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Today I have a self-tape for an audition, so I came to Front Bar to get a coffee and sit and run sides. There's something about the environment of Front Bar that's very conducive to me opening up my creative mind.
Because it's close to a theatre so there's already that vibe of art being made in the air. It has all this beautiful natural light coming in, which makes me feel like I'm not just holed up in my bedroom or in a closet. And I know that I'm surrounded by creative minds and creative people here. So it's a great place to keep really good company and make art and think about art and do art.
Right now I'm in PLANTATION! at @lookingglasstheatre. We run through 4/22 and everyone should get their tickets! I work with a number of smaller companies around Chicago - like the Shakespeare Project of Chicago, I have something coming up with them in May. I work front of house at Steppenwolf as well, which is one of my favorite Muggle jobs I've ever had. I made all my friends here. And I spend my time journaling and hanging out and drinking lots of coffee. That's what I do. This is my life as an actor.
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We’re so excited to be releasing our new album “Front And Center” on Mountain Home Records! Come to The Stag’s Head in Raleigh on Saturday, April 21st and join us as we celebrate! It’s going to be a blast!!! #sideline #frontandcenter #mountainhome @mountainhomemusic @stagsheadraleigh @sidelinebluegrass @stevedilling @mhupright @simeonjc1 @b_coe2 @troydanielboone @dannnyg23

Anoche pude ver a mí banda favorita de todos los tiempos, y lloré durante casi todo el recital porque creí que ya no iba a ser posible.
LCD Soundsystem es la banda que más ganas tenía de ver arriba de un escenario. Un pendiente enorme, probablemente #1 en la lista de artistas que me había perdido en vivo, pero anoche tuve revancha, y aunque hubiera querido dos horas más de show, disfruté cada segundo en memoria de cada momento que disfruté de su música a lo largo de estos años. Gracias James Murphy & cía, son enormes y los amo.
Un abrazo grande al Pablito de 2005, que soñaba con verlos en vivo, mientras iba al colegio con el disco homónimo en repeat. Lo logramos.

Last night Queen @jennalee_d brought E-40 to her Cardiovascular Urban Movement Class at @citydancecorps and it was the most intense 40 second choreo of my life as she brought us to a biblical level with Jesus Christ and his braids as we were like second graders on a sugar rush! Mad love to the Usual Suspects of the #humpdaydancesquad @ashley__s_ @lowesutton @muse.of.fire.5 as they threw down as I almost threw up with all the head spinning but completely worth it! Mad respect to everyone in group 1 who went all in when we had to do the runs solo without our fearless leader and with the absence of all three dance captains for me to cheat off of. Thank you Momma for another perfect class to get everything out and leave it on the dancefloor. By the last run I had forgotten the steps but just needed to danced the ish out of it! I definitely needed to unleash today! 🔥🔥🔥🔥#dance #dancelife #dancefam #dancefamily #tuesdayswithmamaj #frontrowrepresent #frontandcenter #fullout #fullforce #rightside #strongside #cdctribe #dancemorelivemore

I have never laughed so hard tonight as the Frontline Cereal Killers reunited and it was everything I needed after a rough day. These Ladies I owe my life to and own a large piece of real estate in my heart. I cannot begin to thank @kalonovoh and @plumpy10 for picking me up at my worse and celebrating my small victories with me. They are the Original Frontline when I first started at the studio and I will always be grateful for their compassionate hearts and their ability to make me laugh so hard that my sides hurt, I can't breath, and tears run down my leg. I can't wait to carry the 9 and make it permanent. ❤❤❤ #dancelife #dancefam #dancefamily #dancesiblings #livefortuesdays #frontrowrepresent #frontandcenter #frontlinefaction #Frontlinetrinity #cocoapuffs #specialk #ricecrispy #cearalkillers #cdctribe #dancemorelivemore

It is rare to find that "thing" amongst people and then call them your friends. Tonight has proven that the "click" exists and that there are good people in the world that want nothing else from you but simply your company in good times and in bad, through injury and health, heartache and triumphant comebacks. @plumpy10 got me here to @citydancecorps and that's where I met OG Dance Captain @kalonovoh and the three of us have become an unstoppable force of nature as we have gone through everything together. I am so happy that dance united us and friendship solidified us. One of the greatest lessons I've learned at the dance studio is: "Those who Slay Together, Stay Together." ❤❤❤ Special Guest Star Anya! We love you too! #dance #dancelife #dancefam #dancefamily #dancesiblings #frontrowrepresent #frontandcenter #frontlinefaction #Frontlinetrinity #specialk #ricecrispy #cocoapuffs #cearalkillers #cdctribe #dancemorelivemore

It's all about the drama when you're under those lights⭐️ 💃🏻🖤🎭🎨love when I get to do stage makeup 💄❤️🙌🏼😍⭐️for this beauty and her dance 💃🏻 performances #stagemakeup #star #onstage #frontandcenter #🎟 💄💋💃🏻#motd #motd💄 #instagood #instamakeup #instastagemakeup #houstontxmakeupartist #houstontxmua #katytxmakeupartist #brandiannbeauty #thompkinshighschoolkaty #reallashesonfleek #reallashes #lashesfordays #porcelainskin #porcelainskinforthewin #danceteam #dancemakeup #dancemakeupartist #dancers

Video coming out April 1
📸 | @the_artofkacie

Jus gotta be the center of attention 💎 #thatsmydaughter #frontandcenter #herdaddyaintmakeitnobetter

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