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@tpilsley shares: On my 31st birthday my heart broke into a million pieces. On Mothers Day I found out that I’m going to be a mom. 39 days later I was in stirrups removing the fetal tissue during my D&C on my 31st birthday. I asked to see it because I had to to know it was real. There was something there, not a dream.

Sometimes life is just fucked up like that. Learning that the baby that was there is no more. It was hard walking around with my secret sadness. I work with pregnant moms all day.
As a doula I support families in bringing new life into this world. I know miscarriage is common, but I thought that happens to other people. I counted the days until my 8 week scan, only to be questioned by my LMP about how long my periods were. I knew. I felt it in my bones. I have seen hundreds of sonograms. I had to wait two weeks. That space I now call "maybe" pregnant. I knew the entire time. Everyone said PRAY, hope for the best. If something is wrong, nature will take its course.

Let’s resist the silence that surrounds miscarriage. I'm fucking tired of it. Missed miscarriage they said. I felt pregnant for weeks. Nauseous, so fooled by my own body. The same body that once was inside my mother. In my bones and hormonal body I want to shout to the world. I AM NOT OK. I will never be the same. I am a broken baby bird.

Still—here I am. I’m not okay. I'm so broken. I cry when I see pregnancy announcements. Today I would be 5 months. How cute my little bump would be. I'm alone and depressed.

Now I’m part of 1/4- the collective sisterhood of sadness and loss. I’m scared to put this out there, so vulnerable and real on this happy perfect medium full of the best parts of life. I’m speaking up because I know I’m not alone. What if we put this on our Holiday Announcements. HI, 2017 fucking sucked.

Miscarriage isn’t going anywhere—it can be a normative outcome en route to creating a family. The sooner we embrace this fact, the faster we can help women feel emotionally held and part of a larger community. You are not alone. Let’s stop asking women if/when they are having babies. You never know someone’s story.
#IHadAMiscarriage #FuckLoss // Photo of @ishisol.

Cuando de ganar esta pa ti. Ganaras siempre. #DC #Winner #fuckloss #champ

I HAD A MISCARRIAGE- Jessica @ihadamiscarriage shares, ....' trauma stains the heart like pomegranate juice on a white linen couch, erupting perspectives and shifting ideas of order. No matter what you attempt to do, it’s there.I can feel in my body every detail from that day two years ago despite the passage of time. And now, as my 13-month-old daughter comes barreling toward my breasts for comfort and nourishment, I occasionally feel an emotional tug somewhere deep inside. I’ve come to identity this feeling as a pinch of my soul’s memory, of the girl that wasn’t and the beauty of pain in the mash up of life. Trauma left me living on the outskirts for a while. But as my girl playfully cuddles into my body, I feel a sense of return.At 16 weeks pregnant I had a life-threatening miscarriage, what I now think of as an unassisted homebirth to a daughter I will never know. As if it wasn’t hard enough to lose this pregnancy, I was dumbfounded by the reactions of those around me, or more accurately, the inactions. A handful of people who comforted the bruised places in my heart and bore the pain alongside me helped restore me. But, for the most part, people seemed to vanish. Where did they go? I wondered to myself in the immediate aftermath of this mind-bending loss. With few exceptions, it seemed that people around me—old friends and new friends alike—feared contamination. I couldn’t figure out if my impressions were based in part on my postpartum haywire hormones heightening my sensitivity, or if my friends were in fact reaching out to me less than usual. Relationships mutated, as if time might diminish my miscarriage germs and things would magically return to normal.' ( see her page to learn more about her recovery and mission to be a voice for all women who've experienced loss #fuckloss )

You were loved and sweet and oh so tiny. 💔 #fuckloss

F * *K - in a week that has been full of pregnancy announcements I just want to roll into a ball like a hedgehog and cry my heart out some more. Early night so I don't submerge myself in chocolate. #fuckloss #ttc #miscarriageawareness #notsoslimmingworld #tiredoftrying

A Walk To Remember for 2017's Angel Babies 👼🏼👼🏽👼🏾👼🏻👼👼🏿#NicoAndJrCalles #IAm1in4 #FuckLoss

Wave of light ✨
Im Rahmen des Infant- and childloss remembrance mouth findet heute um 19:00 Uhr eine Welle von Kerzenlicht statt. Mit diesen Kerzen erinnern wir uns an alle Sternenkinder im Himmel, ihr seid nicht vergessen. #dufehlst #sternenkind #stillgeboren #fuckloss #waveoflight

