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Beautiful. 🏞🗾🌍 #Consciousvibrancy

I think it's safe to say that EVERYONE LOVES AVOCADOS. 🥑🙏🏼 I sure do!!! ❤️ I have a special GIVEAWAY for you all!!! @avocadoorganic and I have teamed up to give one of you special humans a BOX OF ORGANIC AVOS. @avocadoorganic grows their perfectly creamy and delectable avos in Fallbrook, CA & ships them straight to your door.🚪Their flavor is unreal & wayyyy better than avos you can ever find in the grocery store! I'm so excited for one of you to be able to feast on these avos too!!! Good luck!! ✨ TO ENTER:
1. Follow @avocadoorganic & me @absofruitlymel
2. Tag 3 friends in the comments below
3. Share your favorite way to eat avocados!!
Giveaway ends Wednesday, April 26th. Entrees available to anyone in the continental U.S.

In a constant state of admiration over nature's beauty. Even something as simple as sliced fruit! ❤️ @alphafoodie

Back volunteering at the organic mango farm means an endless supply of the sweetest mangoes I've ever tasted 🙆🏼 #mangoheaven Enjoying these jewels 💎 till we leave Florida (which is so soon🙊) Just posted a new videos about the 'Things I stopped buying & using' so if you're interested, link is in my bio 🎥 #minimalism
Hope you guys have a beautiful Saturday, if you get your hands on some mangoes, EAT THEM! Because #mangoesarelife 🙌🏼 MUCH LOVE 💓

This morning around 3am I woke up because something bit / stung / pinched me into my upper arm. Instinctively and still kind of asleep I swiped it away. It felt really weird, I thought it was a huge mosquito and that I accidently killed it and I expected blood on my hand. So I switched on the light, washed my hands and contemplated about my dream that was just interrupted. Summarized it was about three cockroaches talking about meditation 😂 I just wanted to go back to bed as I realized that there actually WAS a cockroach on my blanket! 😱 The first one I've seen in my room after being here for more than three weeks! I freaked out for a tiny moment and then captured it to bring it out of my room later. I just wanted to go back to bed, second try, when I saw a second cockroach! Over and out, there was no way I could sleep anymore, as, according to my dream, I KNEW there must be a third one 😂🙄 So I brushed my teeth and went to the morning market 🍌 And believe it or not, when I came back I found the third one, sitting on my floor!
@fit_shortie_eats, this reminds me of your volcano-dream, remember?? To be honest, I would have prefered the volcano too 😅🌋
(the papayas are not even worth mentioning, they were completely tasteless)

'Organic’ strawberries regularly sell for up to twice the amount of regular ones, but many consumers are being fooled when it comes to how natural their strawberries are.

Chemicals such as methyl bromide are used to fertilize the soil before many strawberries are planted, and a lot of soil is so sterile that special hybrid seeds have been produced just to be able to survive in it. . .
“The soil is, as a matter of fact, full of live organisms. It is essential to conceive of it as something pulsating with life, not as a dead or inert mass.”
– Albert Howard, The Soil and Health, 1947

The over-sterilizing of soil has led to the death of micro-organisms that have contributed to the ecosystem for as long as people have been growing crops. Thousands of years of cultivation has been killed off in just a few years of heavy pesticide use.

Nearly 90% of all U.S strawberries are grown in California, where not a single nursery is organic. Nearly all seeds before the fruit bearing stage are sprayed with chemicals to kill off any potential threats to the yield, hence rendering them un-organic.

Annually there is 9.5 million pounds of pesticides used on U.S strawberries to keep them bug free, but at the great expense of the integrity of the #strawberries.

Methyl bromide which is commonly used on strawberries is banned for use on many other crops, but somehow #strawberry farmers have evaded the ban.

A similar compound known as methyl iodide is sometimes used as a replacement. According to Ted Schettler, MD, MPH, science director at Science and Environmental Health Network: “Everyone agrees, without exception, that methyl iodide is a very toxic compound. It’s very reactive. That means it interacts with living tissue in very #toxic ways, causing cell damage and damage to cell structures, DNA, or chromosomes,”. #uglybynature
Source: http://livetheorganicdream.com/dirty-little-secret-organic-strawberries-arent-really-organic/

Me at the wholesale produce market 😁🤣🙏 #diabetes #fruit

❤️ That Avo Toast!!!
Repost @curlew_and_dragonfly
Lucky enough, there is always a thankful and appreciating recipient for #avocadotoast , while I am still on my juices until tomorrow. I feel absolutely fine, but look forward to next #avomonday , when I will be enjoying an #avocado creation for Bettina @bettinas_kitchen again.

Dinner fruit haul with @all_raw


🙌🏾❤ Makes me want to head back to DC JUST for this #Repost @vintage_vegan_ with @repostapp

Chef Khepra Anu @chefkhepra of @kheprasrawfoodjuicebar is #vegan #sunfood
#plantbased #rawfoods #chef based in #washingtondc , who studied under Dr.Aris LaTham @arislife_
Check him out if you live in the #dmv or will be visiting the area. I have had his food and juice many times and they 👌🏿#blackhealth #blackhealthmatters #rawvegan #vegan #plantbased #alkalinefood #blackvegans #afrovegan #fruitarian #naturalfood #coconutwater #sunfood #healingfoods

I am so grateful for all of the beautiful, kind souls in my life. Our family and friends are bringing over food for my us during this time of mourning, and are catering to my lifestyle as well! This was my beautiful breakfast this morning brought over by my moms friend. So grateful for love, support, and fruit🙌🏽🍇🍓🍍🥝

