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I've been putting far too much energy into being sick and having UC. Woof. I think I look at other accounts and see how much emphasis they put on their dis-ease and I kind of get sucked into that, which is weird to admit. Honestly, fuck that. My negative thoughts have been perpetuating my condition. I can feel it. People perceive me as mostly positive, which, accurate. And the majority of my thoughts are good. When it comes to my health though, my thoughts go straight to negative because of the crazy difference between this year and last year. But again, fuck that. I'm over it. From here on out I'm focusing on the positives, thinking only the good thoughts and not giving my bullshit beliefs around my health any more air-time. I'm working on the beliefs, it's a process. I'm focusing on GUT HEALTH from now on not DIS-EASE. Time to HEAL!

Honestly, #fuckfear and all that other shit that stands in your way too. #35mm

FACE-UNDERSTAND-CONTROL-KNOW. Those are the steps towards managing this single greatest enemy you’ll face... your mind’s self-doubt. If you want to learn to #fuckfear listen to this podcast I did with @tomfoxley (to listen go to Tom’s page and click the link to his site, PODCAST is in the menu (I also post link at bottom) oh and - I paid him to say this about me 😁👇. #Repost @tomfoxley
Wearing Your Fear with @tonyblauer .
Newest episode of
The Alpha Movement Podcast is live and it's a great episode with Tony Blauer of
Tony Blauer & the S.P.E.A.R. System.
This is an episode in which Tony blew me away with his knowledge of fear and it's effects. It's also an episode where I was very open
and vulnerable, talking about the times fear has affected me.
Tony's self-defence teachings have become respected in both martial arts and CrossFit for their applicability and elegance.
I asked Tony on for two reasons. First because as functional athletes, we experience more fear in our training than we realise at first.
Whether that’s fear of failure, fear of intensity, fear of injury, it’s all there.
Secondly, because he is frankly a fascinating guy who thinks deeply and idiosyncratically. Frankly, I have a lot to learn from him so
it was great to be able to spend an hour going into a deep conversation with him.
Tony, thanks for a great conversation. ( http://thealphamovement.libsyn.com/ )


We off to Ifo prep. Off to alignment shop. Yah!

#FUCKFEAR @mrslyspitta just spit my whole mood 😂💯💪🏿


Im facing major changes in my world. Today i wondered why get up?
Because its a new day and there are many things to do is the obvious answer.
That wasn't good enough so i went and found a reason... the sunrise.
#mothernatureisthebestmedicine #fearless #sunrise #washingtoncounty #becauseican #nogutsnoglory #fuckfear

Many of us let fear hold us back from doing this we've never before...life is to short #fuckfear

Tears grew cold
Hands had the shivers
Each face that looked too long at mine
Convinced it was yours
Coming back here, a sadistic slither

It always read "number unknown"
Sending chills
Down my spine each time
I'd answer the phone

You provided a twisted lie
That it was my fault
You made me ashamed, quiet
When it was you who should rot

But now
screaming "me too"
Digging up their graves of silence

We stand together as one
To stop all the violence —nS—

Art by @merakilabbe
#metoo #girlpower #strongwomen #stoptheviolence #shareyourstory #istandwithyou #standtogether #stopsexualassault #fuckfear #fuckshame #feminism #feministpost #vulnerability #strength #poetsofinstagram #raiseawareness #toomany #itsleeveless

"Facing your fears robs them of their power. If you ever let fear creep into your life, you punch that asshole in the face in front of its children." - ancient Japanese proverb 📸 cred: Liam Neeson #fuckfear #shitspo #skydivedab #livefastdieyoungtalkshit #happydiwalieveryone #namaste

Albert Einstein said that, Adversity introduces a man to himself.

Adversity is everywhere, personalized for each of us. It’s there to make us better. To prove to ourselves if we have the GRIT to push ourselves to do the things that make us most uncomfortable. To go beyond the limits we place on ourselves. It’s located in the trenches, where most people won’t go.

In my "younger" days, I’ll admit I avoided it because I wasn’t ready. I didn’t understand the purpose. I just liked having fun and that was that. I’m not that guy anymore. As I’ve grown over the years, I now understand what I must do to reach the goals I have set for myself. I understand & am ok w/ the sacrifices will have to be made on the way to my success.

War is fought in the trenches, period. That’s where we have to go to truly find ourselves. That’s where I’m heading. Fight or flight?