I was going to post some eloquent poem, but sometimes all you can say is Fuck! #fuckloss #fuckheartbreak #fuckitALL #ihadamiscarriage #breakthesilence


• 'Keinen Schritt auf dieser Erde getan, aber unauslöschliche Spuren in unseren Herzen hinterlassen.' Ach Adryna. Mein kleines Sternenkind. 🌌 Mir fehlen momentan die Worte, um große Gefühle auszudrücken. Manchmal ist die Trauer zu überwältigend...schlichtweg gesagt: Ich wünschte, du wärst bei uns. Ich möchte meine beiden Töchter an den Händen halten, nicht nur eine. Ich möchte dich in den Arm nehmen, mit dir den Weihnachtsbaum schmücken und deine Vorfreude auf deine kleine Schwester miterleben. Es tut so weh. Es tut verdammt nochmal so weh! Manchmal halte ich das einfach nicht aus. 😢 Warum könnt ihr nicht beide bei uns sein...😭 •

#adrynadufehlst #sternenkind #30052016 #sterneneltern #fuckloss #anencephalyangel #anencephalyawareness #sternenliebe #childloss #iam1in1000 #verwaisteeltern

Cuando de ganar esta pa ti. Ganaras siempre. #DC #Winner #fuckloss #champ

There it is. The moment my worst fear was confirmed and my life fell apart. At 5.32am on 8/8/16, exactly 16months ago to the date. It’s taken every ounce of strength I never even knew I had, but I’ve done it, I went back to the hospital that failed me and my baby and confronted them with the questions I’ve been too scared to hear the answers to until now. I’m not going to be “the girl that lost 2 babies” I’m going to be the girl that turned such a negative into a positive by helping change practice to help stop it happening to other women. It’s very bittersweet, and I’m now in a new realm of grief, today the hospital ADMITTED that they failed me and penny. They ADMITTED that she would of been here had they followed protocol. Practice will be changed and penny’s death will not be in vain 👼🏼💕#stillbirth #stillborn #stillloved #iam1in4 #babylossawareness #babyloss #fuckloss #awarness #hospital #everylifematters #strength #stronger

Tonight we attended Summerlin Hospital’s Tree dedication and lighting ceremony to honor all the Angel babies that passed throughout the year. my heart always aches for my babies but it hurts so much more to see that there’s so many of us. #ForTheAngelBabies #IAm1In4 #FuckLoss #JustKeepSwimming #HeavenHasMyBoys #InfantLoss #ScoutTheDog

That is all 😘

This shit still hurts. 3 months later.
I think of you everyday, still.
I hate the emptiness that I feel, everyday.
I throw myself into a million directions but it still creeps in.
And I hate most of all that I want something that now terrifies me, so badly.
Time hasnt healed the wound yet, im just better at hiding it.

#Repost @tracieloux
Just Breathe Gratitude, day 20- “Emotions”
We feel- joy, sorrow, pain, contentment, anger, happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, peace, anxiety.... those feelings can be teachers if we allow them to be so, they can lead us, redirect us, focus us, drive us, challenge us. We can also become bound to them, buried by them, suffocated by them. Every emotion demands questions: What is this feeling? Why am I feeling it? Is this causing me to grow? Am I allowing it to take control or am I choosing my response?
Grief contains a myriad of emotions, all of them part of the process, all of them demanding to be felt, all of them creating opportunities for growth. One of the benefits of mindfulness through yoga and meditation is creating a space for our emotions to settle and for us to look within and see our own strength and beauty in the midst of the storm. Photo credit @louxjohn

I just stumbled upon @optionb through @emilymcdowell_ and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you - seriously, it's got me excited and it's an absolute gem of a find. From their site: "One of the best gifts you can give this holiday season is to be there for friends and loved ones who are struggling with illness, separated from family, or coping with loss. Here, you’ll find actions big and small that you can take to offer extra support and help them find moments of joy." Not only is @optionb a place for loved ones to learn how to support the bereaved, they also have resources for loss moms like us. Sign up (like me!) to receive texts or emails regularly throughout the month reminding you to take extra care of yourself, offering you support, sending you something silly to smile about, and more. You'll find the Holiday Bill of Rights, which includes things like permission to back out of commitments, do only what feels right, let people help, and more.
Even if you're not a loss mom, they offer services like texts our emails to just offer extra support if you're needing it. Life is hard for lots of us, and the holiday season shouldn't be a time of causing anxiety. We all need love and support ❤

