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Day 4 of #fuckdavid challenge - together with @tharshh30 had a really awesome conversation with Bryan after lunch. He thinks that we should be more confident with ourselves, as today's era we face a lot of criticisms and putting down from a lot people, and remember the sticks and stones we learned when we were a kid. He also said that when we did something wrong, we should admit it.
His dad travelled a lot when he was young, and he only get the chance to really know his dad when he was 19. One of the first thing his dad told him is " I am very happy with the way you had grown up". In the past ( and still is hahaha), he looked very tough because he didn't want to build any deep connections in Malaysia. Because he grew up in Singapore and didn't recognise Malaysia as his home. His home is where all his friends belong as they really took care of him during school days.
His ideal plan is to go and find a job in San Francisco after he graduate, as he really loves the place. All the best with your dream broπŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š

Fed Up of him already #Day2 #FuckDavid

Theses are Sam's crisp no else's #fuckdavid

nick jonas with mah girlz #fuckdavid

BΓ€sta bilden #fuckdavid

Um just how happy I am in this moment right now and it doesn't matter if I have 1,000 more moments like this or just this one right now all I have is this #loveandotherdrugs #normalpeopleareboring #crewlove #fuckdavid #efcbbiiitch

Definitely octane wins #vray #octane #render #FuckDavid

Fab day with the guys ❀️ we are always messing πŸ™Š #weareallcheaters #jackisacunt #fuckdavid

Theses past couple of weeks have been tough for me, but I got a couple of friends to make me smile. You know I'm drunk when I can't open my eyes. #legendary #fuckdavid #tookmehomeearly πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸŒˆ


Fed Up of him already #Day2 #FuckDavid

just saw alien covenant and yo the ending was predictable but it still fucks u up lmao there was so much gore the aliens r also mad strong like it kicked this one dude, and this was the baby alien, and it dislocated the guys jaw off n me and my friend were like YOOOOO and the alien killed these people who were shower fucking lmao and the tail like tickled the girls vagina and she was like yo wtf and then she saw the alien tail AND IT FUCKED THEM UP like that shit was crazy omf

Went to see Alien: Covenant with my boi @hcomfy , so much fun seeing it on opening night. #aliencovenant #fuckdavid #helpmegod #notsoprettyboy #randomhashtagsformorelikes #ihatehashtags

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