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Date someone who makes your stomach churn when you first see them because you can feel it in your bones that they are going to make a big difference in your life. Date someone who brings curiosity into your mind, someone you want to explore more and more as time pushes on.
Don’t be scared to date someone who doesn’t always agree with you. Sometimes you need a person who’s going to tell you the truth, to point out your mistakes, to remind you that you are not perfect – and why it’s okay.
Date someone who challenges the way you think, the way you perceive the world, the way you react and feel on certain situations. Date someone who doesn’t want you to stay comfortable all the time because they believe that when you start feeling complacent in your life – you stop growing. They want you to embrace the beauty of uncertainties, and the excitement of not knowing exactly what’s going to happen next. They want you to spend your daily life not being tied up to a schedule, to a certain format, to following rules. They want you to live out loud.
Date someone who makes you realize that there are so many things you don’t know about love. Someone who’s suddenly the reason why you want to take back everything that you have said about, or for, or against, love. Someone who makes you question all the lessons you thought you knew and learned about love. Date someone who makes you forget all of the hurt. Date someone who softens you.
Date someone who changes your heart — who opens it up again.

Words: @angelocaerlang
Photo: @chrisandruth

Bashful cabin in Finland.
Photo: @annisellis, #thecabinchronicles

After party.

The viewpoint that never disappoints ☔️

"Get lost in nature and you will find yourself." 👌 #SPACENJOY
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تنهایی خوب چیزی ست
منتظر هیچ کس نیستی
نه قول و قراری داری
نه ترسِ از دست دادن
نه رویای بدست آوردن
نه شاکی داری، نه شاکی می شوی از چیزی
همه چیز را ساده می گیری
ساده غذا می خوری
ساده لباس می پوشی
ساده فکر می کنی
هیچ اضطرابی برای چک کردن اینستاگرامت نداری، چون مخاطب خاص نداری
در قید و بند رسیدن به خودت نیستی
هر وقت که دلت خواست، و به هر شکل که دلت خواست، میزنی بیرون
و تا هر ساعتی که دلت خواست بیرون می مانی
هیچ کس را در انتظارِ خودت در هیچ جا نداری
بی حسی
و مثل آدمی که به هیچ جا تعلق ندارد، آزادی
تنهایی خوب چیزی ست
سرِ همۀ قرارها
خودتی و خودت


'Te doy el universo, pero no invadas mi espacio.' / Inspired by @georgiarosehardy

A kind of magic.


Can't take my eyes off you - Frankie Valli 🎧

I don't wanna waste my time • @sushitrash thanks for blessing my ears today ❤️💙

Dragon Saigon
Model: @perse_goddess

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The vibes been so right | @carey_adams

rainy daze 🌧 ( ft. the beautiful @malloryhawk ) #sheratonportraitmeet #bostonportraitmeet

$$$ //

می توانی چشم هایت را روی چیزهایی که نمیخواهی ببینی ببندی، ولی نمیتوانی قلبت را روی چیزهایی که نمیخواهی احساس کنی ببندی.. #جانی_دپ

Take me back
Take me back to no worries
Take me back to the warmth from the sun and from our hearts
Take me back to those long days and starry nights
Take me back

Shooting with other photographers is one of the best things you can do to excel in photography. There's always room for learning. I got approval to share some of my second shooter shots from weddings I've assisted. And I'll say that they definitely contain some of my best shots 😍
#seattleweddingphotographer #secondshooter #neverstoplearning

Dinosaurs eat man, woman inherits the earth.
model // @zamn.danielle
hair // @laurieannzonka
makeup // @lizzyk2772
styling // @aknewu

⚫️⚪️Black and White ⚫️⚪️

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