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All time favorite ...... the veggie calzone with our house made marinara sauce #chowdowndetroit #fsareini #wdivlocal4 #fshappy

If you're going to New York, come with a foodie whose yelp bookmarks light up the map like a Christmas tree! 😄 #bestbagels #nyc #foodie #fsareini #loxbagel

And he scored the deal of the day, ,, Brew Detroit posted a photo of couple pallets of this great Beer, ,, say what case of 16oz that be 24 Beers only 10 bucks out the door. Got my behind off the couch, , hit I 75 for a 12 minutes drive. Yep stacked high in the tasting room, I was 3rd person got 3 cases of Love. While there 2 others bought 4 cases each. Check Facebook page may still have some. #brewdetroit #megabeerdeal #hopcatbeer #beermeow @brewdetroit #detroitbeer #ipa


The mad scientist of Desserts WOWED following his page the hits just keep coming, want Orange Creamsicle Cheesecake yea baby he delivered a outrageous unique delicious treat. Our 2nd visit he's now got a large following of regular customers. Folks you must visit and follow on Facebook, Instagram for your Protein loaded treats. #cheattreats #eastdearborn #cheesecake #orangecreamsicle @cheattreats

Downrivers only true authentic Mexican Southern like Hillbillies meals. Owner from SW Detroit working in a famous spot Mexican Town as chef along side longtime employee from the south making Skillet Cornbread and Pinto Beans just like grandma. Taco Tuesday only a buck each, Tamales n more, fantastic Biscuits n Gravy. Today on the special board Chicken or Pork Posole the classic rich Mexican stew in a red broth. Had the Chicken shredded delicious spot on Love. A grande Nachos smothered with Double Damn Meats like OMG so really great. Needed a sugar free dessert found a large spiked ice crystal once outside, just couldn't resist ha ha. Find them on Facebook, Yelp n Google #taylorcafe #downriverfiendseat #posole

Biggby Coffee 529 rules satisfying my addiction to Michigan Cherry Coffee only a buck fifty refills me 24 Oz mug and lucky number 13 be Free. Bought a gift card got a whole book O Love drinking some free and some on the cheap all year long. Spread joy and share great coffee this holiday season by giving the gift of BIGGBY® COFFEE! For every $25 you buy in gift cards, you get a Book of Love for free! This book contains weekly coupons for you to keep or share! B sure to stop by your local BIGGBY® to learn more! ❤ #biggby529 #biggbyclawson #biggbycoffee #michigancherrycoffee #downriverfiendseat @biggbycoffee

Us Hill Folks raised on morning Biscuits n Gravy old school be called Sawmill Gravy outstanding delicious down in TaylorTuckey. Yes parents from WV and Ky we raised on Hillbilly Steaks yes baby on the menu thick cut Bologna fried so delightful. Perfect Double Damn Patty melt rules. A long time favorite open 7 days 7am till 2pm always fantastic service, spotless clean unique decorative design. Find them on Facebook, Yelp, Google , Zomato and TripAdvisor. #originalphilips #hillfolk #hillbillyfood #hillbillysteak #friedbologna #bisquitsandgravy #taylortucky #downriverfiendseat

Good thing I picked up this delicious hamburger, mushrooms, onions and peppers pizza from @dearbornpizza before the snow apocalypse... Dearborn Pizza
14406 W Warren Ave
Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 846-9420
. .
#dearbornpizza #hamburgerandpeppers #PizzaZa #Pizza #DearbornMi #ActuallyDetroit #TheDearbornFoodie #ThefoodWhisperer #Fsareini #thrillist #foodgasm #foodspotting #foodgawker #sharefood #yahoofood #huffposttaste #eatfamous #eater #forkyeah #dailyfoodfeed #foodporn #detroitfoodporn #DetroitFoodie #halal #halalfoodie

Cold outside get a Hot Flaming Cheese Saganaki OPA at one of the 4 locations around town. #parthenonconeyisland #downriverfiendseat #saganakiopa #flamingcheese