My heart's bursting at the seams here - I've added the link to their site to the top of the linktree in my bio, or just visit their page to find their resources. I'm so, so glad I stumbled upon it and knew it was great timing - I'm happy to share it with you 😘

ANGER. Who's there with me currently? Say hi to it, make friends with it, and when it fades away, don't forget to say, "see ya later," instead of "goodbye." It always comes back around.
#Repost @1in4embrace
In the name of transparency & real-ness, I want to share that I am having an ANGRY day. Maybe the most angry day since losing my Geo. I've tried to be calm and patient and kind with my body. But today my period started again and I am mad. We tracked and tried so hard for a rainbow baby this month. I feel a very very strong urgency to be pregnant again by his due date (12/9) because I genuinely don't know how I'll get through that day otherwise. I am so angry that my body failed me. It lost my baby. It didn't protect him. It never told me he was gone inside me for 2 weeks..... My husband is afraid of me trying chlomid or other fertility drugs because of the side effects. But I don't care. I resent my body so much I literally don't care if I get tumors or if it makes me sick. My body deserves it for how painfully it failed me.

"Cause you don't know what you've got until it's gone." #UntilItsGone #LinkinPark #TheHuntingParty I can't sleep, and I am missing so many people that are no longer here. When they finally disappear, you realize their importance and impact on your life. The significant roles they played to help shape you into the being at you are today. Flashbacks and waves of grief side swipe you at any given moment. Tears swell in your eyes. You almost feel like you're going to choke. You feel like you've been hit by a car. This never ends, and it is a part of life that we all, sadly, must endure. That is why living your life to the fullest as if everyday is your last is very important. Take in every memory and cherish them. Cherish your friends and family that are there for you and care about you. Cherish those who need help. Protect those who are not as strong. Be the light in someone's life, but don't burn your bulb out. Live for the now because tomorrow could never come. Take the past and embrace its pain to give you the strength to move on. Be concerned for the future, but do not be frightened by what is yet to come. It is hard to deal with grief, and it is hard to deal with the fact that this person in your life was just there, but remember that they still are. Just...not in a physical sense. Remember your importance and theirs as well. Keep your spirit alive, and remember to enjoy the life you have. It hurts. Life itself hurts, but, that doesn't mean everything has to hurt. If anyone needs someone to talk to, I am always here. You're all family to me. We are in this life together. Let's make the most of it while we still have it. #FuckDepression #MakeChesterProud #320ChangesDirection #HereForYou #Grieving #FuckLoss #CelebrateLife #LiveForTheNow #IAmHereForYou

Fights and pups 💕 squeezing them extra tight after an incredibly draining end of the week. #fuckloss #fuckcancer #family #pups #rescuedogs #tumaa #sleepyheads #ufc218 #fightnight

#fuckloss, saying ‘everything happens for a reason or dosent make it any easier and saying it wasn’t meant to be Dosent make it ok’ 👼👼

Will you join me tonight for a virtual retreat about surviving the holidays? Tonight at 8pm ET ❤
#Repost @love_loss_project
Want a little time to truly restore & ready your heart for the rest of the holiday season? I’m hosting a virtual Mini Retreat and I’d love it if you joined me.
the Holidays & Heartbreak Retreat is Tues. nov. 28 @ 8pm est. -
You can attend from anywhere with wifi and you don’t even need to leave your house or do your hair. -
Just cozy up with a notebook and your bunny slippers and come get some really practical, effective strategies for dealing with grief & families over the holidays. -
Here’s what I am guiding you through:
Getting clear on what you need to get through this season this year -
How to change traditions without creating more stress and drama with your family -
How to cope with the dread, anxiety & overwhelm -
This Retreat is totally free and really easy to do. -
You can ask questions, share your thoughts or just quietly listen in. -
Registration is required. -
Link to Holiday Retreat Sign up in profile. -
See you Tuesday!

