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Some post workout nutrition 😋 #greensmoothie #fuelingup #healthinaglass #gogreen💚
Kefir, frozen banana, spinach, romaine lettuce, and vanilla protein powder.

Fuel 😉

Who’s excited for home cooked meals outside in the warm, summer air? Or holiday barbecues in backyards with their family and friends?🍔 I know I am 🙋🏼‍♀️ and for all the summer food and treats that come with it. Luckily, there’s plenty of those days ahead.
For dinner tonight I drooled over my baked sweet potatoes with sea salt and cinnamon on top, grilled chicken with Adobe seasoning from @wildtreeofficial ,and a good mix of veggies. 🌽🐓🍠 All this goodness, and I totally would of settled for a full plate of those sweet potatoes.🤤 Hope you enjoyed your dinner tonight as much as I did! #feliciousfood

Loving al these leftovers for quick and easy lunches!! #veggiesmost #healthylunch #leftovers #fuelingup

I normally have a shake for breakfast but this is just as fast.
Plus, it feels like it’s still early Spring outside.
PLUS, since I’m lifting, I wake up starving!
#fasteasydelicious #trainsmarteatsmart #shakeforsnack #fuelingup #healthcoach #iamteambeachbody💜

Good morning & have a nice day IG fam! 🌤💕
Bonjour et passez une bonne journée la IG family! 🌤💕
#goodmorning #breakfast #flatlay #goodstart #picoftheday #instafood #lace #bonjour #insparation #eatwell #roses #elegant #fuelingup #foodflatlay #coffee #morning #delicious #tabledecor

Lunch time in Dallas on my connection to San Diego to see my #2commaclub tribe. I always tell my students one of the most important choices in life is who who choose to surround yourself with. Your happiness & success depend on it in all areas of your life. So pumped for 2 days of biz building, inspiration & growth from the best! 🙌✈️❤️#funnelhackers #everycoachneedsacoach #entrepreneurlife #fuelingup #bigthingsahead

New Monday, New week, New goals 🙌🏻•

Finally feeling a little back to normal after a crazy last week. It’s safe to say I do love my routine. It’s nice to step away from things for a bit but I’m personally living my best self when I’m back doing my workouts and fueling my body with what it needs! One of the biggest things I’ve learned through my health and fitness journey is what a g i f t food is. I used to not view it that way. Emotional eating, binge eating, eating because I am bored...been there, done that. And I still struggle with these things from time to time. But there is FREEDOM ladies! •

Im going to be running a group much like the accountability groups I normally run, but this one is going to be focused on mindful eating only! Working out is extra credit 😊 Focusing on changing our mindset about food, having zero restrictions, and still enjoying life along the way. Stay tuned for more deets 🍓🥦🍞🥩🍫•

#freedomfromfear #mindfuleating #fuelingup #freefromstress #foodfreedom #mondaygoals #medschoolwife #liveintentional #livenotexist #faithfit #dailygrace #womeninfaith

#fuelingup my body and brain for a long day ahead. And if anyone is looking for a good story that is a cross between Agatha Christie and Stephen King, then Bellweather Rhapsody is the book for you. #currentlyreading #bookstagram #instabooks #sunnyday #mondaymotivation

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