Yup. Tonight especially. So glad it's my Friday
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😵 when is this day going to end...can anyone smell the alcohol seeping from my pores...

We are all guilty of engaging in distractions when we have more pressing matters to deal with. Try to limit distractions by scheduling time to engage in social media and text messages such as during lunch breaks and your commute (if you take public transport).

Even if I have to be at the office for 9 hours, I’ll take a 1/2 day Friday schedule anytime!

I should be out right now. #fthisplace

Story of my life, I was the nerd/sucker doing 99% of the work.
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1. The final push toward that degree can be draining, take a vacation, but keep the momentum going right after by continuing to learn new skills in your field.
2. Your time is more valuable than money, avoid taking a “job” and go after an opportunity that will make you a career. I have plenty of examples of people who went on to earn minimum wage to gain valuable experience in their field who then started to earn 3x more in less than a year. Just like college is an investment so are your first job opportunities.

When you encounter a setback, spend 20% of your time defining the problem at hand and 80% of your time finding a solution.

This month's Fthisplace Story features @nickgato , we met at work 6 years ago and I can vouch that he is the most intelligent human that I have had the pleasure of working closely with. Nick's expertise in global corporate finance is overshadowed by his talent to manage and lead. Anyone who has seen him present knows the power of his presence. Not to mention that he can conduct business fluently in 4 different languages! However, Nick was not valued appropriately for the effort he poured into his job and combined with bad news from an application into MIT, he was at a crossroads. Five years ago, he left his job for a new company which gave him a renewed spirit and confidence and empowered him to use his full potential! Today, Nick is graduating with his Executive MBA from MIT! Congratulations Nick!
I hope stories like these can motivate people to be in a work enviornment that values them and that sometimes "no" doesn't mean "no" forever!

The best way to avoid giving up too much during a negotiation is to be prepared with your limits. This will avoid the psychological impact of an anchor and allow you to counter anchor and bring the negotiation back into a reasonable zone where both parties benefit.

There’s no better time than the start of a new week to set stretch goals for yourself and take steps toward accomplishing them.

Thank goodness I have a grocery shopping buddy because I swear this has been the most stressful grocery trip! #Fthisplace #Marines

Actively developing my whisky taste buds in Scotland this week.

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