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No shit?!

"Mexico will never pay for that f--king wall" #fuckingwall 😆

Last night we just so happened to find an immigration certificate from an Italian ancestor, along with pics of young Sam and AJ. Our ancestors came here to better their families' lives and escape religious persecution (the Holocaust... nbd since no one seems to remember that little thing that happened). Born of immigrants. Married to an immigrant. This IS a personal attack, and it SHOULD feel that way for all Americans. .
#nobannowall #nomuslimban #fuckingwall #🇺🇸

Faint memoriez
Of you n my
Fading mind
But thank god
For this pic
Of the family biz
Your band
In demand
From #SouthO
2 #PlatteValley
You on 12 string
N the ol man on
Upright which
You won
In a game
Of pool
I mean
How hood
Iz that?
O grandpa
The ballz
You had 2
The border
Age 9
A sole
Homie your
W/ a
Under your
Arm az well
A hyna
Or 2
Along the way
N lonely
Down your
Looking back
I’d say you
Probably felt
Up shit creek
I'm sure
Riding railz
N hauling
Ass 2
From #Tejas
On the top
Of nighttime
N the cosmic
Sky 🌌
O grandpa
Where in
The hell of
R U?
The pinche
Have lost
Their mindz
W/ the whiter
Liez they spew
N the wild
Eagle 🦅
Iz screaming

Gunna be a long 4 years! #fuckingwall #resist

No matter how dangerous the world may seem, standing up, speaking out and uniting with others in support of human decency, equality and love will ALWAYS BE the right call. ❤🇲🇽 #fuckingwall #muslimban

#Repost @critchmark
#22minutes #fuckingwall ・・・
Next week on @thishourhas22minutes I'm talking President Trump and the wall with former Mexican President Fox #mexico

Ya se durmieron? Atentos que voy a estar posteando mis marcas/productos/ empresas nacionales favoritos. Si ustedes tienen alguna dejenme la info en comentarios 😘 besitos bestiecitas del señor #hechoenmexico #consumelocal #fuckingwall #nopuedoconstruirelmuroporquepatascortas #posoiganmecanso


"Might be forced to compromise with democrats" good bye I'm already done with the internet today I lasted 30 min tops maybe...Christ....he just gets worse...incredible. This statement shows his complete disregard for Americans. Fucknut, it's not democrats you need to compromise with it's the AMERICAN PEOPLE YOU'RE ELECTED TO SERVE. THIS ISNT ABOUT YOU OH MY GOD fucking prom night dumpster baby polio can have you back. -Mo

No shit?!

FYI they are legitimately taking healthcare away so they can have that yacht, I shit you not. -Mo #fanofalamerhymealways

When you give a dog a bone -No.

Sorry if's kind of small, hopefully the zoom lets you read it well enough. Here are the differences between ACA, the house bill, and the senate bill. To be clear, Kelly Anne Conway was just being her same old lying cunt self saying there are no cuts to Medicaid. The cuts are deeper than the house bill. Preexisting conditions and coverage caps can come back. What destabilizes and insurance market is UNCERTAINTY. They really really really like being able to predict things (for obvious reasons) so if you are of the belief that ACA was dying on its own & on the way out, you have been dangerously misinformed. Please do your own research. Check out snopes for fact checking (for example/ yes Mitch McConnell had polio, no, he didn't have his treatment paid for by the gov). Please contact your senators. They could push the vote at any time. Complacency got us here. We can't let it win again. -Mo

The President of Mexico has always been admirable to me by the way he takes a stand with his nation and the stupid idea of building a wall between the US and Mexico. The USA was started by immigrants that came here and took over the land illegally (I have yet found a Native American who disagrees with that truth). This morning I was reading an article about the latest idea that Trump had about placing solar panels on the wall so Mexico would also pay us for electricity after they pay the USA to build the wall?!?!?!? Then I saw the Pres of Mexico's response; his way with words sends joyful tingles up my spine. ❤️ 🇲🇽 #DontBuildThatWall #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #givemeyourtiredyourpooryourhuddledmassesyearningtobreathefree #libertyandjusticeforall #WorldPeace #fuckingwall

Go ahead. Tell him. Go sit and read him a book, play a game with his favorite toy, and then look him in the fucking eyes and tell him that he went through all of it for nothing. Go on. -Mo

Dress dark project day 155-
I still remember the world
From the eyes of a child
Slowly those feelings
Were clouded by what I know now
Where has my heart gone?
An uneven trade for the real world
I want to go back to
Believing in everything and knowing nothing at all- Evanescence "Field of Innocence"
#bethelight #bethechange #lovetrumpshate #unity #diversity #refugeeswelcome #nobannowall #fuckingwall #blacklivesmatter #lgbtq #stophate #stillnotmypresident #stopviolenceagainstwomen #climatechangeisreal #callyoursenator #resist

