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Her and his toolbox.. not your average couple❤️❤️🛠️🛠️ #toolbox #snapon #matco #tools #workhardplayharder #couplegoals #fuckmac

W can i get some #FUCKMAC in the comments please

원중이에게 음악 레슨 받으러 왔다.
참 좋았다. 고맙다.
#위아더나잇 #littlefish
#machinestudio #fuckmac

My #makeup I did last night for my works holiday party
I've been miserably sick this past week and haven't done full face make-up in a good while, so I went all out

Screw you apple you aren’t helpful. #fuckmac

Hoe hoe hoe 🎅 just a heads up- Body Shop Matte Clay foundation is the best foundation I have ever used in my life... Even better than Estee Lauder double wear. You don't need powder. It stays on all day and doesn't make you shiny. It doesn't slide off. It's only £10 and The Body Shop doesn't burn bunnies/doggies/monkeys etc eyes out and torture them in cages so we can look better. Cos let's be honest, we don't really need to pay companies to do that anymore do we? It's a bit extreme.

#fuckMac #Covergirl #vitalist #healthyelixir #sponsor #sponsored ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I switched and I ain’t looking back #newshippment 💪🏽

On the Surface shit look light but weighing heavy 💪
#Nopunintended #FuckMac

Get him out. I want him to go, he has to go.
This one man has been probably 85% of the reason this team with great expectations has turned into one of the worst teams in the NFL. He does not understand the game of football. He does not have any sense of what’s going on with his team, and he does not care about his team. I can’t believe, and no one can believe that this guy benched Eli Manning. And my fault it was not Jerry Reece it was Mac a Fuck. He benched a QB that gave his career to the Giants, gave his leadership his hard work and his ability to be clutch and win and Mac a Fuck re pays by benching him for Geni Smith. Can’t wait till this guy is gone. GET HIM OUT!!!!
#GiantsPride #FuckMac 🔵🔵🔵🗽🗽🗽🍎🍎🍎

Out here in Flexland ky bitch we down souuuuuuth.

#lexington #henderson #owensboro
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На днях кто-то выбрался из деревни в большой цивильный торговый центр и даже в кои то веки поел в маке)) Еще в России мы решили, что обязательно попробуем индийский мак, но честно говоря было не так вкусно, как мы ожидали. Вкратце - котлет из говядины/свинины конечно нет, только курица и сыр панир (по вкусу - наш адыгейский); очень острые бургеры, очень ядреный лук. Ценник примерно как в России, но для уровня Индии, конечно, вышло "прилично", на эти деньги можно было три дня неплохо питаться! Вообщем, галочку поставили, было интересно, но на один раз) #goantrip#mywinter#malldegoa#goa#india#mcdonalds#fuckmac

#repost from one of my lovely followers! ☹️ FUCK MAC🤬😡FUCK ANY MAKE UP THAT ISNT CRUELTY FREE!!!! It’s not fair to the bunnies, dogs, cats ETC for YOU to wear make up that makes animals go blind, have to lose some limbs and eyes and stay in agonizing pain because of your stupid looks!!! THERE IS NO BEAUTY WHEN YOUR FACE IS FULL OF CRUELTY AND SADNESS. #fuckmac #mac #makeup #makeuptutorial #ootd #fashion #lipgloss #lipliner #mascara #blush #contour #bronze PS LOOK IN THE BACK N YOULL NOTICE THE EMPLOYEES LAUGHING. Disconnected assholes will be SO SORRY ONE DAY.

Hundreds of thousands of rabbits along with other animals are killed for cruel cosmetic tests in China every year. Why? Because companies like MAC have chosen profit over principle and abandoned their policy against testing on animals.
These sensitive creatures are subjected to substances dripped into their eyes, rubbed against their raw shaved skin and forced down their throats. These tests are conducted without any pain killers and once they are over the animals are killed.
If I’m not mistaken rabbits do not wear makeup and ingredients that have been found safe during animal tests have failed during human trials. Why are we testing on animals? It’s inhumane, unreliable and a waste of their lives.
PLEASE do not support companies like MAC that test on animals when there are hundreds of other cruelty free companies out there. Support companies that actually have ethics and compassion for animals.
Please check out:
for cruelty free cosmetics
📷 credit: @nickbrannigan

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