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#Repost @kimfrench87
Hard work, patience, consistency and determination is what it took me... .
There's no magic pill, no magic diet! If you want results, join a gym and start lifting weights 💪🏻

#fuckthescale 🙌🏻
This is EXACTLY SAME WEIGHT. Since I was going through some photos/videos for my YouTube yesterday I found picture to the left 😱.
I literally was shocked! My weight in both is 54, since I've added 2kg pure love (naughty food 😍) since Ibiza. But Jesus!!!!!
DO NOT TRUST THE SCALE. I might weigh the same, but I look completley different!! More waist and bigger bum, and yes I'm standing relaxed in both. 🙃🤘🏻
The left foto is from the beginning of my journey when I've lost loads of weight, and my only focus was loosing more and more. Little did I realise that weight literally has NOTHING todo with your physique! 🤓
I gained a bum and a waist, and dauuuym proud! But now, I'm eating a bit more, liftin ALOT more and goal is to put on muscles, but at a steady pace loose fat for about 5 months till we go! 🙈💁🏼
So goal now, add more volume on bum, tone legs and arms and actually have popping abs! We can do this!! 🙌🏻💋❤️ #transformation #jellyschallenge

Whaddup health & happiness? Sorry I took so long to find you. -
🌸 Do not let that negative voice inside your head control you. Don't let it tell you you're worthless, or not enough. You CAN eat that. You DON'T have to exercise to deserve food. You ALWAYS deserve to eat. Exercise is NOT a punishment. You are ALLOWED to skip a workout. The scale is STUPID. YOU are STRONGER than this. Do not let that voice win. ❤️ Recovery is a never ending journey. It is not linear. It has its ups and downs. The bad days do NOT negate the progress you have already made. Keep chuggin along my warriors. 🌸

it's been over a year since i've stepped on a scale, but i went to the doctors today and did it and boy was it triggering! guess who isn't 110 sickly pounds anymore (this girl thankfully)! here's to recovery and 138 pounds of cuteness💖 (but it all honestly, weight is just a number and in no way dictates my self worth or happiness) #fuckthescale #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery

And I can't walkkkk✊ 186 Brick house. #fuckthescale

*Appreciation post to myself*
I am so proud of myself with the progress I have made this month! I'm fluctuating between losing 5-7 lbs. With pushing myself until the month is over I've only missed 5 days where I didn't workout out of 31 days. Not only am I more positive but I'm also more confident than I have ever been! I'm only human and I've had my set backs where a cheat mean turns into a cheat day 😅. I probably won't hit my weight goal for this month but I do see a difference in my clothing, yay me!!!!!#healthgoals #chico #fuckthescale #herbalife #titsweat

58kg - 60kg 👉 168cm
Just to remind you that the scale means nothing ☺️💪
Muskeln ''wiegen'' mehr als Fett ❕ genau genommen ist 1kg Fett natürlich 1kg Muskeln, aber die Muskulatur hat eine größere Volumendichte als Fett.
Außerdem braucht Muskelgewebe (1kg 13kcal) im Vergleich zu Fettgewebe mehr Energie (1kg 4kcal) 💪
Also kümmert euch nicht zu sehr um die Zahl auf der Waage, nehmt lieber eure Maße und macht regelmäßig Formbilder ☺️
Und weil so viele mein letztes Transformationsbild einfach repostet haben und damit irgendwelche Kapseln oder andere 💩 zu verkaufen diesmal mit Namen 😂 ihr schafft das nämlich mit harter Arbeit, viiiiiel Geduld und passender Ernährung 😊❤️
Werde bald ein Video dazu machen, ihr könnt mich gerne auf Youtube abonnieren 👉
und wenn ihr Fragen habt, raus damit die werd ich natürlich ins Video einbeziehen 😊
#gainingweightiscool #musclesvsfat #dowhatyoulove #transformationtuesday

A lot of you are you obsessed about how much you weight that u end up looking like shiit honestly. Bodybuilding is not about what you se on a scale is all bout the mirror! For an example if you have a small waist is always going to give you the ilusion that you are heavier than what actually u are! That's bodybuilding! #fuckthescale#andtheweight @artemusdolgin @alfitness21 @cdrobot


On my current weight liss journey I have decided not to use the scale to determine success.

