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SUNDAY RUNDAY& what a perfect weather it is!☀️😍🍂🍁 Enjoy your day lovelies& remember to get out there to sweat!💪🏼💦#sundayrunday #tiuteam

Hearts made with love. Celebrating #internationalworkersday honoring our beloved artisans #heartmovement #fromwomentowomen @seemeorg

For all the women, different shapes and sizes, different eyes and smiles, wearing different pyjamas and lingerie, and finally for all of you just for being so brilliantly unique! #fromwomentowomen #vujvuj #happywomensday #springtime

Buen Día! Les muestro fotos de lo que fue el Fashion Brunch ayer en @elpuestodesabores. Súper agradecidas: llenamos el cupo y todas se fueron muy contentas. Nos mandaron mensajitos para darnos gracias x la mañana que pasaron. Un aplauso a todas las marcas que se sumaron con sus 🎁y su apoyo! Las fotos son de @josesanzphoto, una genia! Que tengan un excelente domingo!! #lavidaestilodv #pequeñascosasquemehacenfeliz .
#sunday #brunch #fashion #fashiontrend #fashionblogger #fashiondiaries #capacitacion #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurwoman #moda #salta #fromwomentowomen

New in. Lovely shirt made with love by two ladies that think that the important part of each of their garments is the woman inside. #fashion #shirt #womensfavorites #fromwomentowomen #camisajimena #biancaneri


SUNDAY RUNDAY& what a perfect weather it is!☀️😍🍂🍁 Enjoy your day lovelies& remember to get out there to sweat!💪🏼💦#sundayrunday #tiuteam

Speeking on my book "Mine Minste", in this beautiful place tonight. My own personal stories of beautiful people living at the streets in Romania in the 1990'ies #roma #romanichal #tigan #streetchildren #powerty #strength #hope #beggars #womensconference #høstbjør #fromwomentowomen

Today my little heart is not feeling well. As you know I'm as Mexican as I'm German and I'm very sad about what has happened to my beloved second home country, Mexico. My family and friends are ok but the people in Mexico need your, your and your help. I wish I could do more than just raise awareness and donate money. But at least it's something.
Mexico earthquake - So many buildings collapsed, so many people and children still trapped!
TO OUR INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS willing to help today's earthquake victims still trapped. PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION TO "LOS TOPOS". Los Topos is a professional non-profit Mexican rescue team. REALLY EASY THROUGH PAYPAL. We've around of 45 collapsed buildings just in Mexico City with schools among them.


Here's their info: http://www.topos.mx/
Here's their PAYPAL ACCOUNT: donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org

If you want to help Mexico, here are the best and safest ways:
1. Donate to the Mexican Red Cross https://cruzrojadonaciones.org

2. Just Google "Central Mexico Earthquake" and click on "Yes, donate". 3. Send money through Paypal to donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org . This is a group of volunteers that rescues people from the rubble.

Anything is helpful 🇲🇽

Alhamdulillah harini nak COD tiga box JTT untuk 2 customer. Pada sesiapa yang nak selit order boleh whatsapp i ya 019-3334417. 1box ada 15sachet RM88 je 😘

Inspiration celebration! A few imprsssions from the Getty Center LA. Loved their exhibits and was surprised to find so many beautiful European paintings. The way the subjects are posed in the majority of the paintings are timeless and exactly the way we want to portray our models. A lot to take i from there. If you have not been to the Getty Center I highly recommend it, next time I'll make sure to check out the gardens.

After this very intense three days portrait masters conference I enjoyed some quiet time by myself and spontaneously decided I needed to go see the desert. Booked a tour and off I went. Magnificent views up there on the peak of a mountain. Fresh air, beautiful light, stunning landscaping, forms, patterns, textures. Just what we love as photographers. I'm going to enjoy what California has to offer a bit more before heading home in a couple of days. Can't wait to start working on the creation of my boutique portrait parlor!

Feedback dari pengguna Jamu Tun Teja. 😍❤️

Feedback dari pengguna Jamu Tun Teja. 😍❤️

Feedback dari pengguna Jamu Tun Teja. 😍❤️

Our incredible speakers, mentors, sources of inspiration, role models. Only if you are in the photography industry will you know who these fabulous human beings are. But believe me when I say that in our world, these guys are like rockstars. The conference is over now and it will take me some time to digest everything I've experienced in such a short period of time. It was intense. Phuuuuuhhhhhh!! Flashed! To say that I'm overwhelmed is an understatement. Pinch me PLEASE!!

Waking up to the last conference day in Palm Springs. Love the sunsets and the early hours of the day. Such great light! Feeling a bit sad that the conference will be over soon but happy I could attend. Everything taught here has been so valuable!

Jamu Tun Teja is created with the spirit of classic Malay Jamu and its modernised with modern technology for the best result. Staying true to that, Manjakani and Akar Serapat, the secret weapon in Malay Traditional remedy is included. As the Malay girl passes through adolescence then Motherhood, consumptionof these two herbs are strongly encouraged to promote intimate suppleness, delicacy and rigor. #jamutuntejatakesmelbourne

While in Palm Springs attending #theportraitmasters conference I booked my very own portrait session with an amazing photographer. She had turned one of the beautiful hotel rooms into a little portrait parlor. We did it mostly in the room but went also outside for a couple of shots. The hotel is incredibly beautiful and offered many amazing backgrounds. Overall an amazing experience and so so glad I did this!

Jamu Tun Teja takes Melbourne! 😘

Jamu Tun Teja dah sampai Melbourne! Alhamdulillah. This picture was taken in Mount Donna Buang by @shasha_halim thank you sayang. Hope you enjoy the jamu 😍😘 For those yang nak purchase Jamu Tun Teja feel free to whatsapp me ya. #jamutuntejatakesmelbourne

Feel refreshed and invigorated every morning with Jamu Tun Teja. All the ingredients like Cinnamon, Black Pepper, the best quality of Acai Berry, imported from Brazil, and Pure Honey are synergised to kickstart your body's metabolism and helps with weight loss.
Feel free to whatsapp +6019 3334417 to purchase 😘❤️

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