Me Love Wonton Deluxe OMG loaded with Chicken Shrimps n Steaks mega bowl o Love little over 6 bucks plenty to share a classic since opening the doors in 1989. They Famous the Pepper Steak a must try one order feed 2 no problem delicious tender moist flavor. Other dish be scrumptious Beef Bok Toy that's right folks TOY just couldn't find one in the dish,, oh well got Fortune Cookies make me Happy Joy Joy. Waiters to funny called everyone Buddy so many time's. I say you stop now you call me BEERMAN ,, I train him well ha ha. #newcantoninn #melvindale #peppersteak #beefboktoy #wontondeluxe #downriverfiendseat

#whowantsgoulash The King of Goulash famous dish hundreds enjoy every week. Outstanding visit lunch time Love treated a couple new folks to Goulash Sicilian Pizza Wows and OMG them Pizza Fries always a winner. Owner always on his game feeding mass amount of take out and inside dining. Gotta check this Melvindale classic out , we visit several times per year for a hook up of Italian Love. Pizzaman rules. Find on Facebook, Zomato, Google and Yelp. #goulash #pizzafries #sicilianpizza #downriverfriendseat #kingofgoulash #fredithepizzaman

Finally got to visit been on me list for over a year now. So really cool interesting interior design. Fantastic food a mega Taco Salad, bowl of Veggies Beef Soup and Chili Special loaded with Loose Burger topped with heavy Onions spot on delicious. The winner Chicken Fried Steak smothered with outstanding Sausage Gravy some of the very best around town, ,, going back for Biscuits and Gravy soon. #samisconeyisland #downriverfiendseat #chickfriedsteak #chilispecial #sausagegravy

Mugly you so damn Ugly they named the place after you. Yep a fantastic dining spot name MUGLEY'S a Victorian Era design with Breakfast till 11am then Dinner and Drinks starting at 4pm everyday. Happy Hour and dinner special's keeping the filled with happy diners. Great location inside the Pink Palace corner I-94 & Oakwood easy access with marked entry just left of hotel entrance. Had the very best Shaved Ribeye Steak sandwich ever. You know I ordered it with Double Damn Meat OMG grilled bun with Cheese, Onions and more WOWED, folks really quality Steak tender juicy flavor loaded. Had Onion Rings and Grande Bell's Two Hearted a perfect pour, smoothly satisfied Hop Head delightful. Fabulous service bartender waiter damn guy never stopped. For a very unique Breakfast or dinner this place a must try. Find Mugly's on Yelp, Zomato and Google #muglys #downriverfiendseat #pinkpalace #bestwesternallenpark #allenpark #bestwestern

Craving Carters Sliders now Grandport Cafe where Southfield ends at Detroit River, such a spotless clean classic diner. Today I got my creative Quad Slider just one and a bowl of soup will fill the belly. 4 Patties 4 Slices Cheese heavy on them Grilled Onions Holy WOWED just ask they make you one too. #grandportcafe #sliders #downriverfiendseat #cartersburgers #quadburger #cheeseburger

Finally a place Downriver on the menu daily Ćevapi or ćevapčići is a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of skinless sausage, found traditionally in the countries of southeastern Europe. Got a 10 pc order outstanding usually have to travel to Hamtramck a few places have this delightful sausage. Had a Saganaki OPA, Salad and a Double Damn Meat Steak Sammie OMG just 3 bucks to double up that moist tender Steak yes folks we have a winner a must try. #oakwoodcafe #oakwoodcountrycafe #melvindale #downriverfiendseat

Been a few years, new owner same interesting old style dining room. Same fantastic menu and great service , low prices and mega portions of food. Today's lunch treat big bowl Sizzling Rice Soup, Eggs Drop n Chinese Veggies Soups. Mega 2 Patty Shrimps Egg Foo Young outstanding only 6 bucks lunch. Do You MOOSHU hell we do classic Chicken, Cabbage n Veggies chopped together with Chinese Pancakes the word Mooshu mean Pancake, I teach you Gringos. You stuff and roll like Burrito got it,,, now go. I know a dozen places have this, ,, absolutely the very best ever today. Place pack with happiness at lunch time. Find them on Facebook, Google, Yelp and Trip Advisor also a website too. #hawaiianislandrestaurant #mooshu #mooshuchicken #shrimpeggfooyoung #sizzelingricesoup #downriverfiendseat