How has a year gone by already? The pain feels like it was just yesterday, yet it feels like I’ve aged a million years. I miss you and love you forever baby girl. #SadieLynn💗 #fuckloss #firstbirthdayinheaven #stillbornstilllovedstillmissed #11.27.16

I have cried every single day for the last week. I feel bad because my posts are all depressing, i don't want to make others feel sad. But it is my reality so here i go. My nightmares are the worst i have had in a very long time. I always have them but this are cruel in a new level. I wake up crying, squeeze my relaxing pillow and then my teddy bear. I get up with the bear in my arms and make sure my dog and boyfriend are alive. (Have this awful feeling am going loss someone i love). The holidays are coming, and my arms are still empty, my daughter is not here, and there is no rainbow yet. Is going to be the second christmas while we are trying to have a baby, I had a plan, the gifts we were going to give to our parents and siblings announcing the pregnancy. Againg is not going to happen.
And the worst... next march Olivia would of have started kindergarten. I remember the first day my goddaughter went, how proud and happy i was, took more than 200 photos (really). Is another thing Olivia is not going to experience 💔 and it breaks my heart.
I just want to sleep all day. Am tired, trying to live a life I feel it has ended. I miss you my baby girl. Momma needs you. #Loss #Olivia #Surviving #MissYou #Triggers #Death #Nightmares #ttc #ttccomunity #ttcjourney #FuckLoss #infertility #LifeAfterLoss #💔 #👣 #daughter

Thanksgiving was good 🖤 I’m thankful for our love, health, family and friends. I had every intention to stay in pjs, order take out and just wallow. I’m so glad we did the opposite. We laughed, ate, played games and chose joy over darkness. It’s easy to get caught up in the negative and forget about all that we have to be grateful for, when really there is sooo much. I’m feeling all the love, support and encouragement- I love and appreciate you. #GiveThanks #HappyBirthdayJr #AngelBabies #FuckLoss #JustKeepSwimming

This is you.
You radiate peace.
You are balanced.
You are strong.
You are accepting.
You are forgiving.
You are worthy.
You are righteous.
You are deserving.
You are life-giving.
You are rooted.
You grow upwards.
You see clearly.
Your heart is open.
You are kind.
You are soft.
You are a warrior.
You are brave.
You feel power within yourself.
Others are in awe of you.
You are love.
You are hope.
You are truth.
You are God.

Now it's up to you to believe me. Tell all this to yourself using "I" statements ❤🙏🌌
Artwork by @ododua.aum

I’ve been quite overwhelmed with my grief, school, subbing, and just life recently. The second set of holidays without Jensen is setting in and sometimes I wish I could just... hold him and never let him go. .
As I was typing my paper, I felt tears sliding down my cheeks. I was compelled to go to my ever open desktop with Jensen’s hands greeting me. For the last few minutes, I’ve been looking at every crease in his fingers. Wishing I knew what they felt like as he held my hand. .
I miss him like hell, but even in these overwhelmed moments, he inspires me to keep going. To keep fighting for him and so I beat on. .
#JensenGrey #heartcare #whathealsyou #love #loss #stillborn #stillbornstillloved #stillbirth #stillbirthawareness #pailawareness #miscarriage #angelbaby #babyloss #infantloss #1in4 #grief #griefjourney #ultrasound #AngelBaby #support #lifeafterloss #mamagrief #FuckLoss #ohio

#fuckloss #riprileyana #fuckit #infantloss no mother should ever have to feel this pain! #momofanangel

#Repost @katelaraine
My little Pip. I haven't talked about you in awhile, and I'm sorry for that. I think I've felt guilty. Guilty that since I had another baby, I'm happy now. But just recently I've realized that, while I'm happy, that's not the only thing I am. You will always be a part of me, and because you're not here with me, I am not whole. The grief doesn't end. It's not a 5 step process that you make it through. It comes in waves, like a gentle stream or a raging storm. So today, 2 years from the day you left my body, I want to say, I love you. I will always wonder who you would have been. Today, I remember you and I miss you. Love, mom. #miscarriagetattoo

This. This is not things you tell grieving parents.
It does not feel like God’s plan, it feels like God hates you.
There feels like there is no reason for a child’s death.
Time does NOT heal, time just helps you cope, you don’t heal from the loss of a child.
Yes I can get pregnant, but that doesn’t change the fact that my first child is still gone.
And if you think his life wasn’t meant to be, you’re sick. Absolutely disgustingly sick. •

