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What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. #Consciousvibrancy

F R I D G E R E L O A D!!!🌿🍓🌱 This weeks fridge is all about the 🍓🍓🍓 and greens. Well actually I'm not buying so many greens as I'm sprouting a lot and having plenty of kale and lettuce in my garden. But those berries are just too good and I just can't help but buying new every time I run out of them. I guess I have to admit that I'm BERRY addicted🙈 who else would like to have a fridge full of berries?
Kühlschrank Update! Diese Woche ist mein Kühlschrank voller Gemüse und Beeren. Naja, eigentlich kaufe ich momentan gar nicht so viel Salat, denn ich habe jede Menge Salat und Grünkohl in meinem Garten. Aber Beeren müssen einfach sein. Ich glaube ich bin echt beerensuchtig. Jedes Mal wenn meine Beeren zur Neige gehen, muss ich los und neue holen. Wie so ein kleine Beeren junky. Ich glaub ich bin echt abhängig. 🙈wer außer mir möchte auch einen Kühlschrank voller Beeren?🍓🍓🍓?
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The beautiful people! One of my favorite parts of being in the vegan community is definitely the connection. Coming together, souls electrically connecting, sharing high vibrational food, feeding off each others high energies and spreading the love. So much California love yesterday at the Santa Monica #fruitluck. Everything was perfect from all the different variations of fruit, obviously the people, the weather with the sun shining down on us all, topped off with a magical sunset. It definitely gets tougher everytime leaving the positive energies and extended family here in LA.✌❤#OneLove #WontBeLong

Cześć wszystkim czekoladoholikom❤️🍫 pamiętacie żeby umyć ząbki po turbodoładowaniu kakao?😋🍫🍫🍫pierwszy filmik już na kanale😽 mega spontan, mi się podoba choć idealny nie jest😜 coś trzeba dopracować ✌🏼😁 dziś mam dość rodzinny dzień także życzę wam pięknego piątku i do zobaczenia 😘 Inną drogą ostatnio miałam możliwość przetestowania szczoteczki od @ecobamboo 🐼🌱 naturalnej szczoteczki wykonanej z biodegradowalnych materiałów ✌🏼 trochę się bałam że jest wykonana z drewna ale nie było czego! Myje jak normalna szczoteczka a dla środowiska robi wielka różnice🌱🌱KILKA FAKTÓW ‼️Rozkład plastikowej szczoteczki to ponad 400. Lat 1 osoba zużywa 4-5 szczoteczek rocznie. Plastik jest wszechobecny w naszym życiu, zanieczyszcza środowisko, zabija zwierzęta. Szczoteczka Ecobamboo jest zrobiona z bambusa którym nie żywią się pandy. Jest zapakowana w kartonowe opakowanie oraz folię ze skrobi kukurydzianej. Włosie zrobione z nylonu4. Cała szczoteczka jest biodegradowalna wraz z opakowaniem. Rozkłada się 2 lata!Obserwujący maja zniżkę na hasło ,,ecoholidays" -10% na szczoteczki ecobamboo 😊😇#vegan #glutenfree #weganizm #rawvegan #dairyfree #żrętrawę #śniadaniemistrzów #vegancommunity #highcarbvegan #cojedzaweganie #bezglutenu #budynjaglany #plantpower #porridge #zdrowejedzenie #veganzone #veganism #redukcja #czystamicha #owsianka #dziendobry #zdrowo #weganskie #fruitarian #dietaroslinna #whatsveganseat #healthyliving #zdrowadieta #zdrowystylzycia #rawtill4

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From @veganrapper Seafood eaters ingest up to 11,000 tiny pieces of plastic every year with dozens of particles becoming embedded in tissues, scientists have warned.
Researchers from the University of Ghent in Belgium believe that microplastics accumulate in the body over time and could be a long term health risk.
They say the amount of plastic absorbed will only get worse as pollution in the oceans increases.
Dr.Colin Janssen, who led the research, said the presence of plastic particles in the body was a concern’. "Now we've established that they do enter our body and can stay there for quite a while, we do need to know the fate of the plastics,” he told Sky News to coincide with the launch of Sky’s new environmental campaign Sky Ocean Rescue. “Where do they go? Are they encapsulated by tissue and forgotten about by the body, or are they causing inflammation or doing other things? “Are chemicals leaching out of these plastics and then causing toxicity? We don't know and actually we do need to know.” The study is the first comprehensive risk assessment of its kind. Scientists calculated that more than 99 per cent of the microplastic pass through the human body but the rest are taken up by body tissues.
Mussels feed by filtering around 20 litres of seawater a day, ingesting microplastics by accident.
Most are excreted, but on average each mussel contains one tiny fragment lodged in its body tissue. As plastic pollution builds up in the ocean that will increase.
If current trends continue, by the end of the century people who regularly eat seafood could be consuming 780,000 pieces of plastic a year, absorbing 4,000 of them from their digestive systems.
There are more than five trillion pieces of microplastic in the world's ocean floors.
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This is how you slice a Coconut! Omg! 😮🙊🔪🔪💦💦 vc: @mnfitfoodie
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The beginning of a beautiful friendship between me and talented @therubygore 😍
🎶 these are a few of my favorite fruits 🎶
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At our summerhouse: Simon enjoying his flat peaches a little bit too much 😂 Before we set out from Warsaw, we visited: 2 Biedronka stores, one Lidl, one Carrefour, Hala Mirowska (a great farmers market) and Bronisze - a fruit & veg wholesale hall just outside of Warsaw. Thats how determined we are to find the best fruits 😉 Bronisze wasnt as good as the previous times. In fact it looked pretty bad until we found a pregnant lady selling these peaches at a hangar we rarely frequented. Such a find! Simon could instantly tell they were high vibe and soft, we bought one case, tasted them - cause you cannot taste them without buying - they were great and bought another 4 cases (7,5€ a 5kg case) Very good buy. They are ripening slow, all already good, none rotting, its gonna be a peachy few days! 🍑


