Virgil started feeling unsafe sometime around 4th grade. That's when he remembers his mother telling him and his twin brother, Philip, to stay inside after school. Best way to avoid getting hit by a stray bullet from one of the gun battles that regularly erupted outside their apartment in Compton, California. 🙇🏾🙇🏽🙇🏿
The brothers are now two of the plaintiffs in an unprecedented lawsuit that seeks to force schools to address trauma students face and the effects it has on their ability to learn. The suit, filed on behalf of five current students and three teachers at CUSD, could revolutionize the way children are taught in public schools. Compton suit is a not a routine call for more resources. It's a test case designed to push the courts to redefine regular exposure to trauma as a bona fide disability. Everything we used to know about trauma's impact on the brain was based on people coming back from wars, but now we are seeing studies coming out of gang-impacted and violent neighborhoods — and what we are seeing is devastating.' The lawsuit against the school describes a district that is woefully underprepared to meet the needs of its students. CUSD employs fewer than two dozen psychologists and counselors across the nearly 25,000-student district. Nearby Beverly Hills High, with 1,800 students, employs nine counselors and a psychologist — more than all three high schools in CUSD combined. The district, the lawsuit alleges, provides inadequate trauma training to staff each year, and regularly expels students that Eidmann and her co-counsels say are scarred by exposure to violence. * * *
2 young Black Kings making a difference for #Compton, but is the #CUSD complying? #PTSD is something we shouldn't be ashamed of or shaken off as "bad behavior or tantrum/episode." Our traumas are real, it's about time we express, acknowledge and treat it just like we would if we were WHITE. #Enough

#VICE - Oct. 2015
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"fuck pipeline"

never been so proud of a group of people in my life #fuckpipeline

Some stainless 317 return bends on a furnace. Tuff spot

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