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Faint memoriez
Of you n my
Fading mind
But thank god
For this pic
Of the family biz
Your band
In demand
From #SouthO
2 #PlatteValley
You on 12 string
N the ol man on
Upright which
You won
In a game
Of pool
I mean
How hood
Iz that?
O grandpa
The ballz
You had 2
The border
Age 9
A sole
Homie your
W/ a
Under your
Arm az well
A hyna
Or 2
Along the way
N lonely
Down your
Looking back
I’d say you
Probably felt
Up shit creek
I'm sure
Riding railz
N hauling
Ass 2
From #Tejas
On the top
Of nighttime
N the cosmic
Sky 🌌
O grandpa
Where in
The hell of
R U?
The pinche
Have lost
Their mindz
W/ the whiter
Liez they spew
N the wild
Eagle 🦅
Iz screaming

"Mexico will never pay for that f--king wall" #fuckingwall 😆

Whatever will we do? -Mo

#Repost @critchmark
#22minutes #fuckingwall ・・・
Next week on @thishourhas22minutes I'm talking President Trump and the wall with former Mexican President Fox #mexico

This is our family. Half Peruvian. Half American. Full of love. My husband is an immigrant- he has a green card but is not a citizen of the US. Many of our friends are undocumented immigrants. I'm ready to put my body in front of any machines brought to build a wall on our border. I'm ready to open my home to anyone who fears for their safety due to their immigration status. I'm ready to break laws and fake documents to help those in need of asylum. Because the time to stand up is now. #nobannowall #opendoors #weareacountryofimmigrants #fuckingwall

Gunna be a long 4 years! #fuckingwall #resist

No matter how dangerous the world may seem, standing up, speaking out and uniting with others in support of human decency, equality and love will ALWAYS BE the right call. ❤🇲🇽 #fuckingwall #muslimban

Last night we just so happened to find an immigration certificate from an Italian ancestor, along with pics of young Sam and AJ. Our ancestors came here to better their families' lives and escape religious persecution (the Holocaust... nbd since no one seems to remember that little thing that happened). Born of immigrants. Married to an immigrant. This IS a personal attack, and it SHOULD feel that way for all Americans. .
#nobannowall #nomuslimban #fuckingwall #🇺🇸

I had a delicious lunch out in the courtyard today: Chile limon tilapia, brussel sprouts and a yellow yam. (apparently yellow yams are a real thing - totally thought I was getting sweet potatoes).
And I like what the sun does to my hair.
and my face. hahahah
#FreshAir #SunnyLunches #NotYourCompetition #GrrrlFromThe505 #FuckingWall


Definitely don't ‼️the healthcare bill is NOT dead. We can't let them push this through while we aren't looking. McConnell offered a slight reduction in cuts to Medicaid and they are going to be voting on a motion to proceed on Tuesday (that's the current info, anyway). Don't let bitch McConnell weasel his way through while we are focused on Russia. We can multitask 😊 -Mo

Whatever will we do? -Mo

Stop it right now. I just screamed so loud in line for the car wash. I am soooooo bloody happy rn. Suck a dick, Keebler. Yaaassssssssss omg. -Mo

Keep calling!!!!!! We can't let this pass. We can't let them take advantage of us while we are disctracted. -Mo

Peace out, spice boy. Love how your bottom line wasn't selling your soul, but someone coming onto the team you didn't like. I'd love for you to donate your brain to science. ✌🏻-Mo

