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Racism is still existent in the "Land of the Free" today. We cannot sit on our asses and do nothing about it. We shall no longer accept the falsehoods by WASPs that want to whitewash our history. This does not just apply to African Americans but to Latinos and Native Americans as well. #repostapp @wiseintelligent #fuckdonaldtrump #fuckjeffsessions #fuckdavidduke #fuckbillo'reilly #fuckstevebannon

Never watched his show, never read his books, never paid this scum fuck any attention. However as is so often the case with conservative "christians" they are sexual predators. I have immensely enjoyed watching O'Reilly and his fall. However how Fox handled everything is disgraceful and this excerpt from the NY times sums up how I feel about the end of it all exactly. " Disgrace is the broken legacy that cannot be repaired. Regardless of how much wealth an individual acquires or what their personal achievements their character and reputation can not be brought back. For over 2 decades O'Reilly anchored a prime time show on Fox News, mainly using his platform to pass judgement and spread media bias to millions across the country----hardly free speech. He did so even as Fox paid millions of dollars to keep his many accusers quiet. Last week he was paid $25 million severance by the network, despite the publicity of the settlements and influx of allegations speaks to the lowest principles of how money influences mass media. Corporate profits for Fox are what kept this disgraceful man on television for so long, and it's shameful a culture of sexual misconduct could exist on such a large scale in this country. $25 million richer O'Reilly will be podcasting moving forward. Hopefully there will be more public pressure on all platforms to boycott all of his endeavors because as far as I'm concerned, he should be dragged through investigations just as Bill Cosby was and still is. We will never be an equal if women aren't shown equal respect in the workplace but Fox has shown us that money is far more important to them than equality." #FuckBillO'Reilly #FuckFoxNetwork #SexualHarrassment #CorporateProfits #WheresTheRevolution #WeAreInThisTogether #OurRevolution #ForThePeopleByThePeople #PoliticalRevolution #WomanRevolution #WeWillNotStop #WeExistWeResistWeRise #pussypower #womensrightsarehumanrights #womenpower #revolutionarylove #StartChange #enoughisenough #nofascistUSA #donthecon

No es cierto, no estaba. No hubo trucha.
#vueltaporeluniverso #fuckbillo

#BillO'reilly on #FoxNews got me!! #xgames #fuckbillO'reilly


Kill people, burn shit, fuck school. #fuckBillO'Reilly

Hahaha this shit never gets old #FuckBillO'Reilly #tbt #WellDoItLive

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