I love breakfast, yes I do! I love breakfast, how bout you? 😁
Ok, I’m totally lying! I hate bothering with breakfast, but my body seems to love it, and I hear it’s the #mostimportantmealoftheday So, I do the thing! I even had some turkey bacon too, but I ate it before I made it to my desk!! #bfastisamust 🤦🏻‍♀️🥑🍓🥚🥓
#avocado #strawberries #boiledeggs #turkeybacon
Hope you guys took the time to fuel up before you started your day as well!
#yesmyavocadolookssad but it still served its lil avocado purpose! #heathynotskinny #fueltolive
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Probably the simplest, tastiest thing I've ever made.
I don't know what they are called. It's like Naan but better. • 1 C sprouted flour. • 1 C cooked sweet potato. • sprinkle of kosher or sea salt and pepper
Roll into a thin pancake. Melt coconut oil in a cast iron skillet and throw in the "pancake". Cook 1-2 min per side until golden. Eat with anything and everything. Throw out your packaged bread 👊🏽💪🏽💖 #healthy #yummy #eats #nutrition #simpleingredients #naturalfoods #workoutfuel #kidapproved#jessiesgirlsmacros #fueltolive #homemade #goodness

Forget the word “diet” - Let’s talk about #fueling your body for YOUR lifestyle. Especially when you’re grinding day in and day out at the box. Check out Coach Erin’s most recent blog about catering nutrition to your lifestyle (link in our bio!). She’s our in house #NutritionCoach who would LOVE to chat with anyone about their nutrition goals. .
Check her personal page out: @green_nutrition_ 🥗🥕🥑🍓🍊 .
📸: Photos from our #NutritionSeminar last month .
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Ok now all that needs to happen is for melo and psy.p to get some pets so i can get more animal content(fuel to live). Please and thank you~ Mie •

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Diggin coffee ☕️ Espresso topped with a scoop of gelato , garnished with chocolate sauce and choco chips . ❣️ Delicious 😋 .
Where - @diggincafe
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#MotivationMonday. The decision could be spur of the moment. You know at any given moment everything all comes together and he planets align! For Angela the decision was made and she has been committed to improving. Transformation might not occur overnight. The benefits last a lifetime! #challenge #empower #fueltolive #desiretosucceed #anygivenmoment

Who wants one? NOT ME. 🙅🏼‍♀️
Omgeesh these were horrid.
Hard to believe cause they look so good right?
Well I probably could’ve taken a cave man out with one....
Lesson learned by me (and poor C my most gracious taster): not all that smells great is tasty...kind of like how you’re not supposed to eat the chocolate flavored chapstick. 👍🏼
But hey- sometimes it just takes trial and error to learn, like a lot of things in life. Doesn’t stop me from being stoked to be able to cook in a kitchen and get creative again! Summer come quickly! ✨🙏🏼 Happy Wednesday friends! 🤗
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Home for a hot-sec to regroup for a big week of exams coming up before spring break- meaning eat all the REAL whole foods. Boy can my body tell the difference when I’m giving it fresh homemade goodness vs. pre-made/frozen dining hall mystery fuel. I do my best to eat a balance of whole foods every day, but there are times I just don’t know what’s been added to the food at school. For those of you out there struggling the same way, don’t lose hope. As the mum always says, it’s t e m p o r a r y. That it is my friends. Do the best with what you have right now and that’s all you can do. 🤗 Happy Saturday!!

Ever want to post something but no matter what comes to mind it doesn’t feel right? 🙆🏼‍♀️ That’s where I am right now. I wanted to talk about focus. I wanted to talk about habits. I wanted to talk about how I’m blown away every single day how my body reacts to specific foods & how it’s become an addiction to find whats best for it. But.. none of it felt right. So here I am & I kinda just stated it all and it’s the only thing that felt right. So I’m curious.. Do you tap into that inner guidance or do you ignore it. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason or do you think thats just a line of bologna. I believe the universe always has our back but I wanna know your brain.. 🧠👇🏽

🍪🤟🏽 // L O V E is in the air

Everyone has to start SOMEWHERE. They were nervous, scared, and hesitant but they leaped. I prayed that God would give me a group of ladies that were ready to annihilate 2018, shed off old ways & dedicate their souls to #transforming & growing. 4 weeks in & I really don’t have much words to say because nothing would come close to expressing how thankful I am for not only God answering massive prayers but giving these ladies the STRENGTH to work every single day in becoming everything they’ve ever desired; physically, mentally and emotionally. ❤️ As you scroll through these transformations I hope that you use this as PROOF that you can do this while also using it as fire underneath you to start taking action. ✖️ I am looking to take on 10 WOMEN this month, and the VIP Virtual Fitness Community doors are open NOW.. are you in?