More people getting arrested for sit-ins at senator's offices too...I truly don't think trump firing Mueller would mean shit to Mueller. I think he may expect it. He's prepared for whatever. He's not a dumb man. Trump is. Mueller is the one that's planned for this, and taken great caution to ensure that what he is doing is solid. The investigation will continue as it did when Comey was fired. None of that would make it okay though. We still have to have our voices heard. Idk about everyone else, but I'm personally tired of watching this shit happen. This is what we need to be doing. They aren't fucking around, and we can't be either. We have to decide what we are willing to take. This is trump's fault, make no mistake, but we could have done this already and held our ground. He's been getting away with stuff because we sort of let him. This isn't to blame ANYONE, because this is on trump & co at the end of the day & what we've done as the resistance has been incredible. I also know that we teach people how to treat us. If that's true on a smaller scale, it would hopefully be true on a larger scale as well. We decide when we've had enough. We just have to decide when, and be serious. Stop society. Fill the streets. I'm personally just done and ready to show them what true patriots look like. People fight for us overseas. What the hell are we letting them come back to? Again, not our fault. But, we have options we haven't utilized. I wonder if we are perhaps waiting for someone to save us, like we feel Mueller can do? Maybe he will be able to, but we have to be willing to show up and do our part, or I fear we are in danger of losing America entirely as we knew her. Keep up the good fight resisters. It's been six months that have just felt like ten years, but we have come so far. ♥️🇺🇸💙 -Mo

Dress dark project day 181-
He's a demagogue
He'd like to punch in your face
He's a demagogue
Throwing terminal shade
The demagogue
He knows all of the words
He's a demagogue
He sees a nation of marks
From the mob to chapter eleven
Those tiny vulgar fingers on the nuclear bomb- "Demagogue" Franz Ferdinand
#bethelight #bethechange #lovetrumpshate #unity #diversity #refugeeswelcome #nobannowall #fuckingwall #blacklivesmatter #lgbtq #stophate #stillnotmypresident #stopviolenceagainstwomen #climatechangeisreal #callyoursenator #resist

#Tbt to the #Peacewall in Belfast, Dublin. 🌎✌❤
The Peace Wall separates the Catholics and the Protestants. It's 20ft high, 2.5 miles long and there are 20 in Belfast alone .. the government said they would take down all of the walls if the two religions could come to trust one another .. by 2023 they're hoping to have all the walls torn down except this one; they surveyed the residents on either side and they said no, they don't think they will have trust by then. This wall, as of now, will never be torn down.
#Belfast #NorthernIreland #PeaceWall #UnitedStates #TearDownTheWall #FuckingWall #Ireland #VisitIreland #IrelandTravels #Castles #Irish #Flags #Museums #BrontasaurusAbroad #Eurotrip #ExpatBackpack #BrontéBrontasaurus 🍁🌏 #Passport #Wanderlust #Expat #CanadianAbroad #Travel #Photogtaphy #Instago #travelgram #InstaTravel

Dress dark project day 180-
Man, you better be careful
You're gonna get caught
'Cause you're the criminal kind
You're the criminal kind
Man what you gonna do?
Where you gonna hide?
They're callin' you a sickness, disease of the mind
Man what you gonna do?
You're the criminal kind
Tom Petty - "Criminal Kind"
#bethelight #bethechange #lovetrumpshate #unity #diversity #refugeeswelcome #nobannowall #fuckingwall #blacklivesmatter #lgbtq #stophate #stillnotmypresident #stopviolenceagainstwomen #climatechangeisreal #callyoursenator #resist

Was going to post about asset forfeiture and then I saw this. So, please go look into what Sessions has just said....He's basically reinstated yet ANOTHER program that people aren't even for - including Rs. He's also going to release his marijuana policy plan sometime soon. It's incredible how greedy people are. I mean I knew they were but I didn't KNOW it was this deep. I truly thought, well, I don't agree with Rs but they got into gov for a reason, surely they remember that? Apparently not. This man right here served our country. The way trump treats vets and service men and women...I truly think that says more about who he is than anything else re: president. I don't give a fuck if you voted against a war or don't believe in it - you don't get to treat those fighting for us with anything less than the utmost respect. They are within their first amendment rights to protest, and are being arrested for it. How has this become something we are seeing on at least a weekly basis? How pathetic are you that you can't even face your constituents? I'm so ready for Mueller to give the signal. I don't know what signal and idk what's supposed to happen when we see it, but I find it hard to believe that any of them are innocent in this bull shit. Personally, at this point, I don't think there's room for them to be forgiven for this. Ever. They made it clear they were okay with getting what they wanted over constituents' lives. They would have never come out against McConnell if Americans weren't holding their feet to the fire. -Mo

New border wall construction

I will look at this when I need a little boost. -Mo

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