Over the last few days my partner and I have had afew cross words to say the least.🙄 He is sick and tired of me giving him a dirty look everytime he says he's cold whilst wearing just a T.shirt....😬 my response "Have you got a jumper on?" Then he mutters away.😤 I reached breaking point last night when I realised I couldn't function without a blanket, hoodie and multiple cups of tea. If you know me in real life, I'm that person always crying about the cold. Some people are scared of snakes, maybe wasps, I'm scared of those things too but also the cold!! So once I checked my phone and saw 8c I realised maybe the goal of October is no longer and I would have to turn the heating on. Just stood and watch my little one play football in the freezing cold for an hour and came straight in to turn it on. Anyone else got there's on?

🤰🏼 Vulnerable post 🤰🏼 .
I feel so hot... I feel like my belly is so big...I can barely pick things off the floor or see my feet.
I feel like nothing fits and everything is uncomfortable or itchy so I change clothes like 2-3 times a day and often opt for skirts💁‍♀️ and then people wonder why I’m so dressed up🤦‍♀️ I feel like everyday is full of projects to help my nesting bug calm down but it only gets worse😜 Todays projects included staining shelves, putting hooks on our fireplace, and putting together a new booster for the 2 year old because her old car seat has been expired for 2 years 🤦‍♀️
Then I take a moment to watch my kids jump on the tramp, play cards, and just enjoy being kids and I realize that all the preggo crap I’m going through right now {including all the changes to my body and bodily functions} are worth the effort to have one more kiddo complete our family.
I’m thankful everyday for our rainbow baby however, some moments just plain stink😜 Anyone else relate?!? .
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Best find today...man I have been wanting a little persons couch or chair for months {okay years} but I wasn’t willing to spend $100+ but today, this lightly used chair that I will need to wash because of some mild stains...only $20 and it’s from pottery barn? What, holler!!! .
If you don’t know what I’m talking about check my stories, more info there👏
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🌟Time for another FREE giveaway Thursday🌟
Friends, I’m so excited about these tickets for the fall gluten free world expo!!! I may not be celiac or a wheat intolerance but I have some close friends and family that do!!! .
Mark it on your calendar...Saturday October 13th from 9am-5pm at the Mountain America Expo center in Sandy🙌
I know the amazing event planners and would love to send these tickets to a few of you lovelies. You just need to do ⭐️3 simple things⭐️
1️⃣ Go over and follow @myglutenfreeworldexpo for amazing info on all things Gluten free
2️⃣ Follow me if you haven’t already🙌
3️⃣ Comment one word or emoji on why these tickets would be amazing for you👇 .
Giveaway open until 11:59 pm tomorrow night and winners will be announced monday👍 .
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Wonderful Wednesday PEACH 🍑 PIE making party was better with family and friends. I thoughts about canning peaches for a minute but then making 10 more pies with some sisters, my mom, and a friend sounded way more exciting!!! .
#peachpiefordays #sharethelove #peachpartytime #getinmybelly #yumyum

Throwing it back for you all...when I thought I was huge and pregnant to now that I really am visually showing a bump. I’m thankful for this fourth and final journey to motherhood. I’m thankful that I have been active and feeding my baby good foods for fuel. Mostly, I’m thankful for so many friends and family who have been so supportive and wonderful on this journey. .
It’s not easy to be pregnant at 35. It’s not easy to be the last of your siblings still having kids {my great nephews will be closer in age😜then my kids cousins }
it’s not easy to miscarry and then be carrying a rainbow 🌈 baby.
It’s not easy to grow a human and to try to workout and keep your energy level up. .
That said, it’s been WORTH it!!! I know I have more energy then I did with my other kids and I know that I feel really good about the way this pregnancy has progressed. I am thankful for what I have learned and the things I’m still learning everyday to help me and my family have thriving healthy lives. .
If you need help and support with your health journey {BabyBump or not } I’m here for you😄 Justdrop your favorite emoji below and let’s chat because girl, I can’t keep this to myself 😉 .
#healthypregnancy #babybump #rockingtheround #transformationtuesday #bumpprogression

Only 9 more weeks...63 more days until this little peanut arrives. .
Yes, I’m in full blown nesting mode...projects are getting started and finished...and hopefully our basement bedroom will be done in the next 60 days... I can hope right 🤞
Also, my goal is to have Christmas 🎄 gifts complete by Halloween 🎃👻 🦇
I know this might be a stretch but honestly, I’m almost there just need to make a few more plates and photo books and buy some things from amazon/Costco. .
Honestly, nesting makes me tired {along with growing a tiny human} and yet, I feel like it’s one of those magical times in life where you get a lot accomplished because you know once the baby comes out...you are on snuggle/feeding/diaper duty 24/7. I’m excited for little Milly to join our family but also nervous about getting back into the grumpy sleep deprived momma phase... and wondering how I will overcome the overwhelm {never}
I guess I will live up the next 60 days💪 and keep the projects rolling 🤙
#babybump #coconutsize #31weeks #fullblownnesting #tiredmomma

Yesterday marked five months since I started Fort Worth Frugal Finds. My sold items are up to 645 {and that’s not everything because I have done quite a few special requests that I don’t end up photographing}. I am extremely grateful for each and every one of you. 💖 Even if you’re only here to follow along and you like my photos, that helps get the word out about my shop and I appreciate that so much! I have huge goals for this creative outlet of mine. Never stop dreaming! 🙌🏻 •

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Naturally, the time is coming to step further out of my comfort zone not only in the insta work but life in general. Imma bout to hit 30 in aftew months and I really want to achieve more but first I have to get over those initial fears, i get so anxious talking to people if I'm not close to them and full of self doubt if it's anything but work. Live begins out of your comfort zone and boy would I love to see what I could achieve if I wasn't crippled with fear.

Think this little guy liked being stroked on the chin 😂.
Totally fell in love with this gorgeous goat today, he was so friendly. 😍
Late afternoon brought a trip to Cambriole Farm. We watched the cows and goats being milked, and stroked the baby and teenage goats. -
After we visited the cheese-making rooms, and then bought some for dinner 😝 Fantastic afternoon out with the kids. —
Good if you’re looking for budget trips out too as there was no entry cost or anything, I just think they appreciate it if you visit the cheese shop before leaving (which Oh My God you would totally want to anyway!).

More info 👉🏼 http://ferme-de-cabriole.com -
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