All meals under 5 bucks except 2 ,,,, say what yes UNDER 5 BUCKS folks you can't get a burger at many places under 7 bucks. We be long time customer, they been around since 1972,,, the cleanest lowest price eating spot in the whole state. The just started closing on Mondays. Look at this Beef Tips on Noodles, Coleslaw, Peas and Bread $4.65 Yes I filled the belly cheap. All bowl of Soup get this $1.80 everyday today just look Chunky Beef Veggies WOW, ,, you must visit cheaper than all fast food places. Easy to find on Facebook, Yelp and Google. #zenithlunch #riverrouge #cheapeats #downriverfriendseat

Had a delicious lunch earlier today at Lue Thai Cafe in Dearborn. I got the Curry Noddles with halal chicken (hot). This dish also comes with a yummy (complementary) chicken and rice soup too. Great service, super larger portions and great food! .
#LueThaiCafe #CurryNoodles #ThaiFood #DearbornMi #TheDearbornFoodie #ThefoodWhisperer #Fsareini #thrillist #foodgasm #foodspotting #foodgawker #sharefood #yahoofood #huffposttaste #eatfamous #eater #forkyeah #dailyfoodfeed #foodporn #detroitfoodporn #DetroitFoodie #halal #halalfoodie

Open just a month the place be packed with happiness and unique meals, they offer a special enhanced additional menu with many great dishes. Chicken Galaba or Qalaba is an quick and healthy dish which is kind of a cross between a stew and a stir-fry, plated on a bed of Hummus with Pita bread come with Greek Salad outstanding flavor and low price. Had Cheese Tater Soup made in house yes we have a winner. Also a Double Damn all the Meats stuffed Omelet spot on. Waitress fast friendly great her name LI she's a keeper. Just love the ambiance great design. Hey get your very own VIP card gets you 10 percent off everything how cool. Find them on Facebook n Yelp #leosconeyislandwoodhaven #leoswoodhaven #chickengalaba #woodhavenmi #downriverfiendseat

Absolutely our favorite restaurant inside a market been 6 times now place always packed keeping 4 person busy preparing meals to go and many eating inside. Hey they sell fully cooked Halal Turkey with all the sides, just look at that 22 pound bird she's holding. Beef and Rice Stuffed Squash (Kusa Mihshi) our favorite got 6 yum, Tomato Kibbie, Fried Squash, Eggplant and Cauliflower WOW veggie Rick and Turkish Shawarma unique and delicious one of the best sandwich ever stuffed with Chicken, Fries and special Turkish sauce only 4 bucks enough to share. Spotless clean dining area and restrooms with great sale prices on grocery items a must visit. #everfreshdearborn #everfreshmarket #westdearborn #kusamihshi #lebanesekusa #stuffedkusa #turkishshawarma

Took a couple Gringos full a unique experience since they only believe Mexican Town be their choice not knowing the real deal be many Downriver. That's right a favorite of ours going on 3 years now. I ordered for the group a 6 Pack Authentic Tacos Chicken Tinga and Asada filled. Carne Asada Fries the instant hit always. A multi layer Mexican Sandwich, Grande Botona Double Meat, Queso Flambo hot bubbles of Cheese and Chorizo. Me favorite oops no ate the Traditional ceviche consists of raw seafood tossed with an acidic marinade (think: citrus juice or vinegar) that “cooks” the fish . Yes made a believer out of the so much closer to home. #caminorealwyandotte @caminorealwyandotte #downriverfiendseat

