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This should be the last thing on our children mind.. #FUCKSOCIETY This is sad but also could be true 😢

If You LOVE ❤️ The Way You LOOK 👀 Don't Change For Nobody 🙅🏾 Keep Loving Yourself And Being BEAUTIFUL 😍✊🏾💯 I LOVE You 💕 #fucksociety #loveyourself #bodypositive #jstlivinbbyselflovechallenge #bestrong #FATGIRLNATION

for the past month or so i’ve been really hard on myself. all my life i’ve been super skinny and small and HATED IT. lately i’ve been constantly comparing my body to other females. picking pictures to post where i look “thick” but know i’m really not. editing my pics to make myself look a certain way to get likes and follows. and now i’m to the point and i don’t give a fuck anymore. fuck what society thinks. not ever woman is thick and not ever woman is skinny. we need to stop body shaming each other and making woman feel bad about the way that god made them. i’m 5’3 i weigh 115 i have hip dips and a b cup and i don’t give a fuck what you have to say about it #Skinny #TeamSkinny #LoveYourself #BodyShaming #BabyBooty #NotThick #LoveTheWayGodMadeYou #LoveYourBody #StopBodyShaming #ImNotTooSkinny #PerfectTheWayIAm #Slim #SlimTing #SkinnyWoman #SmallWoman #FuckSociety

Lo que queremos es ser libres, libres de expresarnos y de vivir como nos de la maldita gana. A nosotros dejamos aparte, fuera, en el margen, a un lado, olvidar incluso de nuestra existencia. Desistir si pretendéis amoldarnos a los arquetipos sociales, no somos tan vagos ni tan cobardes como para dejarnos llevar por la ética y la moral establecida.. Jamás permitas que su racionalidad te haga tomar decisiones que acaben con tus sueños, con tus aventuras.. mantente joven y alocado, despliega las alas y por lo que más quieras.. mantente real a ti mismo y que nada pueda borrar esa sonrisa de la cara mientras los mandas a la mierda. 🔥🌊🖕🖕💦🔥

🐒 @brooklynkellyy 🤘⚡️
📷 photo by @studioflamingo 🙏🖤

Sociedad/Colectivo de artistas, escritores, rebeldes, inconformes, soñadores, aventureros, exploradores, modelos, inventores y creadores de un mundo nuevo y libre.
• Siéntete libre de unirte a Flying Monkeys Society.
Society/collective of artists, Writers, rebels, nonconformists, dreamers, adventurers, explorers, models, inventors and creators of a new and free world.
• Feel free to join us!!
(汉)一个新的自由世界的 艺术家 作家 叛逆者 不合群者 梦想家 冒险者 探险家 模特 发明家 创造者
• 随时欢迎加入 🔥☠️🔥

Thank you so much to the organizer,garage studio,band that played and all of you that came last saturday! I had so much fun and really having a good time! Special thanks to @eatshitanddiehc for helping us out because our equipment fucktup in the world at burn. Music really unite us all together! Hope to see you guys soon at indiecore coming soon this 30th september! GET READY! FUCK SHIT UP! KEEP THE FIRE BURNING! #lostcontrolmy #fucksociety #garagestudio #insquadwetrustvol2

Aí a gente acha uma placa no chão, uma escrita na parede e tem o @bru_rafa_photo junto, da nisso hahahaha 📷 #fucksociety


Why is Every one better then me? Why am i always the second choice , the alternative? 💔
#gothboy #heartbroken #fucksociety

"Raw... blah...blah... when the make up is gone, the curtain fell, the show is over, the real me takes over..." #selfie #therawme #tattoos #nakedskin #baldyswag #shaved #tattoedwoman #wifebeater #dirty #dontcare #fucksociety #fucktherules #nyc #brooklyn #newyorkcity

If my "half naked hoe pictures" motivate just one person and make the world a more vulnerable place well then you bet your ass I'll share them...even on my worst day. Nobody deserves to live behind a mask or live up to societies idea of beautiful. If you're sick of the world we live in and the mean names were called I challenge you to show your vulnerability. You never know who's watching or who's life you could change.
#bethechange #stayvulnerable #fucksociety #beautylooksdifferentoneveryone #inspiredaily

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