#fuckloss #fuckpain #lossofachild #dontfuckingeven #berespectful

#Repost @bokifide
Realize deeply.. that the present moment is all you ever have.
~Eckhart Tolle

I have debated back and forth on posting this picture, but i decided to go ahead and do it. This is part of being an angel mom. You can be perfectly fine one day and the next day you can be an emotional wreck. Waking up just dying to have your baby in your arms again. I've never posted anything like this but today i decide to just get real. This was me in the middle of a breakdown just trying to breathe and find some strength. The tears just kept coming. Being an angel mom is HARD. Today like everyday i just miss my baby, but today was one of the many bad days we angel moms experience. 3 years without my son and sometimes it just feels like it was yesterday. I love you my angel. #angelmommy #angelbaby #asrealasitgets #thisishard #iam1in4 #breakdown #imissmybaby #fuckloss #heartbroken #selfie #missyoualways #mybabyhaswings #miscarriageawareness

Came across a beautifully written piece about grief from an old man. Read the full article by following the link in my bio. Here's an excerpt: “It tears a hole through me whenever somebody I love dies, no matter the circumstances. But I don’t want it to ‘not matter.’ I don’t want it to be something that just passes. My scars are a testament to the love and the relationship that I had for and with that person. And if the scar is deep, so was the love. So be it. Scars are a testament to life. Scars are a testament that I can love deeply and live deeply and be cut, or even gouged, and that I can heal and continue to live and continue to love. And the scar tissue is stronger than the original flesh ever was. Scars are a testament to life. Scars are only ugly to people who can’t see.” 📷@janbellaphotographer

Today I had a very bad day. Those in which you are already crying before your feets touch the floor. Woke up and took my dog to a park very close from were we live. I tried to think in other things, to relax by watching the trees and flowers and listen to the birds singing. It didn't help. Went back home, gave food to my dog. Then sat in the couch and allowed all the feelings, and tears to flow. I felt again like a wounded animal, dying. My hubby came and hug me, I let out all the stuff i had in my head. I begged him to leave me, "please please, please go, find a real woman. Am broken. You deserve better. Am sorry am sorry am sorry". He said to me that i am the woman he choose to spend his life with. I told him "you are gonna miss a lot, a lot, if you stay with me". Then I couldn't talk, was crying too much, i just repeated "forgive me" over and over again. There is a weight in my chest so big that I can't breath. There is a hole in my heart and soul with the name of my baby. I feel so guilty, "what if..." is a game my head plays a lot. Is pure torture. I don't know if i am going really crazy or the feelings i have are "normal". I just miss Olivia and the life i tought we were going to have. I miss her soooo much. I just wanted/want to be a mommy. Just want my baby in my arms. They are empty and it hurts. #Grief #Loss #Heartbroken #Unfair #Babies #Miscarriages #Stillbirth #Olivia #Guilt #Surviving #ForgiveMe #infertility #FuckEverything #FuckLoss #IWantMyChild #Life #Incomplete #😇 #💔 #👪 #💜

Today, grief looks like eating Cool Whip from the tub and non-stop dog cuddles on the couch.⠀

Nobody tells you that, after miscarriage, every period flashes you back in terrible PTSD-esque fashion.⠀

Every month you haven't gotten pregnant again is one more loss. Loss of hope.⠀

That every day you see the people around you growing their babies you're reminded that you don't have yours anymore, and while you might want to you aren't allowed to punch them in the face. Why them? Why not you?⠀

Grief sucks. #ihadamiscarriage #fuckloss #griefsucks #miscarriagematters

• And I will still be here, stargazing.
I'll still look up, look up
Look up for love.
Stars don't disappear, they keep blazing
Even when the night is over
That's how I find the light. 🌠
Meine beiden Herzmenschen. Die zwei Lieben meines Lebens. Dieses Bild strahlt so viel Liebe aus.. und so viel Trauer. Vater und Tochter, für kurze Zeit vereint. Er liebt sein Kind so abgöttisch, wäre es möglich gewesen, hätte er wohl sein Leben für ihres gegeben. Er hat sich so gefreut, Vater zu werden..dann hält er die Liebe seines Lebens im Arm und muss sie gehen lassen. Er ist ein Fels, mein Fels, doch seitdem bröckelt er. Und ich stehe hilflos daneben und kann nur zusehen, dabei möchte ich doch helfen. 😢 Dieser Anblick bricht mir jedes Mal erneut das Herz. 💔
Ich liebe sie beide so sehr. Glückliche, verzweifelte, zerreißende, erfüllende und zerstörerische Liebe. Ist nicht zu beschreiben. Ich wünsche mir, dass wir eine glückliche Familie werden; wir, Adryna und unser kleiner Käfer. Unser Sternen- und Erdenkind. 💞 Manchmal ist es so schwer, hoffnungsvoll zu bleiben..• #sternenkind #sterneneltern #stargazing #30052016 #adrynadufehlst #fuckloss #rainbowbaby2017 #16ssw #folgewunder #mommyoftwo #anencephalyawareness #anencephalyangel #childloss #pregnantafterloss #viertermonat #sternenliebe