Such mean owner lady you make fun of your employee she got drug problem everyone in kitchen treat her badly. She came to our booth crying, you work and treat her like a dog SHAME on you. Weird Chinese lady come to booth say you ready to order I said Yes get this she turned and walked away WTF. Waitress so high she tells use her favorite drugs be zanny bar's way she talked and the looks in her eyes. She tried we tip her good so now the food lunch Beef n Broccoli nope, Egg Rolls nope, Eggs Drop Soup nope, Hot Sour Soup worst ever. The reason 2 star's Shrimps Chop Suey WOWS loaded with a dozen Shrimp so really great and the best ever Crab Rangoon like double stuffed and get this only 3 bucks outstanding. I would never ever eat inside again, willing to pick up the 2 winning dishes. #hongkongchineserestaurant #westdearborn #weirdlady #highwaitress

Spatchcock a true delicious moist Bird every time from a old man yeah that's me been doing this over 40 year's. The truth be cut the damn backbone out turn it over and smash the bird flat. Me rub with plain Mustard and me rub of choice today be Slap Yo Mama a long time favorite. No injection no brine needed. You can bake in over I prefer Smoking over Lump Charcoal and Pecan Wood. Noth the mustard in parts no flavor it breaks down the fatty tissue and helps the rub into the meat. Your gonna cut your cooking time in half and cook perfectly and evenly. The trick once Smoking complete 2 hours this 15 pound bird need to move to a flat surface and tent with foil for 30 minutes. The temperature actually rising continues to cook and socks all the moisture back inside. A most perfect moisture loaded bird every damn time. Juices come flowing from inside like you never seen before. Take it from me the old man SPATCHCOCK rules. #spatchcock #spatchcocked #spatchcockturkey #pecansmokedturkey #thanksgiving2017

I've always thought this was a German Bakery,,, not could it be Italian, Polish or Greek they have it all. The folks running the counter be Macedonia really nice,,,, really helpful. First visit I be so hooked on a vast selection of many national bake goods including Hungarian Nut Roll. Prices really great a special all day every day be Coffee and a Donut like $1.75 how cool with 4 small table to enjoy. #bartzbakery

Got Hungarian only the very best authentic. Yo Paprikash #paprikash #hungarianrhapsody #downriverfiendseat #southgate

Highlights from tonight's dinner @mcantina We got the carne asada tacos topped with my favorite emulsified peppers in avocado oil sauce, the chef's soup special (second picture), corn chipotle with hoja santa leaves and the brisket torta, which we devoured before I could take a pic (sorry😐). If you haven't been here yet, you should go because it's your favorite restaurant too, you just don't know it yet... .
#mcantina #carneasadatacos #cornchipotlesoup #DearbornMi #TheDearbornFoodie #ThefoodWhisperer #Fsareini #thrillist #foodgasm #foodspotting #foodgawker #sharefood #yahoofood #huffposttaste #eatfamous #eater #forkyeah #dailyfoodfeed #foodporn #detroitfoodporn #DetroitFoodie #halal #halalfoodie

Shrimp quesadilla from @elnacimientorestaurant
Thank you @fshappy for a delicious lunch and ordering these beauties with the cheese cooked directly on the flat top with onions and cilantro. We also topped them with a squeeze of fresh lime and the complementary salsa. This was so dang good!
#elnacimientorestaurant #shrimpquesadilla #SouthwestDetroit #DetroitMi #TheDearbornFoodie #ThefoodWhisperer #Fsareini #thrillist #foodgasm #foodspotting #foodgawker #sharefood #yahoofood #huffposttaste #eatfamous #eater #forkyeah #dailyfoodfeed #foodporn #detroitfoodporn #DetroitFoodie #halal #halalfoodie

This Gringo teach da Mexican cook the hottest dish downriver found at 6 places. Me tell you Carne Asada Fries rules, had those and a Chorizo Fry n Cheese great first attempt. Please add these to both your restaurants. Carne Asada fries need Steak chopped small pieces. You practice most of your customers both locations be Gringos who Love great Carne Asada fries. Had a grande Negra Modelo plus fantastic service. #carneasadafries
#downriverfiendseat #negramodelo

