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#miraclefruit #synsepalumdulfcificum
Indigenous to Africa. These fruits contain "miraculin". Eating the berry will make sour things taste sweet. It is used by people with diabetes to make sugar free foods more enjoyable, and also by cancer patients undergoing chemo treatment to help make food taste more appealing. #miracleberry #fruitandspicepark #nature

Hanging with plants and plant people #orchids #redland #fruitandspicepark

Don't forget your sunscreen! 5-year-old Steven Calev, of Coconut Grove, gets some sunscreen applied by his mother as the sun finally breaks through at the Redland Summer Fruit Festival on Sunday. Photo by @epatrickfarrell #summer #sunscreen #fruitandspicepark

The first #che fruit I have tasted in like 6 years...Kind of embarrassing lol...#fruitandspicepark #Macluratricuspidata


Just chilling with a jackfruit tree 🌴🍈🌴🍈
πŸ“Έ: @beccaferreira .
#vegan #jackfruit #rawvegan #fruitarian #sundayfunday #fruitandspicepark

I went to mango mania yesterday at the fruit & spice park in Miami where we had a tasting table of 180 different mango varieties. At the end we were given a cloth shopping bag and we could take as many as we could fit in the bag. I fit about 40 lbs worth. All different varieties but I for got to bring a sharpie so I could mark the variety. 😏

I really enjoyed snacking on these Hog Plum (Spondias purpurea) at the fruit and spice park.

Forgot to post yesterday but had an amazing time in the Everglades and going to Fruit and Spice Park in Homestead #everglades #bigcypressnationalpreserve #fruitandspicepark #mango #aligator

Aren't these 'Aeae' banana leaves awesome? #varigated

I had a blast fruit hunting in Homestead the last few days! @rarefruithunter @whatsripening @pugs_and_permaculture
These Wax Jambu ( Syzygium samarangense ) weren't my favorite fruit but sure look good.

Just a little sample of what we got to sample at fruit and spice today. Iva gave us an incredible tour around @fruitandspicepark

It's been a long day picking fruit at TREC and the Fruit and Spice Park.

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