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Because shatter goals don’t just happen, you have to dedicate every ounce of yourself and fucking earn it...
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Being proud of your achievements seemingly annoys people. So to those pricks who belittle others to feel good, be prepared to having a fucking good day.
I work. I work every day on everything. No plan B. Want something, do the fucking work. Done the work? Then you damn well get to be proud. Nobody, not one single fucker whoever they are has the right to take it from you. So whatever you did, be it big or small, take the time you earned and smile in a fucking mirror.

WOOF! Clean and Jerks up to 114kg/250lbs after on the minute snatches @ 87kg/191lbs to 95kg/209lbs. Talk about a tiring f'ing day. Had to join resident gym dog #2 Bart in his dog bed for a second to recharge.

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Yesterday ALMOST didn't happen. I sprained my wrist pretty badly playing soccer on Memorial Day. It took well over a month and FINALLY getting in for some solid PT @ProRehabLou before I felt better. There are a lot of unsung heroes that helped me leading up to qualifying for the AO. For now - here's the lift that got me there.

125kg/275lb Clean and Jerk - Probably the best I've ever done since switching to power jerking. So excited to develop over these next two months to really make this trip worth it. #ChaseYourWhiteBuffalo #Fuckingearnit

Trying to do things the right way. Trying to focus on the finer points of my movements. Trying to settle into a deeper bottom position. Trying to sharpen my foot work so I can stay upright in said bottom position. Trying to rework racking cleans with a full grip. Did my first sets of front squats ever while keeping my hook grip today. They say if it ain't broke don't fix it. I say just because it ain't broke doesn't mean it can't be cleaned and polished. So that's what I'm doing. Get better. @w8liftah @nj_weightlifting @eastcoastgoldwl #currytrained #nikostraining #chaseyourwhitebuffalo #fuckingearnit #bigbody #fearthebeard #eastcoastgold #getbetter #aoseries2017

Unsure where to even start with this one. I cringe every time I see this lift. Remembering the circumstances and emotions surrounding it. I never want to be in that particular situation again. Yeah I made it (barely on a 2/1 decision, literally one red light away from a bomb out), yeah it got me a total and placed me 7th in the country, yeah there's a lot of positive that can come from it (I broke the national stage bomb out curse that usually happens after missing my first two jerks), but in reality this lift is a starting point. A starting point to addressing a lot of issues that I didn't want to believe were issues. Some of them not even involving weightlifting. Some of them deeper seeded issues than even I could have predicted them being. Let's just say it was a long flight home from Chicago. And let's also say that I've taken a lot of steps towards remedying these issues, both physically and mentally. Strap in 2017, I'm not done yet. Thank you @hookgrip @hookgripstore for the bad ass video, and making awesome gear. #currytrained #nikostraining #chaseyourwhitebuffalo #fuckingearnit

@coach_bunny was nice enough to let me drop into @cigarcitycrossfit today in a pinch to get my training done this morning. Rough day in the office but I'm still sore all over from the whopping 18 pull ups I did on Saturday. It was good to see some familiar faces I hadn't seen in a while. The timing on my snatches is still a little off, especially when they creep up in the percentages, but I'd like to think my bottom position is slowly improving. The timing will come back soon. It's been fun embracing the slow, steady changes since nationals, and I'm excited to see what comes of it when I start to peak again for Americans. Although today was tough, I got better.
Shown: wonky snatch singles 127kg/280lbs, cleans from below knee 135kg/296lbs and 145kg/319lbs, back squat set of 5 190kg/418lbs. @w8lifrah @eastcoastgoldwl @nj_weightlifting #currytrained #nikostraining #chaseyourwhitebuffalo #fuckingearnit #bigbody #fearthebeard #slowandsteady #aoseries2017