Wowed OMG Real Brazilian Chef spent 19 years in that country mastering his skill. Absolutely a 5 star experience like no other around metro Detroit. You know them Brazilian chains which have no Brazilian chefs in back and charge mega bucks to eat at. Well take a look at this 8 months old Brazilian / Lebanese Halal eating spot with dozens of 5 star reviews around the Web. By far the very best Skewers of meat ever,, sorry that other Dearborn spot has lost the title. Had 10 Skewers on the super cheap in a Farmhouse style museum like 1920's restaurant, such a cozy feeling. Skewers of Chicken Tawook, Sojuk, Beef Kebab and more. The most flavored full juicy Brazilian Steak OMG been decades since had such flavor, think of the best you ever eaten, ,, yes this be the one. The owner chef cooks all the meats to your exact request. Outstanding service by Maya your a keeper. Had Lentils Soup and othrr fantastic sides. 5 star Best in State Yes I said it. Now go get it. Note closed only on Wednesday. Find 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google and there Facebook page. #la2mooshigrill #brazil #brazilian #halal #brazilianlebanese #meatskewers

How you not Love owner Li so damn funny ha ha, the most outgoing business owner ever. She talks broken English which be great to talk with her. She keeps husband busy in kitchen while she cleaning non stop, taking orders in dining room and phone takeout order.Cash only and Halal Chicken dishes, She's a non stop working machine place every inch spotless clean. I asked to keep menu for photos she say,,, you no make mess on menu. OK then outstanding experience had Sizzling Rice Soup a favorite of mine that you place dried Rice in bowl for Snap, Crackling, Pop loaded with Veggies, Shrimps n Chicken be a whole meal. Also another classic be Mooshu Chicken all ingredients made fresh, you know Mooshu if not this one of the very best around. Very hard to find Balamaki most definitely the very best juicy tender marinated Beef on a stick. Going back for much more, large parking lot back you enter into kitchen watch husband a Master one man show. Long time hidden Gem you fly by on Michigan ave. #kongkowdearborn #kongkowchinese #eastdearborn #mooshu #balamaki #sizzelingricesoup


You're a top photographer on Google Maps

You've just accomplished what very few people have done: reached 35,000,000 photo views. Congratulations on the amazing accomplishment #thetelway #google #googlemaps #topphotographer #detroit #swdetroit #foodphotos

Wows our very first visit to this chain just opened 5 days, excited to visit they didn't disappoint everything I read about and more. Thanks so much Free Veterans meal had the Famous BILLIONAIRE'S BACON BURGER
bacon-laced burger patty/ sriracha pimento cheese/ billionaire's bacon/ lettuce/ tomato/ bacon beer mustard/ bacon mayo a blend of 70%Beef n 30 %Bacon perfect blend cooked Medium Love the Heat from both the Cheese and Billionaire BACON OMG a must try. Tried a Cobb Salad and 2 Soups on menu delicious. Winner Winner Chicken dinner folks 18 Jumbo Hickory Smoked Wings then Grilled heavy grill marks Outrageous BEST Smoked Wings Downriver you just gotta order 18 with your choice of sauces mine Garlic Parmesan and Thai excellent. BILLIONAIRE'S BACON
thick cut bacon/brown sugar/red chili flakes/smoked paprika will change your life you can order as a appetizer or on a burger. BUFFALO WINGS
Choose 6 | 12 | 18 from:

bone-in naked/bone-in breaded/boneless/smoked & grilled

Sauce: jalapeño butter/Nashville hot/the classic/blazing/smoky sweet BBQ/garlic parmesan/spicy Thai chili

Rubs: lemon pepper/spicy cajun MUST TRY THE SMOKED WOWED
Super service by sweet Texas gal Rebecca a keeper, never let our drinks go empty and cleared out dishes when empty 5 star service YES
Tried one of the 3 Beer's they Brew a absolutely delicious HOP loaded delightful Beer DROPDEAD REDHEAD 6.5% ABV 85 IBU a true Hop kick you must try a HOPHEAD favorite 6 bucks the big brew. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google see my photos ENJOYED #twinpeaks #twinpeaksrestaurant #twinpeaksrestaurants @twinpeaksrestaurants #southgate #twinpeakssouthgate

