Back to the pineapples, nectarines, kiwis and chia seeds after a delectable eve of Neapolitan fried pizza 🍕 (pizza fritta) 💕🥝🍍🍌#allthefood #smoothiebowl #healthybreakfast #fruitariandreams

🌟The breba crop has landed!! These big guys make a brief peekaboo before the real fig fun begins... see if you can find em!... What if instead of car dealerships there was fruit dealerships? You would be shown around the orchard, sampling the various gems by a smoozy salesman. I'd let my self get talked into the fanciest figs on the lot! 🌟#fig#figs4life#figs4fun#brebacrop#fruitariandreams

🍊I met a citrus saint in the Central Valley, his name is Lyle and he owns Deer Creek Heights Ranch-specializing in organic heirloom citrus. (100's of varieties!) 🍋
Taking me on a dazzling Willy Wonka taste sensation orchard tour, I was in a sweet dizzy bliss. 🍊
He insisted I take my truck full of rare gems... how couldn't I? I awoke this morning not knowing if it was a dream, but atlas my truck is indeed spilling with vibrant sunshine sweetness! 🙏🏽
Lyle may be the most abundant farmer I've met and I am inspired by his great big kind heart and spirit. This citrus is outrageously delicious and I look forward to sharing it with YOU!? 🍊
#themoreyougivethemoreyouhave #abundance #farmerinspiration #wow #fruitarian #fruitariandreams #comeeat #deercreekheightsranch #shadock #pomelo #tdetangerine #goldnugget #melowgold #navels #lemonadelemons🍋

We now have a donation based hook up to home grown white pineapple, mangoes, citrus, and jackfruit. So many miracles happened today, the universe is truly blessing us ✨ #fruitariandreams #manifestthatshit

I think my mouth died and went to heaven 😍 #fruitariandreams #finallycometrue

Time to close another chapter of my life and begin a new one. It's been real BG Kentucky ✌🏼️ But our room is all packed up now, tomorrow we move our things into storage, and Monday morning bright and early we'll be soaring through the clouds on our way to paradise 🌴🌊🍌 I've always wanted to do work trade. I'm so excited to finally be going on this long awaited adventure with @gjwaninger and I especially can't wait to engorge myself on fresh juicy tropical fruit 😛 #fruitariandreams #iwillfindachocolatepuddingfruit

Healthy and full of LIFE

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