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Whole Foods, wtf have you done #saynotokale #fuckkale

I made a Kale salad for dinner and my son decided to take over. #littleherbavore #tryingtogetfit #kalesucks #fuckkale

Camera 1, Camera 2.

Next time you're having kale, try this! #urbancarnivore #fuckkale

It's a long weekend mamas!! Enjoy it! What you lot up to?
#fuckkale #ginfortea #weekendvibes #friyay

But it's a super food...πŸ˜‚πŸ”« #fuckkale #burgers #fitnessfoodinmymouth #supershit

Who doesn't want to adult today? πŸ™‹πŸ» #meeeeeeeee #fuckKale #ilovesmoothiestho


Whole Foods, wtf have you done #saynotokale #fuckkale

I made a Kale salad for dinner and my son decided to take over. #littleherbavore #tryingtogetfit #kalesucks #fuckkale

Eclipse or not... I got goals and Week 5 starts today. I did this workout two weeks ago and it spanked me.
By the time I got to my second circuit of the workout I was winded, discouraged and it was a struggle and pretty rough the rest of the time. I hated this specific one but it's only because I wasn't good at it. I was mad that I was tired. But I knew hat if I keep at it- I will win!
Today I made it through the entire workout without feeling a slight bit of defeated. I was exhausted by the third and final circuit but I didn't give up and I found my boosts of energy to push me through.

I feel GREAT about myself and my effort. I never gave up, I modified where I needed to and I didn't let the mean girl inside my head bully me around at all. Pretty much shoved her down to the ground and told her to F off.
Complete win today!! I am worth this. β€οΈπŸŽ‰ bikini competition or bust! πŸ’ͺ🏻✌🏻

Getting ready to grill a Caesar.
Take that, kale, ya goof.
#food #grilledcaesarsalad #fuckkale #foodporn #vancouver

I use walls a lot in my training, teaching, life, career: Wall squats, teaching handstand, releasing shoulders, emotional intimacy, hamstring stretches, supporting standing balancing poses, incessantly listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall record, protecting walls in the event of a fire.. goes on. Becoming strong is celebrated and it certainly takes dedication and perseverance. But being weak.. being hurt and being open to receiving that experience without reaching for what pacifies you, that's strong mate. Each time I have been wounded I have doggedly trained to become stronger, faster, less affected... it does work but it is easy. Once you have experienced strength, gains, growth, development can you sit in the discomfort of weakness, injury, pain, loss. To feel what is real for a moment before you reach. Challenge whom you identify as: a strong person, a weak person. Can we be content being in both spaces? In an effort to do something I find actually difficult, brick by brick I might one day bring down that wall and sit in the ruins. It appears here I am holding it up. πŸ“· @meohmygirl

Solid muhfuckin dinner! Salmon crusted with almonds and flax, potatoes au gratin, and kale. Drinks: watermelon vodka mixed with cucumber sake, mint, and lime.

#food #instafood #dinner #salmon #potatoes #kale #fuckkale #alcohol #creativefood #sake #vodka

Because I've been asked a few times.. Leggings from Victoria's Secret ( last year. But they have a killer sale right now..) Tank top from Old Navy because who cares.. it gets sweat all over it.
And sports bra is from Nike ( TJ Maxx $13 ) even though you can't see it here,
And for the weirdos out there.. Basic AF black underwear probably from Target πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ socks from some mega pack of who cares. And shoes from Jesus himself.
There's something about colorful workout clothes that really boost the mood... especially when your least favorite workout is in the books and you KNOW you need to get it done.

Let's smash this! Last one of this round. Two more days to go.

Day 18 in the books . 4 more days left and this first round is done! I'm feeling so proud of this and I'm feeling super proud of team lighting smashing it. And I'm super proud of my fit gang for going all on and committing to ourselves. All of us are so busy but we keep showing up for ourselves because we deserve to feel amazing!

When you're at the hotel to workout and it's old.. so you expect a crappy gym to stream your workout in and get sweaty... but it's actually hooked the fuck up! Go,wes, go!

Oh snap!!! Throwback!!!

Camera 1, Camera 2.

What I do for fun after a 13 hour day.. still just over here training for the war against the machines.. "The future has not been written. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves"

Getting it done...

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