new Art Study Curriculum this week and it’s already proving to be such a winner for us. Homeschooling is one of my dreams but like most dreams it takes a lot of work. There have been days when it’s been messy, discouraging and where I’ve had so much doubt, ugh so much. But this week, even though there’s two days left of school, already feels like the best week so far. So this post is more for me, I mean I hope this encourages someone, but sometimes we need reminders and “photos” to remind ourselves that we are rockin it. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, full time working mom, homeschooling mom take stock of those days you just really, really rock it. Kids are dreams and homeschooling is my dream and nothing worth going after is going to be easy, in fact it will be hard. But that’s your dream so own it and don’t let anyone try and take it not even yourself. .
#homeschoolcollective #wildandfreechildren
#thingsiwanttoremember #littlefierceones #dailyparenting #letthembelittle #365homeschool #livinghomeschool #learningwell #charlottemasoneducation #charlottemasonliving #earthymothers #littleandbrave #inbeautyandchaos #castinglegends #iwasbornwild
#familynatureclub #curiouslittleexplorers #almostfearless #motherhoodthroughig
#TODSL #behindthatprettypicture #moments_of_mom #fuelyourjoy #parenthood_moments #everythingtribe #outdoorfamilies #lovelifeoutside

Snow days are magical. ❄️❄️❄️

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