People say breakfast is the most important meal... I say #eating is most important! what you put in your #body helps Mold who and what you are.... also trying this CBD product out.... so many health benefits..... apparently a natural recovery aid... as well as many many other things.... 🙏🏻 #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthybreakfast #healthychoices #healthyeating #fuckdiets #eathealthy #gym #gymmotivation #beastmode #cbd #cbdoil #familylife #respectyourself #respectlife #mothernatureprovides she always has done, we just got greedy and lost.....

"Are you dieting for the wedding?" "All you need is a bit of discipline" "You'd be well able if you put in the effort" "You've a lovely face" "If started now you'd lose xlbs before October" - Eh what? .
#curvywomen #fuckdiets #fuckdietculture #feckoff
FYI any diet I've been on has just made me very ill and tired. So I'm going to eat what I want- if it's a salad or a bowl of chips and feel healthy. Life's too short for dieting and feeling ill.

When you’re trying to include more nutrition in your diet and this is your co-workers bottom drawer.... I kid you not! Makes the day a bit challenging 😂 I may have eaten most of the cherry ripes....

Date night with an old friend took us to Krispy Kreme... Best Doughnut Lottus Caramelised Biscotti went down nicely with a latte #datenight #friendsnight #krispykreme #krispykremedoughnuts #latte #doughnuts #yummy #scrumptious #delicious #naughtytreat #naughty #fuckdiets #fatty #food #decentcompany #eatcakebehappy #sweets #sweettreats #foodloves #food #naughtybutnice #carbs

Trying to be better about sharing things I make instead of being frozen in pursuit of perfection 👉 these words from @glennondoyle are my fave and I hope you go into the weekend knowing you’re not too much, and you don’t need to make yourself smaller - on the inside or the outside. 👌

Pulse pasta (love that stuff!) with turkey mince and a lot of chilli and garlic. 😍😍 I was chatting with a couple of the other trainers at work yesterday and one asked me if I followed a meal plan. My response was ‘fuck no.’ After years of disordered eating as a younger woman I will never follow a meal plan ever again. How many grams of carbohydrates were in that bowl? We will never know. 😂😂😂 👍👍👍 #fernwoodtribe #fernwoodfitness #fernwoodcarindale @fernwoodfitness @fernwoodcarindale

SUMMER BODY, MY BODY// Big congrats to everyone involved in this march through central London this week showing off their glorious bikini bodies!! ❤❤❤ • •
Want a bikini body? Get a bikini and put it on babe!
This is just the inspiration I needed for the warm weather.
Have a wonderful long weekend everyone in the UK. •

Viva is revolution 🔥🔥🔥
Thanks @selfcarequeen_ for the pics. #positiveportrait Xxx

I haven't posted a picture of food for a REALLY long time, but today I was feeling called to because of a message I have and want to share:
I see all sorts of posts with captions explaining how to continue eating "clean/paleo/keto/vegan/whatever" while on vacation.
I am not in any means shaking my finger at these posts, but that's just not my message here or how I approach my life, vacations, or any moment I'm creating a meal for myself.
For far too long I followed food rules and labels, when all I really wanted was to experience freedom and feel loved.
When you know how you want to feel in this life - that's when e v e r y t h i n g can change for you.
By focusing on how I wanted to FEEL and making sure that every decision and action I made was coming from a place of love and allowing me to feel free, my whole world change.
And, for the first time in my life, I actually felt exactly how I wanted to feel and experience life!
I'm a nutritionist. I know and accept that so many of us have to follow certain diet protocols for health reasons. I personally have to avoid gluten.
But, I also know that far too many of us place ourselves in a certain box that we don't necessary need to be confined in in order to FEEL the way we want to FEEL.
How would your life change if you focused on how you want to FEEL vs trying to follow a certain diet label because you think that's your answer to the life you want?

FIFY: unless you can't eat bread due to intollerence eat the fucking bread. Eat the cake, the chocolate bar, whatever else you fancy LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO ADHERE TO DIET INDUSTRY BULLSHIT!!! #fuckdiets #bopo #enjoyfood #treatyoself #carbscarbscarbs

#TheAntiDietRiotFair is launching in London @hoxtonsquarebar on 1st July! We’re bringing +size, feminist & body positive brands all under ONE ROOF to rewrite the script for plus size shopping 🛍
Featuring the likes of @plusequals @headblush @sweetmotherfluffer @missgloriadesign & many more! Grab tickets in the bio!
💕 amazing GIF artistry by @gifprincess_