From March 2017 article via CDC (2015 data) - these are deaths caused by OD, doesn't take into account the many that have had treatment on hand and survived it. 🚨AHCA ON THIS EPIDEMIC🚨 the bill only allocates funds for the opioid crisis until the end of fiscal year 2018. That means that they have no idea what they are talking about, the gravity of what is going on, or they are just plain cruel (at this point I'm assuming it's 90% cruelty). You do not fight an addiction epidemic in a year. You don't fight ANYTHING in a year. Maybe, just MAYBE you could START to fight it. One thing that's proven to reduce OD death rates of opioids? Legalization of marijuana. Simple really, when there's a better, less addictive treatment option...less people use pills. Less people end up on heroin after not being able to refill their stock. Less deaths. Why don't you start there? Then, you can continue by providing harm reduction services, like needle-exchanges or safe galleries with medical staff on hand to provide treatment. Nobody in this life does anything they don't want to do for themselves (obvious exceptions, like being threatened). It can take a while to hit rock bottom and get to the point where you seek help. You cannot force anyone. You CAN provide tools to prevent further harm to them or others. So let's stop pretending that the opioid crisis is going to be fixed over night. Literally the only way that would happen is if pot was legalized and they took opiates off the shelves the same day...and even then, you're gonna have withdrawal to deal with, and therapy, but fuck you cause you're only gonna be able to afford it for a year before you can't anymore, and life sucks so much that it's easy to walk right back to the needle. Meetings are free, but people tend to turn their nose up at 12-steps because they don't understand it, don't wanna believe in god (not even necessary), or they just think it's kumbaya (it's not) & we can't promote so...it's hard to get people to stick around, let alone even start their recovery. It's complicated. Can't just slap a band-aid on a gushing wound, so please stop trying. Give them a REAL chance to recover, not just a year. Shit. -Mo

Dress dark project day 154-
How many people do you think I am?
Pretend I am somebody else
You can pretend I'm and old millionaire
A millionaire washing his hands
Rattle the bones, dreams that stick out
A medical chart on the wall
Soft violence and hands touch your throat
Ev'ryone wants to explode- Talking Heads "Swamp"
#bethelight #bethechange #lovetrumpshate #unity #diversity #refugeeswelcome #nobannowall #fuckingwall #blacklivesmatter #lgbtq #stophate #stillnotmypresident #stopviolenceagainstwomen #callyoursenator #resist #climatechangeisreal

Maybe they should pay attention to those of us that are ALREADY ALIVE? God damn. Please continue to call and show up. Find them. Show up and make their lives and their family members live's hell until they give in. This is not time to worry about being nice, or proper, what have you. I don't think it makes anyone a bad person to try and save his or her own life by annoying someone into the ground. Oh no they lost a job?! Good. My mom's about to die. See if I fucking care that you lost something you can replace. I mean, you say it's as easy as walking out there and putting your face in to be seen and really going after it. If it's so easy to replace and we are just being lazy, I won't feel bad if my screaming outside your window at work makes you lose your job. Methinks you're horrific choice for a spouse has enough money to keep you rich while you look. God forbid you have to cut back on buying out LV or Prada, or having to buy the 5 seater Mercedes instead of the 7...wow I feel so bad that I'm worried about my mom dying, and the only thing that matters to you is now your yacht can be that full 100 ft you REALLY wanted instead of the smaller 80 or whatever bs that is...I have an idea though. Why don't you wait until everyone's dead and then you can use their bones to build it. That's essentially what you're fucking doing. PLEASE CONTINUE TO FIGHT& SPREAD THE WORD!!!! We need every person we can get. I will continue to post my frustrations and beg people to get involved daily. Call. Fax. Rant. Post. Tweet. Whatever way you can, share your story. I want our collective voices to be so loud that McConnell gets carried out on the vibrations of them alone and dumped in the Potomac...turtles can swim. I'm not worried about that. -Mo

The Boy #wtfisthis The Dad a #hole I think
The Boy what's in there The Dad. #fuckall
The Boy. #whythefuckyoulying The Dad #donttalklikethat ......
THE #grandfather #fuckmedead its a drain you #idiots I can't believe your my boy & he is your boy we are painted on a #fuckingwall #pretending to be looking in a hole but #guesswhat this hole #conversation is made full of # to get likes

Dress dark project day 153-
If you want money in your pocket and a top hat on your head, a hot meal on your table
and a blanket on your bed
Well, today is grey skies
tomorrow is tears
You'll have to wait til yesterday is here- Tom Waits "Yesterday is Here"
#bethelight #bethechange #lovetrumpshate #unity #diversity #refugeeswelcome #nobannowall #fuckingwall #blacklivesmatter #lgbtq #stophate #stillnotmypresident #stopviolenceagainstwomen #callyoursenator #resist #climatechangeisreal

What is so god damn disgustingly sad is that the GOP is telling people that the wheelchair was a prop, they aren't really disabled. Go fuck yourselves. You lifted her shirt and we saw her port, you are honestly all disgusting pieces of trash...what if that was your family member there? You saw them get dragged out of their fucking wheelchair, DROPPED, & arrested for TRYING TO LIVE (better known as protesting, one of our first amendment fucking rights BUT IT ONLY MATTERS IF IT'S FREE SPEECH OR GUNS RIGHT?!) jesus. This is a nightmare. It just keeps getting worse, too. At least once this is done we can stop pretending America was ever a real democracy. My heart is so heavy. I wish to hell that people could put party aside for one second. Who cares what party we are, I think we can all agree that manhandling a disabled person when you are arresting them / even having them arrested for protesting makes you a piece of shit. Please call your senators. You can bet that it's only going to get worse. This is what happens when you elect a man that makes fun of the disabled on a national platform. Please send McConnell to space with no oxygen. Thanks. -Mo

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