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Had my first real bowl of ramen. Living that jdm life haha.

Having some fun on this beautiful day!
#frs#brz#86#86life#frz86_ #86mistake

Suspension dialed in #justright one finger gap between tire and fender πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ

BRZ equipped with β€’V2 Splitter
β€’V3 Canards
β€’V1 Side skirts
Only available at: β€’www.aeroflowdynamics.comβ€’

#Repost @cbenitez_9
Doubters turn into believers but I'm not surprised 😈 PCπŸ“Έ: @areyes337 #rawdriving #subaru #subarubrz #gt86 #ft86 #aeroflowdynamics #allaspects #toyota #scion #86squad #trackcar #becauseracecar #carporn #racecar
#86speed #stance #rollershot #FRZ86_

Bulbs turned out better than I thought honestly.
#Subaru #BRZ #86squad #frz86_ #Night #Kids #InitialD

You wouldn't be worth your salt, if you could not preform said task... 😌 #toyotalife #toyota #subilove #ilovemyfrs #86lifestyle #86life #frz86_#86chassis #driven #staydriven #mylady


Had my first real bowl of ramen. Living that jdm life haha.

I hate parking at work, legit between two trees that drop cum on my car. Tree sap is the reason why my paint is fucked up πŸ˜žπŸ˜’
πŸ“Έ: myself πŸ€“
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Weather is supposed to be in the 30s so this should be the actual time to garage her. Longest autumn we've had reaching December, so I wonder how late/bad the winter will actually be. Hopefully not bad so I can work on my main project car.

How was everyone's thanksgiving? I ate a lot and bought a bunch like most people probably did lol. I wish this break lasted longer though. Don't wanna go back to work 😩

Happy black Friday everyone, Its 56 degrees out here and I'm bringing out the frs for one more day. Hope everyone's safe out there. I'm gonna buy a couch lol

Picked up a Subaru head unit from a friend of mine. Said my good byes because they be leaving to another country. Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the drifting scene in Spain.

Little bit of interior Tuesday. The weather's up in the 50s so I'm getting the last few days out before a final wash and putting her away. I'll start posting some pictures of my project car/winter beater though. It's interesting comparing the likes from an 86 to a Honda. πŸ“· @adamdeasesphotography

When you go to put in #wheelwednesday and see how many people can’t spell πŸ‘€

Weather is getting chilly and snow flurries are supposed to come Thursday 😭 gotta make sure the Honda is running and ready for one more winter.

Sometimes you have that friend, that has a cool uncle and aunt that live in a rich neighborhood and let you use their house for photos. 😁 oh and happy hump day

Fuel for her and the driver. Happy Friday. I love when the sun makes her shine like this. Getting an alignment today and cruising about. There's a chance this is the last day I drive the FRS. Weather says snow and rain on Sunday. πŸ™

Just upgraded my editing skills ;D Hopefully my pictures will start looking more professional.

I got nothing here. Make your own quote

words and stuff

The cold is coming and Lynn will be put away in the garage as soon as the first day of snowfall comes. We've had some crazy weather lately, I hope for a mild winter.

The first picture of my car lowered. The car is riding great with the new coilovers and sway bar. I haven't scraped at all. Debating on going slightly lower...

Finally got those coilovers on. Now how low can I go before scraping beginsπŸ€” πŸ“·: @adamdeasesphotography

When a normal SUV makes your car look like a toy

Note to self: avoid the cobblestone roads in Baltimore

Late night vibes. Can't wait to install some parts over the weekend. 😊

"Why you got a 12 car garage and you only got 6 cars" 🀘🏼🏎 (I only have a 2 car garage but park outside because my mom takes both spots...)
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First time going to a chitown 86 group event. It was a bbq and season closer but damn they are like a family. Very cool meeting a lot of people there and seeing the different builds. Over 50 cars showed up. Hopefully I'll be seeing more of them.

Happy Friday! Time to get drunk tonight since my bro's girlfriend just turned 21! πŸ“·: @adamdeasesphotography

It doesn't matter what you drive as long as you can have fun. Made a new friend who likes to drive his heavy muscle car around tight corners rather than a straight line. That's pretty rare out here where almost everyone talks about the drag strip. #chevy #Chevrolet #Camaro

Little minitage my friend made from the show. I'm gonna learn from this and hopefully try my own in the future. Can you spot what's wrong on the first look? Lol I missed it.

Happy #wheelwednesday never knew my wheels could look this good. πŸ“· @adamdeasesphotography

Set up at my first competition car show, I got my lucky number and they put me in the showcase of cars o.o and I'm next to a crazy 370z. I feel like I don't belong lol I'm definitely not low enough to say the least.

Happy Friday, next three weekends are gonna be busy. Going to the drag strip tomorrow to see my friend's dad's Oldsmobile, then gotta super detail my car for a local show on Sunday. It'll be my first competition. Gotta start somewhere.

It's already Monday and this three day weekend is coming to an end. I need more breaks considering how much more active I've been in the car scene this year. Hopefully I'll keep making more friends as I continue on.

Going to Final Bout 3 tomorrow. It'll be my first time watching big drifting event in person. Super stoked! .... Do people still say stoked? Lol

I just got my new aventador. πŸ˜‰ Love the new louvers. And you can see my Honda creepin a peak in the corner lol.

CDC autocross last Sunday. Knocked 16 seconds off my first slow ass run by the end of the day. Ended up having a fairly quick run on my last 2. Definitely doing this again.

It's always fun to have someone you can cruise around with and take photos since I'm usually doing it solo.

Happy hump day. Too bad school starts next week for me. πŸ˜‘

Late night drives are always relaxing.

Happy Saturday with the #MidnightDawn crew.

So there's this cool vintage bus that parks in front of this old English restaurant. So we had to take a picture in front of it lol.

We have corn in Illinois........lots and lots of corn.....But pretty skies and long country roads for cruising and relaxing.

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