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πŸ™ˆπŸŒ #FuckinKillinIt #14Wides

When you had no idea your friend shreds this hard 😱 #yadevin #fuckinkillinit @devinnowlin

I had the honor of signing 5%er @mromanmma championship belt!! He has been #fuckinkillinit he easily won his last 6 fights and then his next fight will be Sept 9th!! Watching Matt follow his dreams and willing to do #whateverittakes to reach his goals is an incredible thing! That's what a 5%er is and people you have to realize the mind will get you so much further in life then the body! Strong mind, strong heart and a never Fucking give up mentality!! #welcometoourworld #5percenters #forlife #killitloveit #whateverittakes #1dayumay #livinthedream #weareallinthistogether #1bigfamily

Thank you for the pic Alex, you're a true Badass . Photo by @alexhawnphoto

Gotta stay on your toes. Peepin the show on some fresh ass grass. Takin in all the smells. All that spring pollen. Trees bustin nuts all up in ya nostrils. That sweet aroma of that earthly love. Mixed in with the fossil fuels bein burned by all the passing cages. This is that good air. Fighting the good fight. All the trees and grasses and flowers and bushes and shit. Coming together to fuck us all up. No other season tastes like spring in Stratford. The air is heavy with life. #fuckinkillinit #stratford #nicholsave #freeshow

Day three no smoking - no ones dead yet. 🚬🚫 #fuckinkillinit

πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ #FuckinKillinIt


Fuckin' Excision. πŸ˜„

good test for my headache rack! oh yeah, and I just bought my first lift for my new shop!! A bend-pak at that! #ballinonabudget #myownboss #blackcanyonmotorsports #bcmotorsports #bendpak #superduty #sevenpointthree #7point3 #makedieselsgreatagain #sootlife #newshop #fabshop #fuckinkillinit #headacherack

So if you don't know about Joseph Huber, now you do. @josephhubermusic @jasonloveall #fuckinkillinit

smiling about myself wanting to post another badass selfie. actually this smile goes to @firnwald, an awesome guy and musician that is producing my first album ERIS, and kept long times waiting for me to response, send vocals, contribute. the reasons for these things are super uncomfortable to communicate, as I'm dealing with trauma and violent shit since two fucking years. I'm getting out, and releasing this record will be one of the biggest steps in my life, also the most scary one, cause it's me getting naked about processes dealing with fear, aggression, pain and how they influence and partially control my life. but I m getting out if this. through my trauma therapy that I started not so long ago, I can feel my freedom rising again. I am fucking scared to one day present this shit to a live audience. will I cry? will I faint? will I run from stage because I cannot see so many eyes looking at me being in my most vulnerable emotions? I'm mostly a band musician and home producer so far, and this is gonna be my first step on a stage only me and the mic talking about stuff that is happening everywhere, but still over challenging for a society like ours to deal with. there will be nothing to hold on to or to hide for me, and that's actually exactly what I want. it's a decision, and doing this with you firndl, even though you can't see me in person, is a fucking honor to me. I'm getting ready, mentally, and I won't let fear control my life anymore. that's why ERIS is important. and I'm still fuvking alive because I have shit to give. and to say. sending love to bavaria
it's a big THANK YOU, also to the people who are there for me in the best way they can πŸ’œ
#firnwald #eris #abugabi #fuckthepainaway #by #fuckinkillinit #prostberg

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