Some great rainy park runs and long runs on Insta today. Well done all. This is my pudding following a really good pea and spinach soup from Yorkshire Provender. Very spoilt for lunch today. ❤️ #eat #healthyeats #eathealthy #eatgood #nutrition #40plusfitnhealthy #40plusbeauty #strawberriesandpears #eatfresh #sprinklethatchia #fuel #fueltolive #goandlivewell #wellbeing #wellbeingmatters #getinsideright #instafood #smile

It’s not enough to eat a pasta dinner the night before a big race. The fueling starts days before. Every day really. When we skip a meal or forget to drink that glass of water we go into the next day depleted. Then our body needs to play catch up. Yes, we are busy. I get it. Plan the day before. Meal prep on the weekend. Not only will your running be better for it but so will your life. I practice this and I put this in my athletes individualized training plans. Not sure how or where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Let’s talk (link to message me in the bio 👆).
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I get a million questions weekly on specific macros//exercises//protein shakes from peope looking to achieve a specific figure.. So I thought I would share some things to clear up some questions. —- I do not count macros, and I never will. I’ve never gotten into it. I’ve managed to find a way that erases all the guesswork & tells me exactly what, when & how much I need to eat WITHOUT tracking macros.

My workouts are arranged from a top trainer that has done the guesswork for me. Every week is different & just because you start implementing an exercise you see here on IG doesn’t mean you’ll get that specific figure. Each exercise, and the order they are performed in, all plays a role.
Protein shakes are not needed as much as we think. One thing I would consider asking yourself is, are you really certain that you are PROTEIN DEFICIENT? Because A LOT of what we consume contains protein. Your low energy, lack of focus & insane cravings are due to being NUTRIENT deficient. Rather basing your decision off cheapest, base your decision off the ingredients, how's it’s being processed and where the company is getting their nutrients from. —- If you have a shake on hand, check and make sure it doesn’t have these ingredients; because TRUE shakes that have the INTEGRITY of health that you’re putting in your body should NEVER have these 4 ingredients: > SOY > ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS > ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS (splenda, Sucralose) > HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP
Just like you can get cheap coffee or you can get Starbucks, their price is based off the prestegast kind of VALUE that goes along with it.
Again, there's many different ways you can get results. What you really want to consider the integrity of health.

If you have more questions that were not answered, my inbox is open. This is something I am thinking about digging more into as I learn more about results & health.

Eccentric contractions.. all time favorite. Along with that stretch at the end 🤙🏽 halfway through week 3.. EEKK! It’s definitely flying which is definitely not what I thought was going to happen. May or may not release some week 4 #progress photos! Orr should I just wait till day 80.. 🤨🤔

I guess I am just proving myself wrong the more I live this at home fit lifestyle because I thought for so long I needed to go to the gym to see x,y,z. Boy was I wrong ✌🏽Had I settled for the gym, I know for a fact I wouldn’t be living this lifestyle. Too much guesswork & not enough of the right resources. It’s a chore in itself to find all the tools but when it’s given it’s almost #addicting because you know you’ll see/feel change.

You can’t control a lot of things in life especially circumstances that get thrown in the pathway. I used to really let these circumstances define my day, define what I would do, and the mood I carried, etc. -

The more I live on this train (healthy lifestyle) the more I realize that putting me first is ONE thing I can control. It’s the very thing that gives me the strength to see life through different lenses and gives me the courage to power through with a positive mindset. Trust me, negative thoughts still try to slip through but I am learning how to smash them down with Gods #strength & grace.
This lifestyle isn’t just about getting #fit physically. Although, it feels freaking good.
It’s really more about the mental strength it provides you & i believe once you gather pieces of the mental strength, you won’t ever want to stop.
A certain physique is a great goal but it’s going to knock you down if that is your sole purpose behind why you live this lifestyle.
It’s about your clear|strong mind.
It’s about your body being able to thrive because you’re giving it nutrients for it to run properly.
It’s about your energy & positive vibes you get to share with the world.
Take care of you first, find the blessings in the small seemingless things & I promise Monday’s will no longer have nothing on you.
You’ll soon realize it’s just another day to make it the best you possibly can.
Truly, every day is a great day. Especially if you can feel your heart beating & breathe without any issues.

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