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#whenheadachestrikes duh! 😠😡😣👊

Painted over the hair and the man's fist....i couldn't get it to look right...looked like shit...so...i might revisit thus painting at a later date....or scrap it...idk yet.
#frustrated #art #acrylic #notlikingthisoneatall #stilllearning

#next #fuming #cantwearthemnow purchased these weeks ago gone to put them on and as you can see I Cannot wear them 🙈 going away for the night and simply do not have time to change them you cannot imagine how bloody #frustrated I am right about now 😮😡😡😡😡😡

Yesterday night I finished this one BUT SADLY I HAVE NO VIDEO of the process to share because AUTODESK SKETCHBOOK decided to crash 3 consecutive times while I was ending it (it also crashed at the beginning of the piece, some days ago u.u) and exported an only 20MB corrupted video wich I spent hours triying to fix to discover it is only a very small part of the process, while I was recording from the beginning to the end.
It is awful to have such issues on a free app BUT I AM PAYING FOR IT!!!! Absolutely unacceptable!!!
I have commented my case on their Facebook page and sadly I have seen LOTS of people commenting there with a lot of different problems with this app.
I just CANT UNDERSTAND HOW there are well known artists such as @trent_kaniuga_arts and @lord_gris supporting this app.
It is obvious it has LOTS of problems and Facebook feedback shows 0 customer service!!
Definetely, sooooo disappointed with all of this... #ghibli #mononoke #studioghibli #cute #kawaii #chibi #anime #otaku #autodesksketchbook #digitalpainting #fanart #princessmononoke #frustrated #badday

Indoor cycling epic fail..... some days just don’t want to go as plan #frustrated #epicfail #tootiredtothink #cyclingbummer 🤦🏼‍♀️

When u give up your Saturday for work and then realize its not gonna happen. #workday #workfromhome #workissues #weekends #lifeofaprojectmanager #weekend #instamood #frustrated

‼️⚠️ CAUTION ⚠️‼️ .
Injured runner..... might bite😑 #injury #injuredrunner #forcedtorest #impatient #frustrated

#cucurudang #coqudang #fritters .
I’m pff the opinion one should cook these prawn fritters than buying ready-made fritters. Didn’t get to finish these at #aikcheong #ioi putrajaya today. Not the real one for me. #frustrated #taksedap

Since day 26 I’ve basically fallen off the wagon. I had a friend come stay on day 25 and basically at dinner I caved and had a few drinks and a cupcake. I had a cold which then got much worse the next day so I continued to eat crap as it was in the house and I was ill so couldn’t be bothered to cook. I’ve then basically not stopped eating the odd chocolate and sweets since then!!!! I then had my friends birthday and because I’ve not been seeing results I just reached a point where I thought ‘what’s the point’ and drank and ate crap again!! That was on Wednesday and I haven’t stopped!! So yup I’ve fallen off the wagon. I’m still exercising but obviously it’s not doing much.
Basically I realised at the end of phase 1 (4 weeks in) that the eating plan wasn’t working for me. Even with BBG when I was eating less, eating intuitively but also having a bit of chocolate here anc there and the odd glass of wine I STILL saw good results on the scale, in photos and with measurements. So I’m sick of ppl saying ‘trust the process’ and it’s an ‘80 day program’.....I’m sorry but I’ve not seen one person doing this that’s not got visible results so I’m sorry I can’t focus and motivate myself to do something that has done nothing but make me stronger. I don’t care to be stronger, I was perfectly capable of lifting heavy bags before and I don’t need to be stronger. I need to lose visible fat and be my natural body shape, that’s what I need to feel comfortable and happy. That’s the truth. If I’m not changing by doing a timed nutrition plan and I’m not changing by eating a bit of crap here and there then I might as well do what makes me happy instead of doing something that is restrictive and isn’t showing me results.
I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle and I’m gutted I didn’t see any changes.
I love the workouts but to be honest I’ve no idea what I’ll do moving forward as I’m desperate to lose fat and fit into my normal clothes. To get that I’m clueless as to if I need to be strict and cut calories even more than 80 Day Obsession suggested it if I just need to eat intuitively but not cave or eat completely differently.

A #typicalvirgo got really #frustrated when he realized his hand is #superdirty (he was trying to cover his #laughingmouth )
I bet he’ll #screamoutloud if he looks into the mirror with that face😂
他那是想#捂嘴笑 咩?
#處女座寶寶 表示#手髒 真的#不能忍
#icecreambaby #babyeatingicecream #myson #asianbabyboy #asiankids #kidsvideo #funnymemes #可愛 #息子2歳 #男の子 #男の子可愛い #食雪糕

Het leven is zó oneerlijk!
Dit is Jean, beste vriendje van mijn kiddo, 2 handen op 1 buik en volgens Jeff was hij zelfs zijn broer.
Jean werd een paar jaar geleden opgevangen in het asiel van België omdat beide ouders omgekomen waren in zijn thuisland, ondanks alles wat dat kind al meegemaakt had was hij perfect gelukkig.
Sinds een week komt mijn zoon elke dag thuis met het verhaal dat Jean wéeral niet op school was vandaag, gister sprak de juf me erover aan dat Jean samen met zijn (aangewezen) oma gevlucht is omdat ze gezocht worden en terug gestuurd moeten worden naar hun land.
Niet alleen is mijn zoontje er het hart van in maar ook zijn beste vriend, broertje en speciale band kwijt.
Énkel en alleen omdat heel die wetgeving hier in België op geen klote trekt! Wie weet in welke barmhartige toestand Jean nu weer moet verkeren, hij heeft al zoveel meegemaakt en zoveel verloren dat hij dit ook nog eens moet meemaken!
Hoe kan een minderjarig kind zónder ouders of enige familielink nu worden teruggestuurd naar een land waar veiligheid nihil is?!
Ze zouden hier beter de echte problemen aanpakken ipv een onschuldig kind. 😠
Hopelijk krijgt mijn zoon zijn beste vriend terug doordat ze hier eindelijk hun ogen openen.. #kiddos #bestfriends #bestfriendgoals #blackandwhite #bnw #life #live #frustrated

I'm supposed to be on bed rest atm but ignored hubby for a bit and snuck down while he was feeding animals for me. I had 3 cute little golden agouti babies born yesterday.
The other pic is dad and mum just hours before she popped. I popped them in there while cleaning Thursday and she was dilated.
This is the first litter towards my white lilac argent project. Her sister is due soon as well.
#kirrascritters #babies #babyanimals #cute #cavy #guineapigsofinstagram #guineapigs #agouti #pets #rats #petsofinstagram #bedrest #frustrated #missingmycuties

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