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Throwback to June 2016 when I saw Jamie !!!!❤️😭
It was for premiere Anthropoid in The Czech Republic in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival !
I remeber this day until now and it’s gonna be 2 years Soon ! I can’t Believe it!
When he Got off The car I was crying , I wasn’t able to speak I was just WATCHING HIM AND ENJOYING HIS APPEREANCE! (My mum was taking The videos so I could enjoy it in real !❤️🙏🏼)
After red carpet I ran inside The hotel to see him do The interview 😭
And next day he arrived for conference and I Got autograph 😭
He was so sweet with all fans and he took pictures with everyone and it was The time when he then after Karlovy Vary left to Paris for Fifty Shades Freed❤️😭
The best day of my life !
Thank you Jamie for your kindness and your autograph ❤️😭 ( I still keep looking at autograph all The time omggg)
Jamie is so handsome in real life and much taller than you Think!
I wish to see him again and Dakota ❤️😭

June 2016, Karlovy Vary


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– Fifty Facts 🎥
Omg am I the only one who think that's an incredible fact 😱😂 Like..people went to buy those things after having read the book lmaoo I love people! 😂😏

From @fiftyshadesmovie 's ig story ❝#DakotaMayiJohnson #DakotaJohnson #Actress #Actor #JamieDornan #JamesDornan #FSOG #FSD #FSF #FS #FiftyShades #Darker #FiftyShadesOfGrey #FiftyShadesDarker #FiftyShadesFreed #Movie #Love #ChristianGrey #AnastasiaSteele #MissSteele #MrGrey #MrsGrey #50ShadesOfGrey #FiftyFacts❞

Dakota leaving Paris after filming Fifty Shades Freed is finished ❤️

July 2016, Paris


Dakota out in Paris for shopping with her Sister Grace (@grace.johhnson) & her dad (@donjohnson) ❤️

Paris 2016, June ~ while filming Fifty Shades Freed


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