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STOP THAT SHIT - no but seriously, have you ever looked at the definition of a "flaw"? Flaw or flawed means imperfect, a fault, a weakness and a mistake. Based on that definition, I'm continously amazed as to why we're so willing to embrace our "flaws" or why it is that we find "embracing our flaws" so empowering
You see, if we continue to embrace our flaws, then we continue to perpetuate the idea that perfect exists. We continue to reinforce the idea that there is something wrong with us. That we're a weakness, a fault, a mistake, imperfect - and that we must live out the rest of our lives either trying to embrace the fact that we're a mistake, or do whatever we can to change our faults, mistakes and imperfections, in order to make us perfect. Now, perfect is something that doesn't exist, so therefore flaws don't exist - because one simply cannot exist without the other
We've got to start questioning why it is that we believe we're flawed? Who made that up and why? I have a sneaking suspicion that the media, beauty, diet, fashion and fitness industry have something to do with it. In fact, I'm sure they have everything to do with it, because the more flawed we are and the more we believe it, the more they can sell us the solutions in an attempt to fix our flaws. Hello multi-billion dollar industries
You're not a mistake or imperfect for that matter. You're simply a bunch of bones concealed in muscle and flesh - you've got unique features and a personality full of quriks and different characteristics. I honeslty can't see anything wrong or imperfect about that
Screw perfect and screw flaws - you're just you and that's all
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It’s FUCK YEAH FRIDAY! It’s finally sunny in the PNW for the first time in like a month, and the only thing on my agenda is to blast my favorite songs as loud as possible!

I’m obsessed with music 🎶 i love music’s ability to heal and connect - it’s absolute must in my life. If you’re on my newsletter (which you should be! Link in bio!) you get music inspiration every month) and I get the most compliments on my yoga playlists ☺️ what tune are you obsessed with right now?! Tell me below! I love learning about new music!

A couple of my recent faves:
Bishop Briggs - the way I do
DJ Drez - light me up
Small Black - lines of latitude
Toby Johnson - Tiny fires

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The last few weeks have been a #struggle, having two kids under 3 is definitely not easy. I may have done a little bit of stress eating, and scattered workouts, but I haven’t completely given up! Trying to get back to a good routine that works best for me, and keeping a good #balance. I want to reach my goal, even if it takes just a tad longer than I wanted! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #imonlyhuman #notgivingup #onedayatatime

Wenn man immer darauf wartet, dass die Zeit reif ist bzw. der perfekte Augenblick kommt, kriegt man selten etwas gebacken. In diesem Sinne - lieber zu spät anfangen als gar nicht, lieber ein wenig trainieren als gar nicht, lieber etwas lernen als gar nicht. #fuckperfect #perfection #is #not #always #good #purple #deuter #backpack #dothework #today #and #not #when #the #perfecttime #has #come #yellow #wall

Als je #moeder je haar wil fatsoeneren maar per ongeluk haar vinger in je oog steekt. 'Auw mama, waarom doe je dat?!' Vandaag heeft Depp zn eerste uitje met #school. Hij gaat met zijn klas naar de #kinderboerderij. Papa is mee als begeleider. Depp was best een beetje #zenuwachtig en bleef springen. Vandaar de vinger in z'n oog. Ik ben vast niet de enige moeder die haar kind per ongeluk pijn heeft gedaan, toch?
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⚠️ excuse my french!

The. Worst. Pain.
I'm so over this nasty shit taking over me. I fight daily to keep going and it gets harder I swear. The one thing I did win was my fertility, barley. The rest, it won. This nasty thing has taken away alot from me and I don't know how to win.
They say "get a hysterectomy" that isn't a cure. It can and will still grow! Did you know that it can reach the brain!!! It can go places I didn't even know about. I thought it was only the good ol female stuff. Nope! Endometriosis fighters have a higher chance of cervical, ovarian, breast and hematopoietic cancer. Before judging someone from the outside make sure you realize that they may be fighting a war on the inside knowing they won't win.
Silent illness my ass. This bitch is a roaring pain in the fucking everything.
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This was me burning my 2017 journal/planning pages. I noticed December was blank and remembered - that's when I made MY OWN!! It's what I still use and lightens me up daily. I love creating the things I need and want!! You too?
We're back home. I just showered for the first time since Sunday morning. My hair was starting to turn into one big ball. 😳 Back to life tomorrow! Tonight we veg.

Half off Yosemite special goes until tonight. Anyone who messages interest in getting their energy back in The Energy Lab to create the life they were born for are eligible to join the Energy Lab for half the investment. This is a gift for those who have been interest in working with me and have been patiently waiting for me to release the details. 😍💜

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Oh boy. Today I feel tired. Grumpy even. Aghhhhhh! It's like I can't wake up even though I am awake. Brain fog. Legs won't get up the stairs. Every little thing annoying me. Does this happen to you too? It's unusual for me. You see, I'm generally a vibrant, energetic person who thrives most of the time. BUT - we can't be like that ALL the time can we? Physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. We must have moments of not so awesome to know the feeling of the truly awesome. I used to get down on myself when I felt this way. I used to push through by finding more and more and more things to do to keep me busy, to push aside the tiredness and the lethargy or the whatever. And then one day I JUST GOT IT 💡 I realized that all I had to was ACCEPT my not so vibrant moments for what they were. Not so vibrant moments. They're not ME. They're FEELINGS! Feelings that are felt BY me but NOT me. I am light but yet I am also dark. I had this ideal about myself that because I was a vibrant, happy person MOST of the time that that was ALL I could be. And in thinking that way, I was limiting myself and placing myself in a big fat box of perfection! Well I say FUCK PERFECT. No one is perfect. No thing is perfect. The universe is constantly in a state of ebb and flow. Just like us humans. We ARE the universe! The more we see ourselves as a part of this whole cosmic universe the more we realize we are yin AND yang. Light AND dark. Up AND down. Perfect AND imperfect. OH JOY! What a beautiful and freeing feeling it is to just accept something and let go of ideals. I think acceptance is the way we can move forward into our truest and most beautiful and authentic selves 💡🙏🏻 #fuckperfect #authentic #justbe #acceptance #normaliseimperfect #justbeyourself #yinandyang #lightanddark #wellbeing #wellness #wellnesscoach #lifelessons #blessed #bethelight #youarethelight #lightworker

👑Ekte dronninger har ikke krone👑 #fuckperfect

Joey gaat nu één keer in de week met Amy bij opa en oma spelen. Zo hebben wij extra tijd voor onze kleine vriend en kunnen de meisjes elkaar steeds beter leren kennen. Wat blijft het toch wel bijzonder twee nichtjes die zo kort na elkaar geboren zijn. Sterker nog, Joey was erbij toen Amy geboren werd!
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Slow Down, You’ll Get There Faster 🌺✨
Reminding myself to take the foot off the accelerator so I can actually get to (all kinds of) places 🖤🙏🏽 🚗
Although I forget sometimes 🙈 #recoveringperfectionist 👌🏽
Wishing you a slow & patient Thursday 🌸🍃🌻
Super pretty art by @robynjanine_

Het lijkt wel hartje #zomer hier in de tuin. Wat een genot! Joey is bij oma en opa. Joris en ik hebben Depp samen uit school gehaald en een ijsje gegeten in het zonnetje. Dagen als deze zijn echt cadeautjes.
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Breakfast in bed with my little princess while brother is still sleeping. ❤️ I love spending my mornings with my girl!

What can I say? I just love graffiti.

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