I had someone take down my starting weight 2 months ago but I haven't looked at it.

So often in the past I would fall off my healthy eating diet because I didn't like what I was seeing on the scale. Even though my clothes fit better and I felt better the scale would always mess me mentally.

This time I am 2 months in and going strong with no scale to throw me off. I know it's working because clothes that didn't fit 2 months ago are fitting again! :)
#fuckthescale #scale #weightloss

👇🏽THIS is me.
And THIS is also me.👇🏽 If we put them up against each other,
Which version could do more push-ups?
Which is smarter?
Which is more kind and caring?
Which is worthy of more love?

Silly questions, right??
Because they're both THE SAME PERSON!

So why do we change the value we see in ourselves based on our body in any given moment?

You, regardless of where your body is right now, are a MASTERPIECE... You are STRONGER than you think.
You are more POWERFUL than you know.
And you have the ability to HEAL in ways that would blow. your. mind. 💪🏼 It's ok to be a work-in-progress...
But give yourself permission to remember how great you are in the process!

And if you need help seeing things from a new perspective - I'm all about helping you recognize what you've GOT! 🙌🏼

#Repost @kimfrench87
Hard work, patience, consistency and determination is what it took me... .
There's no magic pill, no magic diet! If you want results, join a gym and start lifting weights 💪🏻

Life is short -- too damn short!
I've been sad, I've been depressed, content, and happy..... What I am striving for is genuine happiness. The kind where I don't stress about numbers, outward appearance, and social outings. There are days where I achieve this, but lately I have felt fcking insane. Insane because I wake up and it's immediately numbers..... what does the scale say, what doesn't it say, what do I have left for carbs, how many fats are in this, do I have macros left to go out to dinner..... FCK no wonder I feel like I am going crazy! This week is going to be different -- I am in control of my life and I am going to make this week MINE!!! Less stress, more laughs, more water, fresh fruits and veggies, maybe some good reads, but mainly just allow time for ME!
I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!! Let's start this week with a bang!

❤ Me encanta esta combinación/ Super tasty this combination: beatroot, carrot, apple, pomegranate, lemon and ginger ❤
#detox #juice #fruitsandveggies #eatclean #healthyeats #fit #plantbaseddiet #vegan #glutenfree #plantbased #weightloss #fuckthescale #eatyourveggies #zumodetox #zumo

February 15th 2017 vs September 23rd 2017 👆🏼 I swear some days I feel like i've made no progress at all, on those days I always find pictures to compare 📱📷 The only thing i've done each and every day is 💥 STAY CONSISTENT 💥some days my eating habits were off and I also had a surgery to remove my gal bladder (hence the scar on the right 😏) which put me out of working out for 3 weeks... but it really is true- Consistency is so much more important than perfection 🤓swipe left to see another example- both pics are EARLY in the damn morning before any of my family was up, before work, getting in done. 🙌🏼👏🏼 .. I am loving the way my chest/shoulders look 💪🏼 & my stomach/legs have leaned out so much! .. and my face 🙋🏻 is a lot less... round 🤣😁.. I will forever keep working to better my body & health! Fall in love with the #journey people- take it one day at a time; you'll get there! (Ps- the #scale has only moved 5-7lbs between these two pics) so #fuckthescale 🖕🏼👊🏼😈 ••• #weightlossJourney #weightloss #fatloss #weightlossmotivation #fitfam #fitness #progresspic #beforeandafter #beachbodyondemand #fitness #fitmom #nostrugglenoprogress #NSNP #bodytransformation #iifym #losingweight #liftweights #coredeforce #21dayfix #t25focus #luvfitinspire #fitnessinspiration #weightlossinspiration #motivation #shiftshop #fitmomsofig #fitspiration

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