Thanks for the Free Veterans Day meal 2017, been a couple years what a great new entry area and Cantina bonus now Negra Modelo on Tap grande 26oz mugs I drank 2 only 11 bucks. Had Mi Pueblo classic 2 meat plate my choice the Chorizo and Beef Head outrageous favor tender n moist WOWED. Also Hurrache mean sandal topped with Al Pastor and a Double Damn Meat Grande Botona. Nice talking to manager Alfonso, loved the Grilled Onion and Serrano Peppers a must add to your meal. WoW Great Pozole only on the weekend, well worth a visit ,
I so love my Pozole soup with large chucks of pork butt and chick peas, I always get a grande and have some to take home. The chimis and salsa are also great. I really need to try the breakfast one day. Tacos are large and cheap at a buck each they can't be beat. Really super service and nicely decorated. See my photos and you'll be hungry. Always fantastic new meals and all the classic dishes,,,, mega Botana, Fajitas,Tamale, Sope and mucho drink selection makes this the best of the best in SW Detroit and a must try. #taqueriamipueblo @taqueriamipueblo #eatswdetroit #swdetroit #detroit #mexicantown #hurraches

We get wings (lemon pepper with honey mustard dip and Buffalo medium with blue cheese dip) almost once a week from @wingfingersflavors (yes, they're that good) but this is our first time trying their Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza and we were blown away! This is your next pizza addiction and it's definitely a #musttry!

Photo credit: @motorcityeats .
#wingfingersflavors #chickenbaconranchpizza #pizza #greeksalad #DearbornMi #TheDearbornFoodie #ThefoodWhisperer #Fsareini #thrillist #foodgasm #foodspotting #foodgawker #sharefood #yahoofood #huffposttaste #eatfamous #eater #forkyeah #dailyfoodfeed #foodporn #detroitfoodporn #DetroitFoodie #halal #halalfoodie


I know a Korean foodie @chowdowndetroit who say Detroit area Korean rates really low. OK then why a group of 8 old lady Korean drive from Ann Arbor to eat some of the area's very best . Grandma in the kitchen kicking out her childhood favorites, , the very best Kimchi made in house ever in me belly and a unique soup in a hot cauldron Spicy Tofu Soup with Egg cooking inside when placed on your table OMG yes a instant addictive soup with a kick. New daily created special food plates today be Shrimps , Fresh Salamon, Bulgaria and Kimchi WOWED. Note this place on fire listed as Yelps Hottest since opening with dozens of 5 star reviews. Our 4th visit unique delicious LOVE a must visit for the BEST KOREAN I know of. #chowdowndetroit #motorcitymunchers #sushiqsouthgate #downriverfiendseat #koreanfood #korean #koreanlunch #spicytofusoup

Always excited to see friendly owners make us super sandwich a Chicken Tawook and Double Sojuk outstanding a pleasant surprise the Famous Chicken Shawarma Fries he knows I'm so addicted too. Most beautiful designed interesting murals painted outside. The place packing with happy customers at lunch today. See the many 5 star reviews on Yelp Enjoy #andalusmediterraneangrill #sojuk #chickentawook #chickenshawarmafries

Let me tell ya Best COBB Salad Downriver, , yeah they reinvent the COBB had it like 6 times now, seen 3 others ordered it while there,,, folks a must try plenty to share. OK now always mega selection of house made Soups, today had 6 to choose from. Me choice Hungarian Paprikash outstanding perfect Spatzele Dumplings WOWED. Had a great breakfast bowl HIPPIE HASH OMG a perfect treat. I made the name from Heavenly Hash by adding Grilled Onion yes now be Hippy hey I'm is one ha ha. Always great service sorry no Lion's fans work here a inside joke just ask. #hippiehash #hungarianchickenpaprikashsoup #chickenpaprikashsoup #paprikashsoup #cobbsalad #downriverfiendseat #bizzybeeconeyisland

Loukoumades are crispy dough balls covered in aromatic syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon. They are Greek mini-doughnuts. Yeah a long time favorite of ours many decades. We had Gyro and Gyro sliced off the cone always the very best. Gyro n Eggs yes and Mini Greek Salad paired with Saganaki OPA flaming cheese. #senateconeyisland #downriverfiendseat #loukoumades #greekdonuts #gyros #greeksalad