Happy FRIDAY💛summer vacation is almost here! I’m so excited, but also very nervous because summer means shorts and exposing my body a bit more than I would.. which can be very hard but I feel like I can do it, and if you struggle with these feelings, just know that ALL BODIES ARE BEACH BODIES!!!! And all of you are beautiful, show off your bodies because it’s the only one you got. Most importantly just enjoy life. LIVE, DON’T JUST SURVIVE🌿💪🏻🌻 you chose this path, it would be silly to turn around and end the journey💛I love you and have a good day! -
#2fab4ana #anathoughts #anawarrior #anarecovery #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #anorexianevrosarecovery #edrecovery #edthoughts #edwarrior #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #recovery #recoverywarrior #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #staystrong #staypositive #keepgoing #selfcare #2018 #recoverygoals #achieveyourgoals #fuckdiets #fuckdietculture #loveyourself #live

How often do we judge ourselves for what we eat? I used to be vegetarian and 🌱 for a while, but I’ve introduced meat 🥩 back into my life? Honestly because when I was vegan I have never felt sicker in my life. Yet sometimes I end up judging myself. I “should “ be vegan again. I “need” to do my part for the planet 🌎. But the truth is I don’t have to be vegan. I know that meat actually helps me feel healthier, and I don’t go overboard so that’s alright.
It made me think of all the times I’ve judged myself in the past for what I was eating or how I was eating.
When I was was#overeating often, I’d think I shouldn’t be.
But then I discovered benefits. How overeating was actually serving me.
1️⃣ as a stress reliever which I would choose anyway over my #drugaddiction
2️⃣ as a sign my body was telling me that I wasn’t eating enough calories( because I was so often on diets)
It really is incredible the amount I judged myself because I thought 💭 (just thought) I should be doing something differently.
I have a new blog post about how to either change, accept, or see the benefits of this negative language.
Link in bio☝️☝️
But I guess what I’m really trying to say. Is that we are all perfect 👌 in every moment. And when we realize that , we can start falling in love with 😍 all of our actions.
So don’t change something because you feel you “should”. Change something because you want to. And if you don’t, fuck, that’s cool too.
What is something you’ve eaten that you’ve judged yourself for?

I may not know everything, but I do know for sure it is no one’s life purpose to lose weight (especially the same pounds over and over again!)
Image via @antidietriotclub

Went to an event this week and left with a smoothie bowl beautiful and patriotic-looking enough to kick off MDW 🇺🇸 Kinda looks stripy red, white, and blue, no? Quick PSA on places offering blended cauliflower instead of banana to “control sugar intake” ☝🏼

There is nothing wrong with bananas 🍌💛 They are a NATURAL SOURCE of sugar 👍🏼, which is different from added sugars such as brown/white sugar, honey, corn syrup, etc. Also, if your body processes sugar normally, you naturally keep blood glucose within normal range 📉 and don’t need to avoid bananas to do so 🚫

We need to stop demonizing bananas (and other carbs that are being replaced with cauliflower 🤦🏻‍♀️) because all fruits are wonderful sources of fiber, nutrients, and natural sugar (aka ENERGY)! 💫⚡️

Have a killer holiday weekend beautifuls 💋

Ich kenn so viele Frauen, die ihren Körper ablehnen, weil er nicht den Maßen entspricht, die sie sich vorstellen. Ich hab mich während meiner Recherchen zu Fuck Beauty! auch mit der Frage beschäftigt: "Und wenn man trotzdem abnehmen will?" Ja, das ist ok. Aber bitte tu es, weil du deinem Körper etwas Gutes tun willst und der Gewichtsverlust ein mögliches Nebenprodukt ist, und nicht, weil du deinen Körper loswerden willst. Studien über Menschen, die abgenommen haben, haben ergeben: Nur jene halten den Gewichtsverlust, die ihren Körper VORHER schon akzeptieren und lieben. DIe sagen "Danke, lieber Körper, dass du für mich da bist. Ich will dir Gutes tun." Aber abnehmen, weil man sich selbst hasst, ergibt fast schon garantiert einen Yoyo-Effekt. Es bringt nix, sich selbst "loswerden"zu wollen. Und übrigens: Am allerallerallergscheitesten ist, sich nicht mehr wegen des Gewichts zu stressen. Ist nämlich sinnlos und produziert nur ungesunde Stresshormone. Körper fluktuieren und das ist gut so. ❤ #fuckbeauty #selbstakzeptanz #selbstliebe #gewicht #fuckdiets #vorhernachher (repost: @mayralouise )

Mi yo real 🤭😂😂😂😬🙈🐽🐽🐽 #nyc #beautyandessexnyc #enjoyinglife #hangingout #aniversary


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