Good morning! Might take a few minutes to defrost the car windows #❄#frostymornings

Loving these frosty mornings and sunny afternoons! Autumn is my favourite. 🍂🍃🍁 #autumn #frostymornings #cosy #snuggly #selfie #potd 🍂🍃🍁

Spending time outside is important to not just our physical welfare, but our mental wellness too. I get so much joy from exploring nature, finding flowers, berries in the autumn and seeing how much beauty there is in such an environment that’s otherwise quite harsh at times 🌪. In autumn one of my favourite things to do is collect multicoloured leaves 🍁! They look beautiful all crinkled and dried in bowls as displays in the home. I often sprinkle them with essential oils for a lovely smell! Think of the old fashioned home fragrances Grandma would have had, potpourri! Its just my version of it with a little dash of nature and totally friendly to the home and environment also🍂! Do you have any autumn crafts you like to do? I walked past lots of conkers earlier and was instantly transformed back to my childhood! 🌰

It sure is getting chillier in the mornings isn’t it? ❄️ #repost with @fshampshire 📸 #helloautumn #frostymornings #hampshiregardens #fourseasonshotel

So Autumn arrived today! 🍂 Woke to find frost on the cars, which was a bit of a shock. I love Autumn, the perfect season for getting a little ‘hygge’ into lives. So grab a cuppa (and a biscuit) and have a read of my blog: https://www.cosyroomdesigns.com/blog
Happy hygge lovelies 💕
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Photos from Pinterest and Cosy Room Designs

I’d felt a bit disconnected from everything for a while, you know that feeling when you’re not quite sure what your purpose is, or what you want to do in life? I’ve created a real stigma for myself about having a job that’s got no purpose for anyone except money making, it disengages me at times and makes me feel like another cog in a factory... If the world crumbled and technology failed, 90% if our jobs and skills would become worthless and that scares me. It’s like a doomsday phobia or something, kind of silly but at the same time makes me determined to have a purpose and feel worthy instead of focusing on a path that leads to nowhere... 🚪. This morning I took a walk, nice and early whilst the floor was still coated in frost and the berries on the trees were glistening in the sunlight. I got myself a soy chai ☕️ latte and relaxed in the park whilst the rest of the world got out of bed and sorted out their morning routines. I watched dog walkers mindlessly walking connected to their phones, mothers ignoring their children play and I just thought to myself ‘that won’t be me’. Whilst I love being connected to you all on here, I also don’t want to end up a parent or person who looses themselves in technology. I want to breathe in the air and explore and experience the world around us or even loose myself in a good book 📚. Today I’m sorting out my media life, fixing my blog, amending my Instagram and making sure I don’t fall off the bridge again. It’s kind of funny how disconnected we can feel when we’re so connected in life, I’m sure I’m not alone in this and am feeling excited for the fresh, cool new future that comes with Autumn🍂.

Frosty grass and soft golden light outside
Reminding me how much I enjoy all the seasons
After a quite tough winter and then an amazing summer, I've started worrying about how the cold and the shorter days will affect me. When in truth, I thoroughly enjoy blankets, candles, mulled wine and mittens. Bring on autumn 😍🍂🍁☔
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What’s that little frost symbol next to the temperature!? 😨 autumn is finally here 🍂 😑

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It’s a bit frosty outside this morning but don’t let any iciness creep into your business... always be warm and friendly!
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Frosty mornings with the extremely beautiful Belle,,, theres no love that compares to a Border Collie and her tennis ball! ❄️🎾🐾 #bordercollie #dogwalker #dogwalkinglife #smallbusiness #frostymornings #ihavethebestjob xxx

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