Yeah another fabulous visit Sunday afternoon rules took advantage of the last day BOGO couple bought a whole Slab O Ribs Smoked low n slow to perfection beautiful Smoke Ring delicious Love . Got Free the 3 Meat Combo of Pulled Pork, Quarter Chicken and Smoked Wings a true favorite of mine. Super service by Danielle a keeper. We throw down on this mega meal deal came with 4 sides our choice had Collard Greens, Broccoli Salad, Creamy Coleslaw n Salad with a couple basket of Cornbread Muffins. Absolutely addicted to the Cherry BBQ Sauce. Our 4th visit truly a favorite Detroit area BBQ joint you just gotta try inside Busch Market. #jbssmokehouse #smokehouse #smokedmeat #cantonmi @jbssmokehouse #motorcitymunchers

We had an extraordinary meal @garridosbistro today with our friends. Everything we had from the red snapper, seafood salpicón (Venezuelan style ceviche), fried sweet plantains, churros and of course the "over the top" hot chocolates were all superb! .
#garridosbistro #Venezuelanfood #redsnapper #hotchocolate #GrossePointeWoodsMi #TheDearbornFoodie #ThefoodWhisperer #Fsareini #thrillist #EEEEEATS #foodgasm #foodspotting #foodgawker #sharefood #yahoofood #huffposttaste #eatfamous #eater #forkyeah #dailyfoodfeed #foodporn #detroitfoodporn #DetroitFoodie #halal #halalfoodie

Been long time since last visit, such beautiful bright remodeled fill with happiness and diners too. Can everyday be #nationalsandwichday had the Double Damn Cuban the very best eaten Downriver WOWED she had all da Meats Omelet and yummy Bacon Taters Soup spot on yum. Fed the Flamingo those pillow soup crackers, ,, they ate the whole Damn bag. Don't forget to feed the FLAMINGOS. #flamingofamily #flamingorestaurant #flamingofamilyrestaurant #doublecuban #cubansandwich

Happiness be #nationalsandwichday 2017 at the Detroit classic since 1956, ,, Wyandotte location rules corner of Fort and Oak. Had a couple Double Damn Meat Italian Torpedoes outstanding, got mine double toasted in the pizza oven with loads of Peppers I so love. Had a great salad with Bettermade BBQ Chips and Faygo Red Pop all Detroit favorites I grew up with. #buscemiswyandotte #buscemis #torpedosub #bettermadechips #faygoredpop #wyandotte #downriverfriendseat

Finally Chorizo on da Pizza Pie Thanks guys best Pizza ever eaten at your place, ,, damn gotta wait a whole year for the TWILIGHT CHORIZONE a masterpiece Chorizo, Potato, Roasted Pablano Pepper, Smoked Gouda plus Avocado Drizzle OMG WOWS outrageous explosive flavor each bite. Had a really healthy salad going on till she added Ranch Dressing ha ha. Nice talking with you Paul today. #majortomato @majortomato #allenpark #downriverfriendseat #chorizopizza

Just another famous Taco Tuesday I've eaten them all,,, so what be your favorite. I Love da Goat and Cow Head
ADOBADA = marinated pork

BARBACOA = Shredded Beef


BUCHE = Pig Stomach

CABEZA = Cow Head

CAMPECHANO = mix of beef and pork

CARNE ASADA = Grilled/Seared Beef

CARNITAS = Roasted Pork

CECINA = Beef Jerky

CHICHARRÓN = Fried Pork Rinds

CHORIZO = Sausage


LENGUA = Beef Tongue

LONGANIZA = sausage like chorizo

MILANESA = Breaded Beef or chicken (Al) PASTOR = (Shepherd Style) Pork on a Spit

PIERNA = Pork Shank

POLLO = chicken

PUERCO = pork

SUADERA = Beef Brisket

TINGA = chicken stewed with peppers and onions

TRIPA = Tripe: Parts and Intestines

#tacos #tacotuesday #detroit #swdetroit #swdetroiteats

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