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I love these guys so much. Check out our new song called ‘Toxic’ LINK IN BIO #ilovegiller #fuckvlone

aesthetic off white tulips, @aripetrou pulling through

'A$AP Bari you a bitch' #fuckvlone

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D📳pe Or N📴pe ?

Fuxk with BMB we ruin yo life #BMBDeathRow #FuckBari #RapesapMob #FuckVlone #AsapBari #Lmaooo fuxk u niggah @younglord

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I just want to share my opinion on the A$AP Bari incident. I have recognized by now, that a lot of people let fame get to their heads, nevertheless. Lots of them claim to stay "real" (whatever that might mean) etc. I know that A$AP Bari has a brand called VLONE and yes, I was very impressed by how far he has gotten with this brand, doing nike airforce collabs and all sorts of stuff. But now he has completely fucked it up for me. And I hope all VLONE supporters have the same views on this case. First of all, this lady came to visit A$AP Bari's friend to full fill his sexual needs. Even though she might be looked at as a "groupie" that does in no case mean that she should be disrespected. This was caught on video: She was screaming no and A$AP Bari still pulled the blankets off of her, and demanded her so "give him head" and slapped her butt when she ran away crying.
I am VERY happy to see these lists going on on grailed (ebay for clothes) that sell VLONE clothing on sale etc. everyone that is doing this: you are the people we need. First Ian Connor and now A$AP Bari is disrespecting women too. Please do your research and don't support VLONE. #fuckvlone

👿NEW BMB SHIT👿 @majin_blxxdy #AsapBari diss should B da only diss dat matters unless it komin from anyone else in gvng @bmbdeathrow
S/O @wakeupf1lthy #Enemies #AngryAmerica #FuckVlone #FuckAsapMob #AsapRapey #RapesapMob

With the news that VLONE founder, scumbag ASAP Bari was caught sexually assaulting a woman on tape, I decided to grab the one VLONE item I had in my wardrobe and ruin it. I suggest you do the same. #fuckvlone


ON THE NIGGAS! If u fuck wit VLONE dnt fwm #fuckasap #fuckvlone

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