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Feeling particularly #fuckingsavage this morning as @mimi_brick and @bcole_allen make there way to the island! And I got my robe on to prove it! #soonforward ladies! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€#jamaicalove #lovejonesaffair

Difficulties in your life don't come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potential #nevergiveup #fuckingsavage

Well played sir and thank you very very much!!! @themischman comes correct with this amazing birthday bomb. Hell of a line up, I can't get enough of those series p!! Thank you again brother .
#thesnsclub #areminderofwhoweare #cigarbomb #fuckingsavage

His level is unbelievable #fuckingsavage πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯



Im heavy into todays music scene but I'm noticing a new trend. Some rappers have constantly been talking about "wierd niggas" and "fake emo rappers". I never thought kids would pretend to be wierd just to fit in with today's music culture and didn't understand how someone could be a "fake nerd" or a "goofy nigga" just for clout. By the way "clout" is basically a outrageous amount attention you can use to monetize almost anything. I use to think the games I loved like pokemon and mmorpgs were a hidden shame but now it's seems like a battle of who is the most feminine socially awakard hype beast. Kids not only think your cool the more mentally damaged you appear but if you add the culture that is seen as "cool" to your appearance your the next hot thing to hit the market. If you are brain dead while wearing the latest "clout" accessories your basically famous. I'm still trying to understand how it works but it's just doesn't make any sense why being outright ignorant is applause worthy. Lil dicky has bars and is a respectable rapper on screen so what stand is this kid taking by doing this. If it's race related he's retarded, if this is about preference of music then he knows nothing about bars, if he just felt compelled to make he's Internet debut by making a fool of himself then congrats. If this kid didn't think being a soical outcast was cool he would probly be a real nerd or a real emo kid an stay inside he's house πŸ€“ ( like a real soical outcast ) I would call this kid wierd but I guess we should get feminist to add the word "fake wierd" to the dictionary. πŸ‘ . -

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Don't believe the hype! . Let me tell you about these types of women. If a women seems way to good to be to true, not only is she far from it she's actually your worst nightmare. These types of women have been to hell and back emotionally. She l knows exactly how to act to make you submissive and comfortable. You know all that stupid sweet shit you say to a girl to make her happy ya this is their version of that right here ☝. Unfortunately they don't believe their version of "selling a dream" like we do. While were lying to women sometimes we believe are own bullshit and end up really falling for some bitch. These type of women do not believe a word they say to you and she's likely to flip on you at any moment. Any women that knows exactly what to say to make you happy will know exactly what to say to destroy that happiness she gave you. The moment you are no longer submissive and you become defective she will litteraly use every weakness you shared with her against you. ( ironic isn't it ) πŸ˜‚ You will see a side of her you didn't think could ever existed. You knew she had a dark size but your going to see a side of her that she never allowed you to see which is who she really was. πŸ‘ Who your partner was before you and after meeting you is who they really are. Meeting you only altered that direction πŸš₯ . -

#meme #fnaf #dank #dankmemes #lmao #lol #memes #funny #ayylmao #kek #mlg #edgy #savage #pepe #bushdid911 #filthyfrank #nochill #hilarious #4chan #depressed #papafranku #lmfao #rofl #fuckingsavage #savageaf #deadaf #savagelife #mgtow #mgtow101 #alpha

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