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#miraclefruit #synsepalumdulfcificum
Indigenous to Africa. These fruits contain "miraculin". Eating the berry will make sour things taste sweet. It is used by people with diabetes to make sugar free foods more enjoyable, and also by cancer patients undergoing chemo treatment to help make food taste more appealing. #miracleberry #fruitandspicepark #nature

Don't forget your sunscreen! 5-year-old Steven Calev, of Coconut Grove, gets some sunscreen applied by his mother as the sun finally breaks through at the Redland Summer Fruit Festival on Sunday. Photo by @epatrickfarrell #summer #sunscreen #fruitandspicepark

Hanging with plants and plant people #orchids #redland #fruitandspicepark

Getting to see a fruiting #variegatedbanana on a spontaneous #fruitandspicepark trip with some of the #floridaediblelandscaping squad...Totally sweet #ericbrylle @looeeesah we killed it.

In search of the #miracleberry #fruitandspicepark ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ’ซ #untapttv


The Park will open October 23rd. We have had to set up a lot of trees and clean up is still in progress. Many trees are blooming and some have fruit on them. Please come out and show your support for this amazing place!
Our Seafood fest is still happening November 18th & 19th. Live music and great food!

#bilimbi #canistel #carambola #savethetrees #nature #fruitandspicepark #nomorehurricanes #redland #liveaparklife #fruithunter #rarefruit

I miss this place. #homestead #fruitandspicepark

A beautiful background with my beautiful wife, almost 5 years together in a few weeks ๐Ÿ’™ #bae #wife #miami #fruitandspicepark #5yearanniversary #2yearsmarried

We have all been working hard to get the Park back into shape after Hurricane Irma. The tour guides, horticulture staff, and park manager have been cleaning up debris and setting up trees. We will let you know when it is safe enough to allow volunteers in to help with some of the work. Check the website for updates, redlandfruitandspice.com
The Mango Cafe is open daily 11:30-4:30 with the full menu available.
#fruitandspicepark #liveaparklife #hardwork #tropicalfruit

A male cone by comparison of the same species Encephalartos hildabrandii. Many people never get to see them side by side.
#fngla #fruitandspicepark #miamidadefngla #botanicalauctions

Mango Cafe is open daily from 9-4 offering smoothies and guacamole with chips. We have AC and free WiFi as many of our neighbors are still without power. Will keep you posted on when the full menu is available. #stayhydrated #mangocafe #fruitandspicepark

#breadfruit is an energy rich food with complex carbohydrates, and many vitamins and minerals. It has all the amino acids we need and is a complete protein.
The ripe fruit can be eaten raw but is usually cooked.
Please share your breadfruit story with us or provide a recipe.
#growyourown #fruithunter #fruitandspicepark #rarefruit #tropicalfruit #nature #fruittrees

These two love birds will be getting married very soon! Meanwhile, a sneak-peek of their engagement session at the Fruit and Spice Park!

Almost a decade ago, I was transitioning out of a vegan diet and in uncharted territory. I wanted to stay healthy but all my definitions of health seemed to be failing me. I started breaking out into hives, I was tired all the time, severe inflammation, etc etc. John was on a similar journey, having been a raw vegan for many years and then realizing that was no longer for him. We were both transitioning together. Then we met this guy in the midst of all the changes and- as we then found out- he was going through major changes of his own. A friend of ours brought him along with her when she came to visit us and we had the good fortune of spending a whole day with him, foraging at the Fruit and Spice Park and talking about everything under the sun including where we- and the world- may be headed. We've followed his work ever since, because his strong, warm, and authentic presence left an impression on us that has lasted until today.
You can hear the thoughtful and compelling conversation with @danielvitalis on the Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th. You don't want to miss this one and if you've never heard Daniel speak, I highly recommend this podcast or any one of his incredible episodes on his ReWild Yourself podcast.
This will mark the end of season 1 of my Pemaculture Podcast. I will probably start releasing some of my Mindshare segments and maybe a podcast here and there, but I'll be headed back to my Masters program this September, starting workshops, and writing more, so I'll be quite the busy bee. I'll officially start up again sometime in the Spring.
Thanks for your support and your listenership <3 *** #Rewildyourself #Surthrival #danielvitalis #wellness #huntergatherer #foraging #wildfood #wildself #consciousomnivore #alwaysevolving #nature #transformations #fruitandspicepark #teacherseverywhere #pemaculture

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