Happy World Photo Day! This is Mt. Sopris in Colorado right before sunset.

Today is National Photo Day!! The reason why I got into photography was because me as a person, I love meeting new people and getting to connect and grow with them. I believe photography is a great way to expand that to new possibilities and I hope to have it potentially expand to even greater outcomes and hopefully inspire others! Also I’m a camera whore but getting to meet new and amazing people and creating memories is my goal and is something that I really treasure! One day I’ll make it ✨

Some images from a series I did yesterday morning (: I don’t typically talk about my creative process, so here’s a lil bit about the thought process behind this shoot. ⠀

The way we utilize space is pretty interesting. When we acquire bigger spaces, we sometimes feel the need to fill them. But what if we didn’t? What then? ⠀⠀

The second part of this series involves the way we interpret shadows and light. We often times cling to the shadows and forget to chase the light. Sometimes we’re afraid of harsh light, because of its intensity (figuratively and literally... my fellow creatives know what I mean). There’s so many different parts to these ideas that can’t really be explained, so using a camera as an extension of a thought can give us the medium we need to explain what words cannot. @mattea_linae

Moving on... I’m so excited to partner with both @verizon and @samsungmobile and invite you to an event that will take place on August 30th, 7-10 pm at The Four Seasons Sky Terrace. If you’re also a photographer, creative of some sorts, or have any interest in capturing moments, I’d love to invite you to a creative networking event in Saint Louis! There are more details in the link in my bio, and you can also register for the event using that link ❤️ The event is free! And I hope to see you there! #connectSTL #verizon #samsung #brandpartner

flower girl

Maria // Shuba Magazine

5:44 pm
Thankful for the opportunity to work with amazing and talented souls.
Model: @paigeejenna
Makeup: @makeupbyemilydimant

After taking this photo I lost my balance and fell into the ocean fully clothed. 🌊


/ look to the stars, let hope burn in your eyes 🌒
looks like I have lots of pics from 2017 that I’ve never posted anywhere, so I’ll try to keep this up at least until school starts? need to give myself a promise to do so anyway and stop procrastinating for once🤞🏼

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