Because I’ve heard all this at least 1000 times in the last 2 weeks. #fuckloss #miscarriageawareness #pleasestop #1in4

I keep imagining what my baby would of been for Halloween. I keep seeing everyone’s babies in adorable costumes and I’m jealous but I’m happy for them as well. First real holiday and it’s hitting me pretty hard. #miscarriageawareness #nottabooanymore #angelwings #fuckloss

I hated hearing all those phrases, they felt so cold , so inconsiderate , so default , especially when they would say "at least you know you can get pregnant " 😧😒. #fuckloss #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness #iam1in4women

Thank you @averysgarden for this.

Burn that shit.
I watched it burn and I felt so so so much lighter.
#fuckloss #burnbowl #speakout #breakthesilence #Breakthestigma

"Are you holding your breath in? Taking tiny sips of air, just enough to get by? The way you breathe is always a metaphor for how you are living your life. What are you attaching to, unable to let go of?
Exhale completely.
Let go of all your grasping.
Even if just for this one moment.
Pause in the emptiness.
Settle into the calm.
Then, notice your inhale.
How much bigger and more expansive does it become?

The beauty of letting go is that you create empty space, ready and eager to be filled. Opportunities for new growth, healing - maybe new joy - rush in because they are all around you, waiting patiently to be let in." In case you needed this today as i did. An except from @ameliakyoga 's book, Landon's Legacy #landonslegacy

A year later and it still hurts just the same

#fuckloss #Iamthe1in4 #iamamothertoo #pregnancyandinfantlossawareness 💗

passion - a state or outburst of strong reaction. .
With Jensen went so much of me. One of those things were passion for about everything I thought I was passionate about before. All I could feel was anger and sadness. Slowly, though, it began to be apart of my life again. .
I am passionate about my son and his story. I am passionate about helping others through their grief journey. I am passionate about living again. .
Full post in my bio’s link. . .
#JensenGrey #heartcare #whathealsyou #love #loss #stillborn #stillbornstillloved #stillbirth #stillbirthawareness #pailawareness #miscarriage #angelbaby #babyloss #infantloss #1in4 #grief #griefjourney #ultrasound #AngelBaby #support #lifeafterloss #mamagrief #FuckLoss #ohio #CaptureYourGrief #CaptureYourGrief2017 #Passion

Tomorrow is my angel babies 3rd heavenly birthday and I am just really feeling this. I have been holding back tears just trying to muster up any strength i have. I do not want to accept that's its been 3 years without my baby. So yea #fuckloss #heartbreak #heartbroken #angelbaby #angelversary #angelmommy #iam1in4 #october27th #miscarriageawareness #pregnancyandinfantlossawarenessmonth

My God, I love this woman. #Repost @januaryharshe
Sometimes you just have to feel. We can't always step around the issue but have to go right through it. The answer isn't always to avoid or even to get over something, but to allow space for it. It may be messy and scary and hard, but that's ok. Life is messy and scary and hard. But if we allow ourselves space to move through it (whatever 'it' is for you) we can find clarity and beauty and that makes it worth it. So don't give up. I'm sorry it's hard. I hate that you feel alone. I'm devastated the world is failing you. But I believe in you and your power. I admire your strength to be a warrior and survivor. I know what you have inside you and there's so much good. I promise there is joy to come in your future and reasons to keep going even if you can't see it. If you must, hold onto my knowledge of that for you. It's through the brokenness we get to put ourselves back together with love and strength and the way WE want to (be). I love you. 🖤 Mama J #loveismyfilter #mentalhealth

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