#fromhimtome 🌼🌼😍😍

E quem dirá que não existe razão nas coisas feitas com o coração 😍💝❣️#frommetohim #fromhimtome #inlove💕

When the florist gets flowers 😊 He knows what I love 😍 They are so beautiful! 😊 #flowersfromhim #fromhim #fromhimtome #whiteroses #roses #thistle #whiterosebouquet #happy

Country Yachting (Tubing) the Hooch!!! My heartaches because these are the moments I lived to show my dad. I know he’s there, but there’s so much I wanted to share with him in life. He gave me what I give them. #fromhimtome #fatherhood #missyoudaddy

Thank you my love, my life! 🍩🍹😍😍😍😙🙈🙈🙈❤ #surprise #gift #fromhimtome #thankyou
#uptotheendofourlives #oreo #donut #topjoy

|| My new baby. 🤗 #bdaygift #gucci #fromhimtome

These little flowers are giving me so much satisfaction and pleasure just now. This plant came from Dad's house - he tended to it lovingly for years and in return it rewarded him with beautiful, delicate orange blossoms every summer. After Dad died we kept his plants in situe while we sorted out his house and affairs, but they didn't receive their usual TLC from us and were, I confess, rather abandoned. This one came home with me eventually, despite my reservations - I am naturally a plant killer and, given it's state and lack of care, I was convinced it had little chance of thriving. But look! What a little fighter! I keep forgetting to water it, and it's a little scrappier than it was, but still it blossoms! I love it because it reminds me of Dad, and also because it's orange (my favourite colour). And I love it because, despite the hardships it has suffered recently, it still comes fighting back. Much floral respect due... 🌼🌼🌼 (PS - I have no idea what kind of plant it is; anyone got any ideas?!)

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