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One of our favourite places @rosendalstradgard by @svohljott 💐

@shinecosmetics Today was think outside the box Friday 🙂

Other than my mascara everything else is supposed to be used somewhere else.

For my eyeshadow I used remarkable and eternity liplast.

For blush - Dreams lipstick, faith eyeshadow

Lips -respect BB cream and acceptance eyeshadow.

Eyebrows- focus eyeliner

#fromtheoutsidein #thinkoutsidethebox #shinecosmetics

🌿Wellness Wednesday🌿 You are not (only) what you eat, you are also what you drink, breathe, think, and believe. Most of all, though, you are what you absorb. What we put on our skin every single day matters. Our skin is our largest organ. All of the many products—soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shaving cream, moisturizer, masks, perfume, sunscreen, etc.—get absorbed directly into our bloodstream and internal organs within 26 seconds! Please do not assume that because you purchase something in a health food store, or because it says “natural” or “organic,” that it is safe. Life happens in your cells. Our diet is what we eat, but nutrition is what our cells and tissues require to function properly. What you eat on a daily basis has a direct impact on the health of your skin. Good gut health is essential for healthy skin. While the European Union has banned over 1300 chemicals, the United States has banned a mere 11!! What’s in your products?
Image: thank you @rawforbeauty
#youarewhatyouabsorb #themoreyouknow #readlabels #nontoxicbeauty #fromtheoutsidein #andtheinsideout #youhaveonebody #takecareofit #nourish #plantbased #botanicallyformulated #swissstandards #crueltyfree #noanimaltesting #bestofnature #andscience #parabenfree #phtalatefree #googleanimalrendering #nourishtheskinyouarein

@shinecosmetics bb cream has been out of stock...I know, total bummer.. BUTtttt
Have you met our powder?

This look was created with Shine Cosmetics awaken and courage powder and our newest liplast color (perfect for spring) Eternity!
#shinecosmetics #liplast #eternity #shinewithallison #Fromtheoutsidein

👐our liplast is even pretty in black and white 👍💁#shinecosmetics #lipstick #lip #liplast #blackandwhite #blackandwhiteselfie #fromtheoutsidein

Sometimes to feel "remarkable" all you need is a great lip product!
#shinewithallison #shinecosmetics #liplast #remarkablelips #fromtheoutsidein

A personal favourite by #plantsatthewindow aficionado @kenmarten 🌿

I’m pleased to announce my new live album ‘Excuse Me Winter’ will be released worldwide on Blank Canvas Records on 4th May 2018. ‘Excuse Me Winter’ was recorded live at Kardomah94 in Hull on 24th February 2018 and features 12 tracks spanning my last two albums and previously unreleased tracks ‘The Clown & The Fool’ and ‘Opaque’. The album also features Dave Holley on pedal steel and dobro and Emily Render on vocals.
Pre-orders are available now at https://tomkay.bandcamp.com/album/excuse-me-winter-live-at-kardomah94-hull


1. Shades
2. Wither & Bloom
3. Humber Skyline
4. New Year’s Eve
5. The Clown & The Fool
6. Opaque
7. Holy Ghosts
8. Bring It On Home
9. Dear
10. Money For Murder
11. Learning To Live
12. Father Time

We want to make you FEEL GOOD! Come visit us and the tribe @the_sparkleparty @feathertribe at @womadelaide We’ve got the Serotonin Boost you’ve been looking for.
Give yourself more VITALITY with one of our organic herbal elixirs.

🌱Samasthiti - an invite to start from scratch. A clear beginning. The time to start yoga is now. Structure (like in the Ahstanga practice) gives stability & endurance - both physically and mentally, and practice makes “perfect”. What is perfect? Beeing on the mat is perfect- showing up for yourself is perfect. Just breathing is perfect. Then the progress comes. Both on the inside and outside. Most importantly on the inside - the way we choose to face our challenges. To accept - and embrace it all. Embrace it with love🌱 Bli med på mysore i morgon tidleg om du vil! Praktiser i eige tempo med rettleiing og hjelp. Velkomen skal du vere🌸Frå kl.06.30 på Optimal🌸

Peekaboo sage captured by @ideaplatonica_ 🌱

Happy birthday to my sweet angel from day 1 💝 21 looks good on you bb #beautifulbabe #fromtheoutsidein #babymadditurns21

🌿 by @aproductof

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