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Chile was sick! 🇨🇱#ftfw #pcst #wsspc #wintersportsschool

Top 5 brunch spots is ⬆️ on the blog #LinkInBio & here's a pic of my Bloody Mary to make your Monday a little better @masonsgrill #FOODIESTOFORKWITH #FTFW 🍴

We had an awesome Fat Talk Free Week! Thanks to our body image coordinator @ellenbrookeward for a great #FTFW ❤️

What a time to be alive #sponsored #nike #ftfw

Excuse this long caption:
Because TriDelta is amazing and faciliates a #fattalkfreeweek to show how beautiful everyone is. The first two are me in highschool, my prime 😂. The third one was less than a year after my mom passed away (which I never had the intention of posting until right now). I was never the skinny girl in highschool but I loved my body, my mom had passed down the Latina genes and I was proud of it. After my mom passed away I was so unhappy with my body because i had gained sooo much weight after, that's just how my body took it. I didn't sad/stress eat, I actually didn't eat for days at a time. The third photo was cropped and reposted on Twitter with a really mean caption about my appearance by a guy I went to highschool with that I was never even friends with. You would think that people move away from bullying people they went to highschool with. I cried and tried to cover my body the best I could the rest of the trip and for months after that experience. I was so uncomfortable in my body and I was already in such a low point in my life at that time. I asked my friends not to post the picture anywhere else and didn't want photos taken of me. But I am reclaiming this horrible photo for a purpose now. The last pictures are of me now. This has been my journey. I'm nowhere near where I would like to be and since I don't dance for hours a day anymore it's hard to get back into a routine. But I've slimmed a little since that photo and I'm more comfortable with myself now. Body imagine is such a sensitive topic and I am just so proud to be in a sorority that promotes a healthy self-image and loves all of us equally regardless of what we look like that day or year. Remembering to be your most confident self, even when others try to put you down, is so important. #csuntridelta #FTFW #takethat 🖕😘

our #WCW goes out to @meghan.rutherford for taking initiative to bring the Body Project to Pi Phi & encouraging her sisters to get involved as well!! Keep on spreading the positivity💜 and thank you @maggiegelon for nominating Meghan! Post your #WCW and tag us! #FTFW

happy birthday (for yesterday) to one of the happiest things in my life 😋💖 it's hard when you don't have wifi, sorray for the late post😉 #hbimo #ftfw

Your appearances do not define who you are. That's found on the inside. #FTFW


The walls of these caves felt impervious to concepts like time and money. Revisiting the memory reminds me of the agreements we make as a "1st World" country: that these concepts are fact.☠️ #ftfw

Tag yr neighbor who you know you can always borrow Donkey Sauce™ from in a pinch. 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

Hahaha, the reaction of @insta.neil_7 in this video makes my day! This is what happens when we decide to Train Back and all of a sudden it turns into Handstand Walks. It's always the best training with someone that likes to view the world upside down! 💪🔥
#FTFW #inspire #fitness #calisthenics #handstand #bodyweight #fitness #wolf #workout #oneday #work #grind #flex #blessed #humble #grey #superman #lift #like4like #lifestyle #l4l #Model #ClarkKent #walk #upsidedown #Pose #beast #workout #blessed


Hi, my names brabitt. I live in Detroit, my mom plays bingo, I’m an inspiring rap artist, my best friends name is cheddar bob, I go a- cappella , tell em something they don’t already know about me.
#realslim #othersideof8mile #eminem #myotherpersonality #ftfw #idontchoke #whoami

Whipped up a quick little pre-workout meal with a side of eggs and broccoli 🍳 Low Sodium @foodforlifebaking + @hopefoods hummus + 1/2 avocado + hemp seeds, siracha, and cherry tomatoes! #FOODIESTOFORKWITH #FTFW 🍴

¿ So this is what happens on Sundays heh ? #FTFW

3 hvide individer med smag for humle. #FTFW #Lord

▪️This is for the women who not only run with the wolves, but bring their medicine into a society that thinks magic is just a trick. ▫️
For the ones who know there is more to life than the 9-to-5 grind and who’ll do anything to bring their art forward and get their message out for others to heal. ▪️
For the alchemists, the witches, the medicine mamas—the women who understand and overstep the matrix of fear. ▫️
This is for the women who’ve turned their “why me?” into an “it’s me” and became their own guru and source of schooling from beyond ▪️
Here, we tell you to stop hiding. 
To Show your face. To Show your story. To Show your progress. To Show your vulnerability
▫️Our purpose is to listen—deeply, intensively—and to use our bodies as a guide. ▪️She is on your side.

#weekendyoga starts now: ▫️FRI 🔥Buti Yoga 630p ▪️SAT 🙏🏽 Primal 830a with Léah | Buti with Zahkia 945a | Healing Hatha with Léah 1111a ▪️ SUN 🔶 Chakra Balance with Margaret 945a | Calm with Alyssa 730p
#comethru ▫️Original words by @carlymorgangross #FTFW (paraphrased) .
#womenwhorunwithwolves #healers #lightworkers #detroityogis #annarboryogis #spiritjunkies #butisattvas #cantbelabeled #yogismakebetterlovers #starseed #matrix #poemsofinstagram #yogisofinstagram #yoginis #cantonmi #plymouthmi #iambuti #wearebuti #fitfam #tribal #indigenous #browngirlyoga #browngirls #yogaasana

TGIF- THANK GOD IT’S FLAVORTOWN🔥🔥🔥 🤘🏼🤙🏼Fashion Credits: Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet swimsuit given to me by @melissastetten and skirt made from a shirt that @benjamingrey found at Buffalo Exhange. 🤙🏼🤘🏼

Tried out @rotoloscraftandcrust and got the Carona 🍕I’ve obviously been on a pizza kick lately and this one has my full attention 👀🤤 Might just be my new favorite spot #FOODIESTOFORKWITH #FTFW 🍴

Just because in your life you maybe have not felt powerful and you have not felt strong or maybe you have not felt like you’re not that doesn’t mean that your story cannot change.
Everyday is a opportunity to remind yourself that you are powerful, that you are strong-that you deserve respect.
That confidence lies within you. There are many ways to remind yourself just starting with deep breaths centering around your solar plexus (or navel belly area).. meditate or practice with yellow golden boundaries because self love may require boundaries ✨✨✨✨ Me personally I can say help out with my self-confidence and feeling powerful 💛Shake that shakti with my oomies @starseedyogis ... I mean in January when i started practicing i never imagined that in one month i would be doing the cert training... this week i did buti three days in a row like dayummm what. ( also @leahslags Giving her 💚 to remind me of my power bless her seriouslyyyyyyyy yo)
💛Tell myself daily IM ENOUGH(just like i try to remind yall 😘) I meditate about my boundaries and magnificance. I use my crystaline baby from my sisStar @_gaialove ( HOW DO YOU KNO ME SO WELL✨💜) directly on my solar plexus area and allow it to reflect the sun directly onto me ☀️ Today I got my third variety of @tharasacra 🙏🏻EMPOWER got that healing magic to immerse my self in self love healing . When I saw this about to drop on the IG I already knew.Trying to figure out a way to get inside the bottle ✨✨ #womensupportingwomen#yoga#yogi#buti#yogainspiration#essentialoils#solarplexuschakra#healing#themthirdissuestho#ftfw#whoruntheworldgirls#changelives#impactothers#blessed#power#selflove#selfconfidence

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