Raw vegan at #panerabread - romaine with mandarins, blueberries, strawberries, pineapples, pecans, and no dressing. 🍓🍊🍍🥜

Grounding with the girls is always a good way to start the day😌

What a (raw)vegan eats all day for breakfast lunch and dinner is salad right? 😜 See for yourself, I will try and post some examples here from the Fresh Food festival where almost 150 open hearts from around the world come together for knowledge, spiritual connection, movement and of course fresh food😍 #freshfoodfestival

A sugar apple, annona, #sweetsop or #limkim , what do you call this green fruit that is fragrant, creamy & tastes like custard? 📷 by @evaliefarms
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When life gives you oranges 🍊

There's been so much going on lately. In my head, in my life... I am growing at exponential rates and beyond grateful for each moment. I've taken a temporary step away from social media for a while, simply because I need to ride this wave alone without external observation. Plus, my creative energy has been going towards music and my new album. I'm so excited to share it with all of you. I've been working so hard on creating a masterpiece, and can't wait to reveal it to the world. On that note, I just wrote this song a few days ago, and I feel like it sums up what I've been going through lately. I'll post a video soon of me performing it. 🎼THE LIST🎼
That list of things you do
Goes to about number 102
Brush your hair, go to the gym
Work 9-5, suck your tummy in
Be the best
Check it off the list
Then when you go to bed
You create a new list in your head
Looks about the same as yesterday
But little did you know
Perfection is not the way

So take your pad and pen
Take those expectations in your head
Those rules and restrictions
That paper, those dictions
Aren't in your DNA
Watch them blow away

And you, not the rules
Will rise from the glue
That the list has put on you
Ever since you were trained to

Your idea of who you are
Wasn't scripted by the stars
It was planted in your brain
To keep you in chains

If you want to be free
And be truly happy
You must know
That your soul
Can't exist
Within the list

Happy Friday Family! Wishing you a healthy and productive day😘

Plátano, manzana, pera, piña, naranja, limón, rayadura de limón y jengibre 😋
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Who else loves sprouts? Since I have my new sprouting tower from @trueleafmarket I'm sprouting all the time. I actually thinking about getting a second spruting tower to be able to sprout even more 🙈I like alfalfa sprouts most of all but also peas, lentils and mungbeans. Which are you favorite sprouts?they also deliver to Germany and Europe 😉
#morerawfood #sprouts #nutrition

Foraged these fragrant blackberries from around the house. They grow in guava and mango trees and apparently everywhere here 😍 But they don't taste like the ones I am used to. Maybe they are not blackberries?? 🤔

Santa Claus Melon is delicious .. don't pass up trying it if you spot one
#raw #vegan #fruitarian #melon

Chester (not forgetting the rest of the band of course) played a big role in getting me through a lot of rough times and even amping me up for good times or a sweat. It's sad this guy was there for millions but in that hour it seems no one was there for him, in this case -physically more so. Of course someone who is sincerely set on taking their life will inevitably have some sort of down-time/alone-time where the action is accessible, but it leaves you wondering damn, 'what if' one phone call or visit from an old friend during that hour might have stopped that thought from ever realizing.
Even then you wonder, if that was the case, carrying on with such a daily dilemma..those uncomfortable thoughts plaguing your existence.. isn't something to be taken lightly by others- not just for Him but the thousands that 'go' unnoticed everyday. Don't treat depression and the likes as a joke. You don't automatically assume someone is faking physical illness when they show signs of it, so apply the same mentality across the board! If your loved ones, or anyone you know is considerate enough to give preemptive cries, doesn't cost a dime to hear them out. Yes, sometimes solutions ARE so simple, you might passively save a life and prevent goodbye from being the only way. ☀️

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