Whole chicken stuffed w/rice broccoli & cheese creamed corn sweet peas and dinner yeast rolls. Dinner is served!

Finally quit my job washing dishes and got a job where I'm not even sure if I can call it work because I'm loving what I'm doing. After building a huge table last week for the pallot shop down the road I got to do some repair work on a skidloader than came into the shop tonight. It may not be weldporn but for a old ac225 tombstone welder and some 6011s I'm happy with the outcome of it for being my first repair piece at the new "job" Hopefully there is a lot more to come. #lincolnelectric #ac225 #welding #proudwelder #6011 #boopswelding #twomanshop #livingthelife #fuckyourdishes

Mums going to be some mad when she comes back on tuesday #partysflatoot #fuckyourdishes #getthepizzason

When i get tired of washing dishes... I stack them stupid ass shit and waste all the space i can with them to make it look full. #fuckyourdishes

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