What about you? •
#Adversity #WeDoTheWork #ThursdayGetUp
#Dominate🔥 #StayHungry #FindYourself #LegionOfBoom #Inspiration #MotivatedAF #Discipline #Attitude👊🏽 #Battle #Lifestyle #WarIsFoughtInTheTrenches #Fight #Progress #FuckFear #Believe #iAm1stPhorm #ScrewWhatPeopleMayThink #Goals #MySuccess

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is on the other side of fear 😉 #persevere #overcome #fuckfear

🎁 Treat yo’self!!
So, if you didn’t know, October is my birthday month!!! I will be 29 on the 28th day of this month!! 🎉
My love language is gifts, so I love buying myself new stuff!! 💎💎
💸Is anyone else that way??!
New weights and a stability ball for more muscles!! That’s what I’m giving myself for my bday this year.💪
Change. .
Last year, I gave myself the gift of a decision. I decided to live a healthier lifestyle for myself, my family, and other people I love. 💚
Because let’s be real, this world wouldn’t be the same without me. ✌️😜
It wouldn’t be the same without you either, so what are you waiting for? Try this with me for a week and let me help you change your life!! #treatyoself #strongmom

“You’re a warrior, warriors don’t give up and back down. They pick up their sword and shield and go back to battle”
Even when things get hard, even when I’m tired, even when people say we won’t make it, even when people say we’re crazy, even when people try to push us down, even when I feel like it’s all too much. I GET BACK UP. Because that’s what I need to do for me, for my family, for my future children, and for the lives I WILL CHANGE.

"Bro, drugs hai kya?" "No, man. I don't do drugs. But why do you need drugs?" "I'm not a druggie, bro. But ye sab noise aur air pollution se bahut phat rahi hai. What do you call those loud explosions? Crack what?" "Firecrackers. Phataka." "Haan, wohi. Kya chutiya log ho re tumlog. Saal bhar bc haath lagake pyaar dikhate ho, but what happened during these four days? Kidhar jaata hai wo sab dikhaave ka, punya waala pyaar?" "I'm sorry, man. I wish I could help you. Neither do I have the reach to stop this shit, nor do I have drugs for you." "Thik hai re. Just sit close. Thoda secure lagta hai." "No worries, man." "Mera to thik hai, those ants are thinking nuclear attack ho gaya hai. I heard a couple of them shouting, 'Ye Bombay se Hiroshima kab aa gaye?!?' LOL." #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #Instadogs #dogs #fuckdiwali #fuckfear #fuckfirecrackers #fuckyourreligion #fuckeverything

Good Morning Kings and Queens 👸🏽👑 You are Destined to be great , believe and you shall see #gohard #believeinyourself #trustgod #fuckfear #keeplearning I love ya so much #keepgrinding #achievetheimpossible #godisgreatallthetime #positivethinking I pray ya all find your #greatness I'll see ya on top ☝️️💪🏾 #happythursday #stayblessed #247papstv #positivepaps #amen

Honestly, #fuckfear and all that other shit that stands in your way too. #35mm

Impossible to put into words what these two (and @marie_thestyleco) mean to me, and what being here with @projectgenz together 7 years after we met, means to me.
I was blessed to meet them within 6 months of starting my first company and they have been my rock, and my support, throughout you all of the (millions of) highs and lows that have come with being an entrepreneur.
Being side by side as we each have evolved as leaders has made all the difference. I question whether I'd have got through it all without them.
I truly believe in the power of surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, and motivate you, and are in some way more of what you want to become as you grow on your own life journey.
We've been business partners in @theleaguewomen since we launched in 2011 and it is to this day my proudest work. As business partners we've NEVER fought and ALWAYS been so aligned with just making a difference for female entrepreneurs all over the world.
Grateful to the Universe for bringing us together, and of course @theentourageoz for being that conduit, and @jackdelosa for always being behind us.
What a ride it's been, blows my mind to think of where we'll be in another 7 years. 😳😳😳 #cantevencope
My friends are my family and I have the best family on the planet. 🙏🏼✨ #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship #changetheworld #dreambig #choosepossibility #fuckfear #femaleentrepreneurs #bossbabes #besties #babes #girlpower #chicksoverdicks 😂 #findyourfive #leagueofextraordinarywomen

If you remember that time I whopped Vince McMahon's ass give me a hell yeah!!! #rattlesnake #stonecold #fuckfear #316

If you think that Stone Cold Steve Austin is the toughest S.O.B. and a badass give me a hell yeah!!! #stonecold #wwf #wwe #fuckfear #whoopass #rattlesnake #bionicredneck #SOB #316

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