Got invited to drop in to Gorilla Bench Training Center today and train with a young gun that just got involved in our sport. It was awesome to spend some time with a fellow coach in the area and share some knowledge and experience with a new lifter. @fu_gravity thank you so much for having me. It was awesome talking old school Florida weightlifting with you and watching you and your athlete go after some heavier attempts. Today really brought me back to the grass roots of weightlifting, before the instafamous/social media boom of today. Lots of "remember whens" and "yeah that guy was a bad ass and an awesome dude" conversations. I even got to train a little too.
Shown is a neat @w8liftah drill called "back squat and jerk with no stop" that I actually enjoyed today (worked to 140kg), clean pull and clean (no hook) with 120kg, and some 130kg RDLs. Get better. #currytrained #nikostraining #chaseyourwhitebuffalo #fuckingearnit #bigbody #fearthebeard #getbetter #aoseries2017 @nj_weightlifting @eastcoastgoldwl

The rest of yesterday's grunt work. Multiple sets in each exercise at basically every percentage. Still having issues keeping my pelvis from slipping under (butt wink for you internet squat specialists) with a bar on my back, which I guess makes sense. But we're gaining on it, slowly but surely.
Shown: power snatches at 100 and 115 (2 sets), clean and jerks at 152, last set of 5 squats at 170. Not impressive, but who really cares about impressing anyone? I'm just over here trying to get better. #nikostraining #currytrained #chaseyourwhitebuffalo #fuckingearnit #bigbody #fearthebeard #getbetter #aoseries2017 @w8liftah @nj_weightlifting @eastcoastgoldwl @tottentraining

In lieu of some lower back pain I've been having on and off recently, I decided to make today a science experiment instead of sticking to my regular programming. The goal was to investigate my hip mobility and why I have trouble squatting properly and finding a good bottom position. Some simple evaluations with @z_lebs revealed some tight hamstrings with a terrible passive range of motion, and earlier in the week @whitebuffalotraining aka the squat doctor pointed out an excessive amount of "butt wink" along with some coactivatiom issues (I know this is getting sciency, hang in there): So here's what I did: using the goblet squat as a reference after an easy warm up, I did my first set with a band around my knees. I then moved into some light RDLs, and repeated the squat sets with some improvement. Following that I did some banded internal/external inny outy things (for the purpose of mitigation the antagonist to the glutes), and repeated the goblet squats a final time with even more improvement.
I've never been able to get into a bottom position like this without my lifting shoes, and I was surprised to see the flexibility in my hamstrings had diminished that much over the years. The RDLs seemed to have the biggest effect on the squat mechanics, and the banded thingies helped gain comfort past parallel. I did. 3 sets of everything shown. I think I've found my correctives to implement into my training. Time will tell. But I would say this experiment did more for me today than just showing up and doing my regular training would have. Get better. #nikostraining #currytrained #chaseyourwhitebuffalo #fuckingearnit #getbendy #getbetter

Fun training at @fallscitycrossfit yesterday with lots of variety. Really got to hone in and focus on the things I've been working on. Also enjoyed lifting with the White Buffalo Barbell crew. It's always a pleasure being in this place and I can't wait to call it home base soon. #currytrained #nikostraining #bigbody #fearthebeard #fuckingearnit #fallscitycrossfit #whitebuffalobarbell #aoseries2017 @w8liftah @nj_weightlifting @eastcoastgoldwl

150kg 5RM Squat to start the cycle. This was my 8RM FYI. Next 3 weeks are gonna be F-U-N! "He's got those hormones and that young body." - @getbetter_sc "Heavy is relative"

Your turn @bc_supes

Took some snatches for granted today and they took me for a ride and a walk across the platform. Made 3/5 at 127kg/279lbs on what was supposed to be 4 singles. Heaviest I've snatched since nationals by far. Should have known​ better. Rhythm and timing are just a little off. Also forgot how difficult 190kg/418lbs was for a set of 5 (-5kg from my best set of 5). It's even more difficult with a nasty little sunburn across your entire back. Hence the super hero towel cape for some extra cushion. Its high time I took the advice I give to my athletes and stop underestimating what's on the bar. Oh well, there's still an entire week of training left. Onto the next day. Lesson learned. Get better. #nikostraining #currytrained #chaseyourwhitebuffalo #fuckingearnit #bigbody #fearthebeard #getbetter #aoseries2017 @nj_weightlifting @tottentraining

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