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What a beautiful day it has been for us southerners... the sun rose on us in Louisiana and set on us in Mississippi. We had a splendid week... with a bunch of sweet and gracious people. We were well loved and blessed... the only regret is that we didn't get to see everyone we wanted to but we're grateful for those who sowed into us and for the privilege we had of planting seeds of grace and truth among those He sent us to this week.

As good as it was... I must admit, I'm thankful to be home and anticipate a sweet reunion with our church family at the Chapel. Lord willing, we'll get to hug their necks and celebrate life and grace with them tomorrow. They love us so well and undergird us when we're home and while on the mission field. We couldn't do what we do without their blessing and loyal support. They forgive our faults and edify us in the Lord every single day.

I encourage you to love your pastor and leadership well... the Lord will honor it and favor His work and witness y'all establish together for His glory and praise. He blesses and favors those who bless and favor His work.

We focused on learning how to be more winsome and approachable, with the flock at Richardson, by learning how to deal with problems God's way, how to treat people like Jesus and how to handle pride in our own lives through His example. We were all students and searched the word together so we could examine our own walk, wisdom and witness in the light of His word. We've been working with Richardson Baptist Church for 10 years now... something we look forward to every year. They are family, friends and a joy to Honey and I.

Thank y'all for praying for us... we pray we'll be faithful stewards of Jesus, like Eliezer, who wanted more than anything to honor Abraham and faithfully fulfill the assignments he had given him. He wanted no credit... just that his friend and Master would be blessed and prosper in all he set out to do. Glory!!!

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Honestly one of the best parts of waking up in the morning #frontyard #beautiful


👱🏿‍♀️: The Universe has a way of throwing curve balls at you while on this course called life. But it also allows you be be able to receive things you would have not normally considered doing for the betterment of yourself. So, with those lemons 🍋 🍋 This is my lemonade. Enjoy! #drinkup #staythirstymyfriends #bottomsup #sundaymorning #easylikeasundaymorning #myview #frontyard #igetthiseverydaynow 😍🤗😊 #blessings #blessingsfromlemons #mindset it controls everything!

New Front & Backyard looking really nice!
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Honestly one of the best parts of waking up in the morning #frontyard #beautiful

A modern take on a Newport home, this Gothic-style Victorian estate is settled in the heart of suburban Boston. Interior designer: @slcinteriors, Architecture: @marcusgleysteenarchitects, Landscape design: @gregorylombardidesign, Builder: @kenvonaconstruction, Photography: @ericrothphoto