Bare (only) #fruit n #vegetables roun' 'ere. Oh the #chicken ? That's just for presentation, cough!! Loool #wholewheat #jamrolypoly again. Lashings of #organic #freefrom fruits. Kids love it...and so do I #wannabe #fruitarian #healthiereating #wilkinandsons #tiptreejam

for the past few weeks or so, i haven’t been feeling that good. i’ve been stressing out way too much over certain things (read: college) and for the last couple of days i’ve been experiencing headaches, back pain, chest pain and some type of lump in my throat that makes my voice sound really weird and makes me feel like im suffocating and can’t swallow anything, all of which made me realize i need to take this seriously and take better care of myself, which im now doing. all of this is difficult for me to admit because i pride myself for always staying positive and happy, and not succeeding at keeping this up has made me feel even worse.
life is a cycle of ups and downs, highs and lows. i felt like i knew this all along and accepted this, because obviously without lows, there would be no highs. i used to think we need the negatives in order to have the positives, we need the pain in order to have the pleasure, because if we have no pain then we wouldn’t even know what pleasure is. i can’t even imagine a world without this kind of duality, polarity, a world without paradoxes and opposites, but i have a feeling that even if we could exist in a world like that, it would be a pretty boring place.
recently i realized, though, that this type of thinking is flawed. not everything that isn’t making me feel happy and blissful is bad or negative. pain and unhappiness are not inferior to pleasure and happiness. if anything, pain is what makes us grow, and growing is the essence of living. without pain or discomfort or any other negative feeling, we would never realize there is a need for change and that there are so many opportunities to improve ourselves. but still we are so uncomfortable about being uncomfortable, why is that? what’s the point in being alive if you don’t have pain? how are you going to learn any lessons? how would you feel empathy or compassion? if there’s no pain, unhappiness, guilt, jealousy, discomfort, anxiety or fear to experience, to grow from, then literally whats the point of being here? stop blaming the pain. respect it. thank it. you’re alive.

VEGAN FEAST from native foods 😍 sorry I'm a little late posting all the food I ate on vacation! Honestly Colorado has so many vegan options! So I ate out a lot, and took a lot of pictures (of course) 😛 in the bottom left & next photo is my Rueben which was THE BEST Reuben (vegan or not) I have EVER HAD and trust me I've eaten my fair share 😂

✊🏿🔥"YOU are the RAW ORGANIC ELEMENTS , Disease cannot survive in an Alkaline environment, socializes in an Acidic one"🔥✊🏿Amun Ra El
👁🙏🏿👁The Main Elements FIRE 🔥HEAT👉🏿AIR🌪GASES👉🏿WATER 💦LIQUIDS👉🏿EARTH 🌏 SOLIDS👉🏿These Have all Been Broken Down To 100 plus minerals as The Smallest Particles on The Periodic Table as the Organic Natural Self Organizing Ingredients of ALL LIFE🙏🏿🌎👁🙏🏿👁
🔥UNDENIABLE FACTS🔥Every element found outside yourself is also found inside in large or trace amounts.Four elements make up most of all living things — including you! The elements are 🌎carbon(earth)👉🏿💧hydrogen(water)💧👉🏿🌪oxygen(air)🌪👉🏿🔥nitrogen(fire)🔥👉🏿
#vegan #veganuniverse #healer #sun #life #family #Healthy #naturelovers #govegan #fitness #mood #veganmuscle
#motivation #elements #rawvegan #veganlife #vegansofinstagram #detox #vegansofig #follow #rawtill4 #veganuk #veganism #fruitarian #quotes #teenvegan #veganfoodshare #me #love #organic

Who said salads have to be boring?! Not when it comes to this Raw Asian 'Noodle' salad with a almond ginger dressing, avocado and crushed peanuts 🙌🏼 A good way to get your veggies in is to have an amazing sauce/dressing! For some recipe inspiration check out my ebook (for just $5 by using the code: SPRINGTIME) 📖 Hope you have a beautiful Sunday, much love to y'all 🙏💓 #sundayfunday #ebook #saladlove

The human biofield is commonly referred to as the energetic matrix that surrounds and creates the human form. It directly links the cellular activity with the meridian pathways to create the physical form and all other vibratory aspects of the being. This energetic field is like a superhighway that allows the DNA in our cells to communicate faster than light and maintain a coherent, holistic, intelligence, in the organism. This biofield is not just particular to humans, since all living things posses it. The biofield is commonly referred to as the aura, but this is not strictly accurate as the biofield is comprised of multiple frequencies and information.

Every one of us is an energy being. In fact, we are all beings of light existing across multiple dimensions. We all consume different frequencies of light in multiple ways to create who we are. Your Biofield is a complex living structure and the energy of that structure is sometimes referred to as Quantum Energy. Indeed, we are very complex beings existing as a combination of various vibratory states, interconnected with 12 strands of DNA, all of which are based on light energy.

In addition, as humans we directly absorb light energies from the sun into our bodies. Cosmic (yang) energy is directly collected through the crown while other frequencies are assimilated through the remaining chakras. We also need to be grounded to Mother Earth (yin) to release damaging energies in exchange for other healing frequencies.

The Human Biofield or Energy Field has the potential to be corrupted and the energy flow blocked. When the flow is blocked or disrupted, a natural healthy balance cannot be maintained, and states of disease will become evident. Contaminated and lifeless foods, environmental toxins, parasites, chronic viral infections, surgery, emotional trauma and negative thought patterns, as well as misguided energies and inter-dimensional interferences, all have the potential to interfere with your energy flow. #Consciousvibrancy

Nicecream in the sunshine makes me so happy. ☺️☺️☺️

"Old dirty bastard " @voodoodoughnut 😋 we had a few others that didn't make it into the shot..my favorite was a powdered donut with jelly filling 😍 of course I ate it in the car before I could even think about taking a pic! 😂 #vegandonuts #vegantreat

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